Scorpio Born on November 22

Scorpios born on November 22 barely made the cut into Scorpio Season. In fact, it all depends on their exact time of birth. Similarly to the October 23 Scorpios, these Scorpios are cusp babies, absorbing the energies of both Scorpio and Sagittarius into their complex and dynamic personalities. These Scorpios demonstrate that they possess the physical stamina of Sagittarius, and the spiritual wisdom of the more introverted Scorpios, making them the best of both worlds.

If you were born on November 22, you have a very strong and stubborn personality. People tend to follow your lead, because even if you are not quite sure of what you are doing, you do it with confidence and assertiveness. You know how to both play the system and play your own rules, and this allows you to outsmart your competitors without making them realize how far ahead of the game you are. You are witty, sarcastic, spontaneous and remarkably intelligent.

You love connecting with those around you and merging with them, but you also always fiercely protect your individuality and freedom. You do not like to feel stifled, coddled or clung on to. You want to have the freedom to spread your wings, explore whatever your heart desires, and then come back to your loved ones to tell them of your adventures. Ideally, your social group is full of equally adventurous and risk-taking people, not only physically but also emotionally and personally.

November 22 Scorpios thrive in action-oriented careers such as sports, or those which allow them to exercise their mental muscles, such as politics, law or education. Full of strong opinions and an ability to say things as they are, these Scorpios are a breath of fresh air when it comes to how hopeful they can be. However there will always be a part of November 22 Scorpios which remains locked away in their Scorpio world, and no one will ever fully know who they are. This blend of being open and being mysterious makes November 22 Scorpios extremely intriguing creatures, full of sexuality and charm.

Scorpio Born on November 21

Scorpios born on November 21 have a lot of fiery, spontaneous and lively energy, along with deep reserves of emotional strength, passion and intuitive energy. This makes you the best of both worlds: a loyal companion to turn to when experiencing hard times and an optimistic friend to party with. You like to dedicate yourself to your passions and reflect on them, but you are also quite impulsive. You are highly self-aware, and this makes you a natural guru. You love to share what you learn with others.

If you were born on November 21, there exists a sense of emotional and physical extremes within you. People can tell that you love to experience life 110%. Boredom is never an option for you, and you are a natural adventurer. Your mind dazzles with curiosity and visionary ideas. You can sometimes have so many new plans that it can be difficult for you to follow through on all of them. You should pursue the ones which make your heart beat the fastest.

If there is one thing that November 21 Scorpios are not, it’s superficial. These enigmatic creatures crave depth, complexity, bare honesty and deep vulnerability from those they trust or allow into their inner circle. November 21 Scorpios have a very social side to them, especially as cusp babies and being born so close to the Sagittarius constellation. However, they ultimately hold on their Scorpio urges for loyalty and exclusivity in their relationships. If you deceive them, you will regret it.

November 21 Scorpios would thrive in careers which allow them to express themselves through art or entertainment. They are drawn to physical careers which get their adrenaline going. Education, writing and taking part in social activism may also make them feel quite fulfilled. These Scorpios will always be known for their bright and infectious personalities, coupled with their dedication to their purpose.

Scorpio Born on November 20

Scorpios born on November 20 are known for their quiet strength, their inner tranquility, and their ability to understand what others are thinking and feeling on an intuitive level. They can be loners sometimes… more in the sense that they like to spend time on their own understanding themselves and connecting with what their true purpose is. These Scorpios are deeply introspective beings.

There is a deep attachment to those they love which makes November 20 Scorpios loyal, generous, and extremely honest with their friends and family. People often come to November 20 Scorpios for guidance and emotional support. November 20 Scorpios strongly value partnership, and consciously or unconsciously they will spend a majority of their life seeking their other half, be it in friendship or romance. Because November 20 Scorpios feel their emotions so deeply, they are incredible artists, writers, communicators, innovators, humanitarians, and spiritual healers.

You are known for your emotional resilience, your strong character, your open heart, and your wise spirit. You are a free-spirit, and you encourage others to let their spirits be free too. In many ways, you make people want to be around you. You benefit from spending time alone, however, to preserve how precious your energy is.

Scorpio Born on November 19

Scorpios born on November 19 can never fit into the crowd because they were born to stand out. They are the ones who know exactly what to say or do to make people laugh, cry, or a combination of the two. These Scorpios have a profound grasp on human nature and they can use their awareness for evil or for good. These are the type of Scorpios you really want as friends but you fear as enemies.

November 19 Scorpios love to quietly observe if you are who you say you are. Words mean little to them. It is through your action that they will be able to judge your character and assess whether they want your energy in their life or not. Should they choose to allow you into their intimate circle, they will constantly be talking about spiritual, metaphysical, expansive and other-worldly topics. These Scorpios are very curious, they love learning and spreading knowledge. Travel is also a huge passion.

If you were born on November 19, you have an intensely private side to your personality which some people would say borders on being self-absorbed. That is not necessarily a bad trait, as it means that you are highly independent, quick-witted, and self-reliant. However, people may sometimes feel alienated or as though they can never get through to you and get to know you fully the way you know them so well. Like all Scorpios, you exude much mystery, but you also shine in social settings, further making you attention-worthy and admirable.

November 19 Scorpios often succeed as leaders, but not necessarily for their own financial gain. Many Scorpios born on this day become entrepreneurs or humanitarians. They have a penchant for service and they have a generous heart. Creative abilities for November 19 Scorpios also run very high, and their ability to express themselves in ways that connect with others will take them very far.

Scorpio Born on November 18

Scorpios born on November 18 live their lives as though they were on a theatrical stage. Whether they want to or not, they are often the center of attention, due to their passionate auras and magnetic energies. They feel their emotions profoundly, and their feelings serve as their impetus to go after their heart’s desire. They do have a practical side to them which makes them focused on acquiring financial security, but often through creative or unorthodox ways.

November 18 Scorpios absorb the energy of their environment like a sponge, and this makes them very susceptible to reacting impulsively based on the way they feel. If they are in a good mood, their overall work productivity increases and they will achieve milestones. However, the opposite also holds true. When these Scorpios are saddened, it can be very difficult to get themselves out of their mood. This is why it is essential for November 18 Scorpios to surround themselves with positive people.

If you were born on November 18, you are deeply romantic and idealistic in love. You will devote a large part of your life to analyzing how you want to be loved, and your intimate relationships will be full of life and intrigue. People find you to be mystifyingly mysterious, and you also possess an undeniable depth of character which makes you stand out amongst your peers. You look into people’s eyes and see them for who they truly are. You are a deeply loyal companion, and a trust-worthy friend.

November 18 Scorpios have a connection to their family and friends which is unbreakable. They are strengthened by both independence and intimacy. Natural advisors and counselors, November 18 Scorpios are highly perceptive and aware of what must be done to make the world a better place.

Scorpio Born on November 17

Scorpios born on November 17 are full of mystery, sensuality, and deep intrigue for the world around them. These Scorpios have a certain sparkle in their eyes which makes it seem like they are always telling themselves a secret joke, and this makes people want to know what lies beneath the surface. Few people will ever know, however, because November 17 are extremely secretive and private people. They have their social moments, and they will be quite popular, but they love their alone time.

November 17 Scorpios are full of life and positive energy, although their life experiences can be challenging at times. These Scorpios appreciate depth and complexity in themselves and others. They don’t like when things come too easily for them. They want to know that they worked hard for it to make it theirs. This trait is true in both love and career. November 17 Scorpios are fighters and they never give up. If a certain situation doesn’t work out the first time, they’ll devise a way to improve their plan and make it work seamlessly for their next attempt.

If you were born on November 17, your intuition is so on-point that you can usually immediately tell when you are being deceived or lied to. However, you do not always go with the softer side of your personality. You like to come off as very powerful, so only those who really know you will see how sensitive you are. Everyone else will be blown away by your magnificent confidence and sex appeal.

Whenever you choose to open up to someone, they will be blown away by how interesting your life story is. You possess secrets which surpass anyone’s expectations, and there is so much people can learn about you if they just observe and quietly listen to your experiences. Your life will be one big roller-coaster ride, because you tend to attract danger, excitement, and thrill towards you. Enjoy it!