Where Scorpios come to soar.

Scorpio Born on November 22

Scorpios born on November 22 barely made the cut into Scorpio Season. In fact, it all depends on their exact time of birth. Similarly to the October 23 Scorpios, these Scorpios are cusp babies, absorbing the energies of both Scorpio and Sagittarius into their complex and dynamic personalities. These Scorpios demonstrate that they possess the physical … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 21

Scorpios born on November 21 have a lot of fiery, spontaneous and lively energy, along with deep reserves of emotional strength, passion and intuitive energy. This makes you the best of both worlds: a loyal companion to turn to when experiencing hard times and an optimistic friend to party with. You like to dedicate yourself … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 20

Scorpios born on November 20 are known for their quiet strength, their inner tranquility, and their ability to understand what others are thinking and feeling on an intuitive level. They can be loners sometimes… more in the sense that they like to spend time on their own understanding themselves and connecting with what their true … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 19

Scorpios born on November 19 can never fit into the crowd because they were born to stand out. They are the ones who know exactly what to say or do to make people laugh, cry, or a combination of the two. These Scorpios have a profound grasp on human nature and they can use their awareness … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 18

Scorpios born on November 18 live their lives as though they were on a theatrical stage. Whether they want to or not, they are often the center of attention, due to their passionate auras and magnetic energies. They feel their emotions profoundly, and their feelings serve as their impetus to go after their heart’s desire. They … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 17

Scorpios born on November 17 are full of mystery, sensuality, and deep intrigue for the world around them. These Scorpios have a certain sparkle in their eyes which makes it seem like they are always telling themselves a secret joke, and this makes people want to know what lies beneath the surface. Few people will ever … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 16

Scorpios born on November 16 like to be organized in their thoughts and action, especially when it comes to long-term goals and objectives. They possess a blend of balanced internal stability and a spiritual connection with the world around them. This allows them to pursue creative careers while also generating a great income. These Scorpios feel … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 15

Scorpios born on November 15 are often full of restless energy which pushes them to be productive and creative in their every day lives. These Scorpios like to prove that they can do what is least expected of them, and for this reason they will push themselves to excel and surpass societal limitations. November 15 Scorpios … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 14

Scorpios born on November 14 possess natural creative gifts, and many will find themselves inclined to be artists, or to live in a world of their own making. These Scorpios are able to use art as a way to tell stories and to heal broken hearts. They are highly insightful beings, and they can easily sense … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 13

Scorpios born on November 13 will take their time in working towards success and their long-term objectives, mostly because it will take them time to figure out exactly what they want to achieve. These Scorpios are known for being daydreamers, and living in a world of ideals and fantasy. They possess a vivid imagination which allows … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 12

Scorpios born on November 12 may come off as shy or quiet, but it is really just because they possess huge stores of internal energy which they keep to themselves and only share with those who are extremely close to them. Other than that, these Scorpios are not ones to make waves seeking attention, but rather … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 11

Scorpios born on November 11 Scorpios like to call the shots, but not often for selfish reasons. They are talented at understanding which systems are flawed or broken, and knowing what to put in place to make it better. The same goes for improving the lives of those they love. November 11 possess a good heart, … Continued