Monthly Forecasts

Scorpio’s June 2022 Forecast

Wow, we're already in month 6 of 12, Scorpio. A turning point of sorts, since Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, is preparing to shift retrograde on June 4, in the sign of Aquarius. Aquarius energy squares off with Scorpio, which means it forces us to face challenges and adversity head-on in order to become stronger and wiser versions of ourselves....

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Scorpio’s May 2022 Forecast

We enter the month of May fresh off the heels of the start of eclipse season, and this means that for many Scorpios, life will be picking up speed this month — particularly during the eclipse portal during the first two weeks of May. The Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse that occurred on the 30th of April has shaken up our relationships as we know...

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Scorpio’s April 2022 Forecast

The month of April is always a turning point for Scorpio, because it signifies the six-month mark until our next birthday season. It’s the start of our half-birthday season! Oh, and did I mention it’s eclipse season?! That’s right, we are experiencing the first eclipse of the year on April 30, and we will feel the energy building up all month...

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Scorpio’s March 2022 Forecast

February literally flew by, Scorpio. And now, the month of March invites you to start fresh. The astro new year strikes on March 21st, marking the official start of a new astrological calendar. This is when we come alive, because Aries Season activates Scorpio’s sector of routine, wellness, and service. But before we get to that, the first three...

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