Monthly Forecasts

Scorpio’s June 2024 Forecast

Scorpio, this sixth month of 2024 is an absolute game-changer because it’s catapulting you into a new way of thinking, living, loving, and even breathing. The Universe knows that you tend to take yourself and life too seriously, and while your dedication to self-improvement is admirable, you’re also being asked to lighten up more and lean into...

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Scorpio’s May 2024 Forecast

We’ve made it to May, Scorpio. Now that the Scorpio Full Moon has come and gone, we’re entering the fifth month of the year on a more grounded, passionate, and emotionally in-tune note. Pluto, one of our planetary rulers, begins its retrograde in Aquarius on the 2nd, but since we’ve successfully navigated Mercury Retrograde in Aries we’re likely...

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Scorpio’s April ’24 Forecast

Welcome to April, Scorpio! Our half-bday season begins this month on April 23, and we also experience an epic Scorpio Full Moon that same day. The weeks leading up to that are all about taking great care of ourselves physically, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and financially. One of the best ways we can do this is by choosing to rest...

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Scorpio’s March ’24 Forecast

The astro new year begins this month, Scorpio. This means that things are really starting to kick off when it comes to the fresh start we’ve been yearning for. And we get to decide what the fresh start looks like and feels like. As the month of March begins, we have relatively chill astro transits, and this encourages us to mellow out, have more...

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