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Scorpio’s September 2020 Forecast

September 2020 is all about slowing down and truly taking a breather, Scorpio. Our ruler Mars only goes retrograde every two years, and this year it’s taking place in the other sign that it rules — Aries. Mars remains in Aries until January ’21, and it will station retrograde for two months. If...

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Scorpio’s August 2020 Forecast

August 2020 will sometimes feel too good to be true, Scorpio. It’s not. It’s just that life is becoming more trippy, and we’re receiving what we’ve been asking for with greater ease and speed. Mars spends its final month direct in Aries, before starting its retrograde September 9th. That means...

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Scorpio’s July 2020 Forecast July 2020 is a turning point, Scorpio. The first thing you need to know is that with our ruler Mars, the sign of Action and War, now in Aries, until January 2021, the revolution is just getting started, and it’s getting increasingly more activated. This is a month...

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Scorpio’s June 2020 Forecast

Welcome to June 2020, Scorpio. The mid-point of the year takes place this month, and eclipse season begins. Hold on tight, because when we blend retrograde season with eclipse energy, we’re bound to be thrown for a loop. But this isn’t something we should run from. After several months of...

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Scorpio’s May 2020 Forecast

The annual Scorpio Full Moon that takes place on May 7th has a major influence on how this month will go, Scorpio. The key is to surrender to the intense whirlwind of emotions that are emerging from your core during this Full Moon. You are growing out of your cocoon, and the transformation is both...

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Scorpio’s April 2020 Forecast

Welcome to April 2020. The fourth month of the year may initially feel like the twilight zone, Scorpio. You are the sign of transformation, of depth, darkness and self-actualization. While we’re all currently in the midst of the unknown, the start of our half-birthday season will encourage us to...

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