Monthly Forecasts

Scorpio’s October ’21 Forecast

Welcome to October, Scorpio! Our birthday season is just around the corner, but before we get there, we have a rite of passage to cross. You may feel like every aspect of your life is being pruned and rebirthed this month, and that can feel overwhelming, especially during the first 18 days of the month when Mercury, the Planet of Communication,...

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Scorpio’s September 2021 Forecast

Mars’ continued transit through Virgo is going to keep you grounded and focused on your most important endeavors as September begins, Scorpio. You’re more aligned with your long-term goals and intentions than you have been all year, even if there are still some missing pieces to tie together. This is the month where many of those pieces naturally...

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Scorpio’s August 2021 Forecast

Your levels of concentration, discipline, and foresight will deepen significantly this August 2021, Scorpio. You’re likely to start the month feeling grounded, self-aware, and ready to take care of whatever’s at the top of your to-do list. Now that your planetary ruler Mars is in Virgo for the next six weeks, you’re starting to shift away from...

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Scorpio’s July 2021 Forecast

July 2021 is the month it all works out for you, Scorpio. You are reaching pinnacles of success you once dreamt of, and it’s all because you pushed through the self-doubt, overcame the self-sabotage, and decided to trust yourself whole-heartedly. I am so proud of you, even if you feel like you haven’t fully gotten “there” yet. Remember that that...

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