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SM Wknd July 1-3, 2022

Welcome to July, Scorpio! This weekend is astrologically-charged, as our planetary ruler Mars, currently in Aries, squares off with Pluto in Capricorn on Friday. Then on Saturday, Uranus in Taurus and Neptune in Pisces form frictional alignments to the Leo Moon and Mercury in Gemini. Power struggles may initially surface in your life, but they could also be an illusion. A part of you may be overly cautious about letting people in (and rightfully so, because you’ve been through your share of deceptions), and another part of you may be overly willing to let go of past connections and “move on” without fully mourning and processing whatever you’re letting go of. Simply said, this is an emotionally heightened period of time, and the best thing you can do is spoil yourself in some way, Scorpio. You’re a human who’s figuring it out breath by breath, so treat yourself with greater compassion as a new month begins. Romanticize yourself. 

Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio’s Weekly Scope: June 27 – July 3

Scorpio, we've always been living in revolutionary times, but this particular moment in times feels incredibly potent. It's currently Cancer Season, and the Cancer New Moon occurring on the 28th will help us tap into our emotional reservoirs in ways that at first may feel overwhelming. But as we slow down this week, trust the waves that we're riding, and release the tears that may have been...

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Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio’s July 2022 Forecast

Get ready, Scorpio — July 2022 is going to help you reach greater heights, but only if you allow yourself to ascend. Only if you trust that you’re safe, even as you move further and further away from levels you once knew. Ever since the lunar eclipse took place in our sign on May 16, you’ve probably felt like a completely new person — the type of person you yourself are still getting to know....

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