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Daily Horoscope

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 1.20.2021

Today’s one of those days where it may feel like you’re learning lesson after lesson, and you’re tired of constantly being put through tests. Mars and Uranus conjoin in Taurus, activating your partnership sector, and shaking up what once may have felt secure. If you experience a sudden break-up, make-up, or altercation, you can chalk it up to this transit. People may also hit you up and decide to share how they feel about you, whether that’s love, hate, or anything in between. This is not the day to be reactive or to instigate drama, Scorpio. It’s rather a day of observation and reflection about what’s been draining your energy, and what’s been uplifting it. It’s time to cut out all the dead weight so you can breathe freely.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 1.19.2021

Aquarius Season starts today, Scorpio. This season will encourage you to pave your own path, prioritize your soul fam, and be honest about what’s been making you feel alive recently. While Capricorn Season was great for practicality and structure, now that the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter are all in airy Aquarius, we’re being asked to step out of the box more and dream of new possibilities for ourselves — ones that don’t have to do with the status quo. Think about something you’ve been internally wanting to pursue, but that you may have thought was too “out there”, Scorpio. This is the time to let your quirky, unique and divergent side emerge. You have an ability to create a future for yourself that may take others years, or even decades, to catch up to. Use these powers and gifts wisely…

Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 1.18 – 1.24.21

Scorpio, the power of your intellect can move mountains this week now that we're incorporating the influence of the transformative New Moon happening in Capricorn, which took place in your sector of skill and communication. This week, Aquarius Season begins, and we'll find ourselves noticing that what seemed really difficult during Capricorn Season suddenly leads to exciting, innovative...

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Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio’s January ’21 Forecast

Welcome to January 2021, Scorpio! This month will be filled with pleasant surprises, challenging awakenings, and important realizations about what changes are necessary in your life to fully level up. You’re being asked to look at life in a more responsible way this Capricorn Season, and to also utilize the airy vibes of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius to keep a more emotionally detached...

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