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April 23, 2019

We’re one day away from Pluto going retrograde, so if you find yourself being more reflective and in your own world today, indulge in it. It’s a great time to focus on what your soul needs to feel at ease. The goal is to feel lighter and reduce burdens or stressors we consciously and unconsciously place on ourselves. This isn’t something that happens overnight, which is why Pluto Retrograde lasts five months. It’s a gradual process of releasing dead weight, and it may not be until Pluto goes direct in September that you realize just how much you needed to shed your old skin and be reborn, like the Phoenix. Today, have fun visualizing this new version of yourself you’re morphing into. How does it feel to wake up and live with that essence? Tap into that energy. You are that energy.

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Welcome to the first full week of Taurus Season! This means that your half-birthday season has officially begun. Six months from now, it’ll be Scorpio Season! Your life can and will drastically change in six months, Scorpio. You probably feel the changes in the air more than ever, especially with your ruler Mars currently in … Continued

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Scorpio’s April 2019 Horoscope

Hello, April. Retrograde season officially begins this month, with Jupiter Retrograde on the 10th and two of the outer planets — Saturn and Pluto — both beginning a five-month retrograde at the end of April. But before we get to that point, we’ll be able to enjoy more of an upbeat and energetic vibe during … Continued

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