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January 26, 2020

With the Moon void in Aquarius all day long, today is ideal for tying up loose ends and getting a head start on projects you’d like to complete before the month ends. By dedicating yourself to your future success, you are creating new paths for yourself, especially with the help of the recent Aquarius New Moon. It’s important that you understand that as you pave this unique path and walk it, not everyone will understand who you’re morphing into. That’s okay. This is your journey, and you have an intuitive understanding of how to navigate it. It’s essential for you to protect your energy, remove the distractions, and focus on your purpose at this time. These next two weeks are going to change your life for the better. Commit to your growth, and prepare for your ascension.

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ScorpioMystique’s Weekly Horoscope: Jan 20 – Jan 26, 2020

Welcome to Aquarius Season, Scorpio! Your sector of roots and values is activated by the Sun in the air sign of Aquarius, and you’re being asked to detach from any need to control the outcome of how your domestic and private life unravels from this point on. Capricorn Season was all about restructuring and being … Continued

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Scorpio’s January 2020 Forecast

Welcome to January 2020, Scorpio. The start of a new year and decade. Start the month off with zero expectations, and view yourself as a vessel that’s inviting the energy that’s here to awaken you and fill you with awareness. Also understand that just like a light attracts both butterflies and moths, your energy as … Continued

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