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February 24, 2020

You may still be riding the wave of the New Moon magic, and today you may feel ready to start setting your intentions in a more defined way. As you daydream, an epiphany may come to you regarding the next step in your journey. Start visualising yourself already living it out. How does your dream world make you feel? Connect to that feeling, Scorpio. And as you live out your life, pay attention to the people, places, things, songs and sensations that give you that same buzz, high, or make you feel goosebumps. Those are confirmations that you’re on the right path. If only you knew the beauty that awaits as you continue to trust your journey…

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Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 2.17 – 2.23.20

Pisces Season begins this week, Scorpio. Bring on the feels — even more than usual. You’ll feel more creative, sensual and romantic under the soothing vibes of the Pisces Sun. While Mars’ recent shift in Capricorn amps up our productivity, we’re also being asked to redefine what productivity even means. Is it sustainable? Is it … Continued

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Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio’s February 2020 Forecast

Welcome to February 2020, Scorpio. The shortest month of the year can also be one that’s full of opportunities to grow, and better understand yourself as a human being, lover, friend, partner and healer. You are learning each day to pay attention to life’s synchronocities, omens, and subtle messages. Aquarius Season is activating your domestic … Continued

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