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June 18, 2019

Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, harmoniously aligns with Neptune, Planet of Fantasy today. Who said hard work had to be boring? Today’s vibes indicate that you may be so immersed in a passion project that you find it hard to step out of that world. You’re in love with what you’re doing, or what you have the potential to be doing! The Full Moon energy is still going strong, so tap into any opportunities for expansion and fresh starts that pop up at this time. Entrepreneurial pursuits are encouraged, as are attending workshops, going back to school, reading new books or traveling to new places. But don’t become a workaholic, Scorpio. Balance this energy by taking a break from the hustle, and truly taking in the wonder of life. Whether it’s noticing the leaves blowing in the wind, or deeply looking into the eyes of someone you love instead of at your phone, let today’s vibes remind you of what it really means to be alive.

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