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SMscope August 15 – 16, 2022

Scorpio, your manifestation powers are deepening, especially after that recent Aquarius Supermoon. But that doesn’t mean you must use these powers to attract even more of what you want into your life. You can simply be still with what you already have. We’re in the midst of retrograde season, and the Moon’s currently in Aries as the week begins. This energy is ideal for taking stock of everything you’ve manifested since the Aquarius New Moon occurred on February 1. Which of your current experiences, relationships, and mindsets still serve you, and which ones are you ready to shift, release, or revamp? This energy is encouraging you to boss up in every area of your life, by reminding yourself of the power of choice. At any point in time, you can begin anew. Take a deep breath, and start fresh, by living your life in alignment with your values. 

Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: Aug 15 – 21

Scorpio, you've made it to the other side of the final Supermoon of 2022 -- the Supermoon in Aquarius. Since Supermoons tend to have the effect of 10 full moons combined, chances are you'll continue to feel the potent effects of this lunation throughout this week, even as the energy begins to wane. This full moon activated Scorpio's sectors of roots and the home, making it essential for us to...

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Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio’s August 2022 Forecast

Scorpio, we’ve made it to the 8th month of the year. But there’s no need to stress about how quickly time seems to be going. Everything’s occurring in divine timing, and even though we have over five planets and asteroids currently retrograde (which may be giving us the impression that our momentum is stalling), this retrograde season will actually help us fine-tune our intentions for the rest...

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