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Daily Horoscope

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope November 25, 2020

Scorpio, Venus is in our sign and today it connects with Chiron, the asteroid that deals with our inner wounds, in the sign of Aries. This Scorpio-Aries energetic duo combined with the flames of Sag Season may amp up our passionate nature, and make us feel like there’s a lot we have to get off our chest, but we don’t know where to begin. It’s best to take time to write down your feels or vent to someone you trust rather than try to get to the bottom of things all at once today. As we approach the eclipse, so many pent-up emotions are coming to the surface and are shifting at once. We have to give ourselves time to align with this new vibration. The more patient we are with ourselves during this process, the easier it’ll be for the wide range of our feelings to be felt, and then peacefully released.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope November 24, 2020

The Moon shifts into Aries today, Scorpio, and when combined with the vibes of the Sun in Sag, it’s likely to be one of those days where you feel like you have to be doing something. Exercise is one of the best ways to work out restlessness or curiosities, and it’ll help you think more clearly too. Whether you choose to stretch, run, or lift weights today, or whether you prefer an intellectual exercise such as reading or chess, allow your mind-spirit-body alignment to be a “reset” for you. Whatever burdens or fears you previously faced no longer have as much power over you as you mentally and spiritually step into your divine warrior mode. Today’s cosmic transits activate your sectors of wellness and abundance, and they encourage you to view healing as something that can be fun, and liberating. 

Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: November 23 – November 29

We've made it to yet another eclipse season, Scorpio, and the type of energy that's coursing through the cosmos will encourage you to get in touch with new parts of yourself. Your season leveled you up big time, and this week gives you the chance to let your internal growth shine more outwardly for everyone to see. Despite feeling bigger, bolder, and more yourself than ever, it can be difficult...

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Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio’s November ’20 Forecast

Scorpio Season keeps going strong this November, Scorpio, and it’ll be a season like none other. It’s the last time in 29 years that both Jupiter and Saturn are in Capricorn during our season, and since Capricorn activates our communication sector, and Mercury will be direct this month starting November 3rd, we’ll notice our throat chakras opening up and ready to be healed and heard all month...

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