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November 15, 2018

We’ve made it the mid-point of the month, there’s one week left of the Sun being in Scorpio, and Mars, our co-ruler, enters Pisces after being in Aquarius for several months this year. Today’s a day full of transitions. You’re shifting from taking the more intellectual and pragmatic approach to initiating your goals, to having a more spiritual, emotional and intuitive approach. Mars in Pisces is going to help you tune into what your gut-instincts are telling you. It’s okay to feel anxious or uncertain at times. But if there are moments when your inner voice is clearly letting you know that something is or is not right for you, it’s important for you to trust yourself and not second-guess this message. Venus spends its last day retrograde, and your ability to listen to yourself and tune out the distractions is intensifying as a result. You’ll feel more at ease with Mars in a fellow Water sign, and this will lead to you attracting your desires with greater ease. Let it come, and let it be.

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