Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: August 1 – 7

Scorpio, this is one of the most spiritually transformative weeks of the year, as we're still feeling the effects of the Leo New Moon, making it prime time to take your intention-setting process seriously. It's not only about writing down what you want to feel or experience in your life, but more about actually living it out in real time, even if all the circumstances aren't aligned the way you would have wanted them to be. This is the season of intentional re-routes from the cosmos. The people you thought would remain by your side may suddenly be nowhere to be found, and the people you never anticipated showing up for you may be the ones to help you when you fall. Your mission this week...

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Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio’s August 2022 Forecast

Scorpio, we’ve made it to the 8th month of the year. But there’s no need to stress about how quickly time seems to be going. Everything’s occurring in divine timing, and even though we have over five planets and asteroids currently retrograde (which may be giving us the impression that our momentum is stalling), this retrograde season will actually help us fine-tune our intentions for the rest of the year, and it’ll help us slow down enough to pay attention to what our priorities are, and what they should be. The month of August is more cosmically chill than July, and we really need this period of reflection, rest, and regeneration, because September will be more intense (another Mercury...

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scorpios evolution guide

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Set Intentions & Manifest Your Dream Life

I used to offer my New Moon and Full Moon intentions guides for free, however with this recent New Moon I’ve compiled them both into one big manifestation guide, and I’ve also added two pages on the other phases of the moon (crescent, quarter, and gibbous phases) with details on how aligning with the Moon’s cycles is essential to co-creating the life of your dreams. KTZ’s Manifestation Moon Guide is now available for purchase as a digital PDF here.