Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: Jan 30 – Feb 5

Welcome to a Leo Full Moon week, Scorpio! This is the first full moon in the past 3 months where Mars, our ruling planet, is direct in the sign of Gemini, rather than retrograde. Similarly to the Aquarius New Moon that took place two weeks ago, this week's full moon energy will feel significant and potent -- some of the intentions we set two weeks ago are likely to already be manifesting in our lives this week and next. Our mission is to accept these blessings rather than looking behind our shoulders, wondering if they're too good to be true. Since Saturn, the Planet of Responsibility, is in its final stretch in Aquarius, many Scorpios are going to start receiving the rewards that come...

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Monthly Horoscope

Scorpio’s February Forecast

Welcome to February — Scorpio! With your planetary ruler Mars no longer retrograde in the sign of Gemini, and Mercury also being direct in Capricorn as the month begins, you’re likely to feel much more confident, ambitious, and driven this month compared to last. This month is all about forward momentum. The Leo Full Moon strikes on February 5th, but we’ll feel its fiery influence as early as the first day of February. Since this energy will activate Scorpio’s sector of expansion, travel, long journeys, media, publishing, and spirituality, chances are these themes will be central in our lives as the month begins, and we’ll be reflecting on ways to expand beyond our comfort zones this year,...

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