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Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: June 5 – 11

It's time to play more, Scorpio. Have more fun! You've been doing so much shadow work since the Scorpio eclipse last month, but now that the Sag full moon has come and gone, you're being invited to adopt a more spontaneous and light-hearted approach to living and loving. Laugh more. Laugh until you cry! Forget that schedule you try so hard to abide by, and live freely, like a bird who's suddenly...

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Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: May 29 – June 4

Scorpio, this full moon week can change the game for you, financially-speaking. If you've been wanting to get a better hold on your money mindset, the upcoming Sag full moon on June 3rd will help you do so. The week begins with the Moon in Libra, activating our sector of spirituality, healing, and closure. Chances are, you're beyond ready to close the chapter on an aspect of your life that's...

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Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: May 22 – 28

Welcome to the first full week of Gemini Season, Scorpio! Mars, one of our planetary rulers, is now in Leo, encouraging us to be bolder and more ambitious when it comes to pursuing our childhood dreams, no matter how wild they may seem. Pluto, our second planetary ruler, is spending its final three weeks in Aquarius, and then it'll retrograde its way back into Capricorn, where it will remain...

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Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: May 15 – 21

Welcome to one of the most game-changing weeks of the month, Scorpio! Mercury Retrograde is officially over in the sign of Taurus, which activates our partnership sector. While we'll continue to feel the post-shadow effects until the end of the month, you now have the green light to move forward on important travel plans, contractual negotiations, and clarifying conversations in your intimate...

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