Weekly Forecasts

Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: August 1 – 7

Scorpio, this is one of the most spiritually transformative weeks of the year, as we're still feeling the effects of the Leo New Moon, making it prime time to take your intention-setting process seriously. It's not only about writing down what you want to feel or experience in your life, but more about actually living it out in real time, even if all the circumstances aren't aligned the way you...

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SM Weekly Forecast: July 25 – 30

Scorpio, be kind to yourself this week. Truly, treat yourself like you'd treat your ultimate best friend, or favorite person on Earth. Recognize that the more you move with such an intention, the sweeter life becomes for you. There's already plenty of programming and systems that aim to make us feel bad about ourselves, so why would you add your own mindset to the mix? With Chiron retrograde...

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Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: July 18 – 24

Scorpio, you're going to notice a significant shift in the astrological weather this week, as Venus, the Planet of Love, has shifted out of Gemini on the 17th and entered Cancer for several weeks. Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifts out of Cancer and enters Leo on the 17th. And on the 22nd, Cancer Season ends and Leo Season begins! The elements of Water and Fire are going to start to...

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Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: July 11 – 17

This week, Scorpio, you'll feel supremely powerful, calm, and filled with intention. The energy of the upcoming Capricorn Full Moon is strongly felt as the week begins, but the Moon starts off in Sag, which helps us not take ourselves or our life journeys too seriously. Now that Mars, our planetary ruler, is in Taurus for the next 5 weeks, a part of us wants to feel connected to people beyond...

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