We’ve made it to the Solar Eclipse in Aries, Scorpios! This is a major initiation process for us, because both Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars, the Planet of Action, and Mars is currently in our fellow Water sign of Pisces. So technically even though we’re in the midst of a very fiery Aries Season, it’s Pisces energy that’s ruling the cosmic tides right now. We’re being asked to tap into our own Aries-Pisces energies by being bolder about our actions and also more sensitive about our needs (as well as the needs of others). This Solar Eclipse is taking place while Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is retrograde in Aries. It’s activating Scorpio’s sector of health, wellness, service, and routine. Chances are this week you’ll have an epiphany regarding the work you do and the offerings you give to the world. Your mission is to make sure you’re not feeling overwhelmed or burdened by your responsibilities, but rather than you’re feeling easeful, blissful, and blessed. If you’re not waking up in the morning with a sense of excitement and drive, this eclipse will ask you to figure out what it’ll take for you to start feeling that way more consistently.

Last month’s Lunar Eclipse in Libra was all about facing your shadows and dropping the dead weight. Now this week’s Solar Eclipse in Aries kickstarts a six-month cycle of rebirth and regeneration, starting from the inside out. You want to feel lighter, particularly metaphorically, but perhaps physically too. That means switching up some of your habits and creating a healthier lifestyle through incorporating more movement, clean eating, more water, better rest, and less drama into your life, Scorpio. But once again, since Mercury is retrograde in this same sector, a part of you may resist implementing a “new you” right now… A part of you is drawn to what feels familiar, even if it’s ultimately unhealthy. You’re therefore at a crossroads of sorts this week, and it’s up to you to bravely choose the path that’s connected to your highest evolution.

Romantically-speaking, now that Venus is in Aries for the next three weeks, you’re encouraged to get very clear about what you want from love and what you have the capacity to receive from love. Your admirers are likely to reveal themselves to you this week if they haven’t already, and that’s largely due to the fact that Mars in Pisces is activating your sector of true love, fate, and romance. This is definitely the time to say yes to going out on dates — both the platonic and romantic ones, as well as dates with your own self. You’re feeling flirty, sexy, sensual, fun, adventurous, and bright. Everyone will want to be around your light, but not everyone is worthy of basking in your glow, so don’t be afraid to set boundaries and only share your magic with those who truly deserve and reciprocate it. ‘Tis the season to be in love, to make love, to express love in creative, physical, and spiritual ways. Just make sure you’re in tune with your body so you know what it really wants, who it wants it with, when it wants it, and why.

This week’s eclipse forms an exact conjunction to Chiron in Aries. Chiron represents our inner wounds, so be kind to yourself this week because you may notice that wounds that you thought you had gotten over will suddenly resurface. There’s still something for you to learn and integrate during this eclipse portal, so don’t hide from the pain, don’t run away from it, and don’t attempt to numb it. Just know that you’re not alone in this process, and if there’s something the South Node in Libra and Pluto’s presence in Aquarius is trying to teach us this year, it’s that we can heal in community, and we can heal through being more transparent about what we’re going through. Make it your mission to reveal more of your vulnerabilities this week, even if you do so by taking baby steps. You are a caterpillar morphing into a brilliant butterfly, and the growing pains that come with that isn’t discussed as much as it should be. But even just voicing your truth will liberate you from any shackles or illusions. You are breaking free, Scorpio.

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