Monthly Forecasts

Scorpio’s June ’21 Forecast

Welcome to June 2021, Scorpio. This is one of the most astrologically-charged months of the year, and while a part of us may want to go into hibernation or hide under a rock (particularly during the first 10 days of June when our ruler Mars finishes out its stay in Cancer), another part of us knows that this can be a make-it-or-break-it type of...

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Scorpio’s May ’21 Forecast

Retrograde and eclipse season is upon us, Scorpios. Welcome to May 2021. The month where we may experience one wake-up call after another when it comes to our personal journeys and where we stand. During the first three weeks of the month, the Sun in Taurus continues to activate Scorpio’s sector of partnership and marriage. As much as you may...

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Scorpio’s April ’21 Forecast

April 2021 is the month where you grow, grow, grow, and let go, let go, let go. We often associate letting go with actions such as a leaf falling from a tree. However, letting go is also a flower bud deciding to bloom after months of being a hermit by choice. This is what April will be like for you, Scorpio. It’s your blooming period, in every...

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Scorpio’s March ’21 Forecast

March 2021 is the month where we may start to feel like we’ve gotten several aspects of our lives together, Scorpio. It will feel glorious, and that’s largely due to the fact that we have no planets retrograde this month, and our ruler Mars will be in the airy sign of Gemini, helping us lighten up considerably and look at life from new...

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