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Scorpio’s November Forecast

Scorpio Season is in full swing this November, and now that eclipse season is behind us we may feel like we can truly celebrate our solar return (whether it’s already passed or it’s occurring this month) with less pressure. Saturn’s shift direct in Pisces on November 4th will help us step into a more self-aware chapter in our love lives, as well...

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Scorpio’s October 2023 Forecast

October is here! Our birthday season starts this month, Scorpio. But before we get there, Libra Season and eclipse season is in high gear, catalyzing major winds of change when it comes to our relationship to spirituality and enlightenment. Eclipse season cannot be predicted — it’s all about surrendering to cosmic revolutions happening around and...

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Scorpio’s September ’23 Forecast

We’ve made it to September 2023, Scorpio. It’s technically still summertime in the Northern Hemisphere, but the energy of the Sun and Mercury in Virgo is definitely infusing the cosmos with a “back to school” energy, encouraging us to get down to business and create order and structure in our lives. With our tech and friendship sector activated...

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Scorpio’s August ’23 Forecast

Welcome to one of the most exciting months of the year, Scorpio. On 8/8 we’re experiencing the Lionsgate Ascension Portal, activating profound changes when it comes to our career trajectory and our overall legacy and reputation. These changes may initially feel uncomfortable because we’re in the midst of retrograde season — Mercury, Venus,...

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