Monthly Forecasts

Scorpio’s January ’21 Forecast

Welcome to January 2021, Scorpio! This month will be filled with pleasant surprises, challenging awakenings, and important realizations about what changes are necessary in your life to fully level up. You’re being asked to look at life in a more responsible way this Capricorn Season, and to also utilize the airy vibes of Jupiter and Saturn in...

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Scorpio’s December ’20 Forecast

We’ve made it to the final month of 2020. Take a deep breath and then slowly let it all out. This month will be filled with possibilities for profound expansion, Scorpio, and it all begins by grounding yourself in the present moment, especially during the first week of December as we continue to absorb the vibes of the Gemini Lunar Eclipse that...

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Scorpio’s November ’20 Forecast

Scorpio Season keeps going strong this November, Scorpio, and it’ll be a season like none other. It’s the last time in 29 years that both Jupiter and Saturn are in Capricorn during our season, and since Capricorn activates our communication sector, and Mercury will be direct this month starting November 3rd, we’ll notice our throat chakras...

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Scorpio’s October ’20 Forecast

Scorpio Season starts this month, ayyye! Our annual rebirth season kicks off, and nothing will ever be the same. You already know that nothing about your own mindset and consciousness is the same as it was just six months ago, at the first New Moon of the astrological year, during Aries Season. This month we’ll experience two full moons. One is...

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