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Scorpio’s October Forecast

Scorpio, during the first three weeks of October, you’re in a hibernation and a mourning period. The Sun in Libra activates your sector of spirituality and closure, and Venus’ presence in Libra until October 23 can lead to you having to say goodbye to romantic connections and friendships that don’t feel healthy or reciprocal. Not gonna lie —...

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Scorpio’s September Forecast

Scorpio, September 2022 may not necessarily be the most smooth-sailing month of the year, and there are reasons for this. We are experiencing another Mercury Retrograde this month, and Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, spends its first full month retrograde in Taurus (which activates Scorpio’s partnership sector). You may be at a point in your life...

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Scorpio’s August 2022 Forecast

Scorpio, we’ve made it to the 8th month of the year. But there’s no need to stress about how quickly time seems to be going. Everything’s occurring in divine timing, and even though we have over five planets and asteroids currently retrograde (which may be giving us the impression that our momentum is stalling), this retrograde season will...

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Scorpio’s July 2022 Forecast

Get ready, Scorpio — July 2022 is going to help you reach greater heights, but only if you allow yourself to ascend. Only if you trust that you’re safe, even as you move further and further away from levels you once knew. Ever since the lunar eclipse took place in our sign on May 16, you’ve probably felt like a completely new person — the type of...

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