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Scorpio Born on November 18

Scorpios born on November 18 live their lives as though they were on a theatrical stage. Whether they want to or not, they are often the center of attention, due to their passionate auras and magnetic energies. They feel their emotions profoundly, and their feelings serve as their impetus to go after their heart’s desire. They do have a practical side to them which makes them focused on acquiring financial security, but often through creative or unorthodox ways.

November 18 Scorpios absorb the energy of their environment like a sponge, and this makes them very susceptible to reacting impulsively based on the way they feel. If they are in a good mood, their overall work productivity increases and they will achieve milestones. However, the opposite also holds true. When these Scorpios are saddened, it can be very difficult to get themselves out of their mood. This is why it is essential for November 18 Scorpios to surround themselves with positive people.

If you were born on November 18, you are deeply romantic and idealistic in love. You will devote a large part of your life to analyzing how you want to be loved, and your intimate relationships will be full of life and intrigue. People find you to be mystifyingly mysterious, and you also possess an undeniable depth of character which makes you stand out amongst your peers. You look into people’s eyes and see them for who they truly are. You are a deeply loyal companion, and a trust-worthy friend.

November 18 Scorpios have a connection to their family and friends which is unbreakable. They are strengthened by both independence and intimacy. Natural advisors and counselors, November 18 Scorpios are highly perceptive and aware of what must be done to make the world a better place.

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7 responses to “Scorpio Born on November 18

  1. As always, Thank you for your passion in helping everyone, esp #nov18 people. It’s so very true! I’m exactly that personality type. I need a look into my next step over the next few months and year. What reading would you recommend? Thank you!

  2. This described me perfectly. This strengthens my perception of who I am in the world and the journey to self discovery I am on. Thank you, Scorpio Mystique for killing it as always. Happy bday November 18th Scorpios!! ♥️

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