Where Scorpios come to soar.

Scorpio Born on November 10

Scorpios born on November 10 come off as individuals who have strong opinions. They are able to use their intelligence to communicate their knowledge to those around them. Their intelligence is a mix of what they learn academically and what comes to them intuitively — both work hand in hand. Upon meeting someone, Scorpios born on … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 9

Scorpios born on November 9 are assertive, bold, multi-talented individuals who can excel at more than one hobby or career path due to their ability to adapt to their environment and quickly learn new skills. These Scorpios are solution-oriented, and therefore they make great team workers and leaders. When other people are about to give up … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 8

Scorpios born on November 8 are natural born leaders and ambitious explorers. These Scorpios are able to zero-in on what it takes to be successful, and they will put in the hard work necessary to get to the top. At the same time, November 8 Scorpios enjoy partying and having a good time with their friends. … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 7

Scorpios born on November 7 have mystical and profound spirits, insatiably curious minds, and deep reservoirs of power which they keep hidden under the surface of their magnetic personalities. These Scorpios come off as very confident, but they are also deeply sensitive and emotional. Only their close friends really understand the depths of how much … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 6

Scorpios born on November 6 are known for their selfless heart and generous personalities. They do not allow themselves to be treated as doormats, however. They seek loyalty and exclusivity from their friends, family members, employers, and lovers. They are willing to give themselves 110% to something or someone they love, but they also expect such … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 5

Scorpios born on November 5 vacillate between internalizing their feelings and being withdrawn from the crowd, and being the ultimate social butterflies, livening up the social scenes any chance they get. They have a blend of extraverted and introverted energy which helps them find balance in their otherwise hectic lives. These Scorpios understand the profoundness … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 4

Scorpios born on November 4 tend to have a higher than average level of intelligence. They have a deeply emotive nature, but they also know how to rely on their intellectual faculties and practical reasoning skills when it comes to making a set decision. These Scorpios care deeply for their friends, whom they treat like family. … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 3

Scorpios born on November 3 tend to shock others by being so true to themselves that they do not care about how they are perceived by outsiders. These Scorpios have an unconventional, striking, somewhat rebellious and extremely unique side to their personalities. They also have a great capacity to express their powerful ideas in ways … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 2

November 2 Scorpios have such profound powers of intuition that they can have psychic moments without even realizing it. These Scorpios will always rely on their instinct over reason. When they meet someone new, they will sense out their vibes and know immediately whether or not they are to be trusted. When November 2 Scorpios encounter a … Continued

Scorpio Born on November 1

November 1 Scorpios stand out from the crowd due to how instinctive, mysterious, profound, and spiritually aware they are. These Scorpios are highly conscious of their surroundings, and their emotions guide them through the decisions they must make to excel in whatever they choose to undertake. November 1 Scorpios are tenacious and deeply attached to their visions … Continued

Scorpio Born on October 31

October 31 Scorpios are known for how loyal and dependable they are. Although these Scorpios are born on Halloween, they aren’t devious tricksters as one might imagine. They do, however, like to surprise people by doing unexpected, unpredictable actions and saying out-of-the-box statements. Their thought process is unique and original, and it often enlightens the … Continued

Scorpio Born on October 30

October 30 Scorpios are the type of people who make you wonder what they’re thinking. They resonate magnetism, intrigue, and great depth. They are talented at reading between the lines and understanding the underlying points of a person and situation. When you find something that you are passionate about, you tend to devote yourself to it … Continued