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Scorpio Born on November 19

Scorpios born on November 19 can never fit into the crowd because they were born to stand out. They are the ones who know exactly what to say or do to make people laugh, cry, or a combination of the two. These Scorpios have a profound grasp on human nature and they can use their awareness for evil or for good. These are the type of Scorpios you really want as friends but you fear as enemies.

November 19 Scorpios love to quietly observe if you are who you say you are. Words mean little to them. It is through your action that they will be able to judge your character and assess whether they want your energy in their life or not. Should they choose to allow you into their intimate circle, they will constantly be talking about spiritual, metaphysical, expansive and other-worldly topics. These Scorpios are very curious, they love learning and spreading knowledge. Travel is also a huge passion.

If you were born on November 19, you have an intensely private side to your personality which some people would say borders on being self-absorbed. That is not necessarily a bad trait, as it means that you are highly independent, quick-witted, and self-reliant. However, people may sometimes feel alienated or as though they can never get through to you and get to know you fully the way you know them so well. Like all Scorpios, you exude much mystery, but you also shine in social settings, further making you attention-worthy and admirable.

November 19 Scorpios often succeed as leaders, but not necessarily for their own financial gain. Many Scorpios born on this day become entrepreneurs or humanitarians. They have a penchant for service and they have a generous heart. Creative abilities for November 19 Scorpios also run very high, and their ability to express themselves in ways that connect with others will take them very far.

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10 responses to “Scorpio Born on November 19

  1. This has got to be the most simplest and yet profound description of a November 19 Scorpio I have ever read. Nail it!!
    Cusp of Revolution folks rocket so well 😉

  2. Heyy that’s so kind of you.. Were you all time around me till now…? Such a perfect description in short no one could have given about me… Thanks..God Bless The Writer….

  3. This is a really good description but for some reason I’m not always comfortable in social settings. Particularly ones at the office.

  4. I am a double Scorpio – born November 19 – unfortunately I also have Scorpio rising & a mother born November 18 & a father born October 31 – MY childhood & my life have been extremely STRANGE. Not bad – just strange. There is a lot of truth to your analysis. But sometimes I think that the double impact of a double Scorpio is just too much for most people to take.

  5. Double Scorpio – sun & raising – there is a lot of truth to your analysis – but sometimes I think that a double Scorpio is just too much for most people to “handle!” FYI Mom born on November 18 & Dad born on October 31 – life growing up was very strange.

  6. I feel uneasy with this little piece of information though it’s accurate. It’s scary; I feel naked. I don’t like the idea of people knowing too much about me especially strangers.

  7. Yh, I feel excited about this, buh I don’t like social things, I just don’t fit in and at thesame time I love something social,lets cut it, I don’t understand myself neither, so definitely no one can understand me even if you think you’ve known more of me, SMH! 😂
    Proud Nov 19

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