Scorpios born on November 21 have a lot of fiery, spontaneous and lively energy, along with deep reserves of emotional strength, passion and intuitive energy. This makes you the best of both worlds: a loyal companion to turn to when experiencing hard times and an optimistic friend to party with. You like to dedicate yourself to your passions and reflect on them, but you are also quite impulsive. You are highly self-aware, and this makes you a natural guru. You love to share what you learn with others.

If you were born on November 21, there exists a sense of emotional and physical extremes within you. People can tell that you love to experience life 110%. Boredom is never an option for you, and you are a natural adventurer. Your mind dazzles with curiosity and visionary ideas. You can sometimes have so many new plans that it can be difficult for you to follow through on all of them. You should pursue the ones which make your heart beat the fastest.

If there is one thing that November 21 Scorpios are not, it’s superficial. These enigmatic creatures crave depth, complexity, bare honesty and deep vulnerability from those they trust or allow into their inner circle. November 21 Scorpios have a very social side to them, especially as cusp babies and being born so close to the Sagittarius constellation. However, they ultimately hold on their Scorpio urges for loyalty and exclusivity in their relationships. If you deceive them, you will regret it.

November 21 Scorpios would thrive in careers which allow them to express themselves through art or entertainment. They are drawn to physical careers which get their adrenaline going. Education, writing and taking part in social activism may also make them feel quite fulfilled. These Scorpios will always be known for their bright and infectious personalities, coupled with their dedication to their purpose.