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Scorpio Born on November 17

Scorpios born on November 17 are full of mystery, sensuality, and deep intrigue for the world around them. These Scorpios have a certain sparkle in their eyes which makes it seem like they are always telling themselves a secret joke, and this makes people want to know what lies beneath the surface. Few people will ever know, however, because November 17 are extremely secretive and private people. They have their social moments, and they will be quite popular, but they love their alone time.

November 17 Scorpios are full of life and positive energy, although their life experiences can be challenging at times. These Scorpios appreciate depth and complexity in themselves and others. They don’t like when things come too easily for them. They want to know that they worked hard for it to make it theirs. This trait is true in both love and career. November 17 Scorpios are fighters and they never give up. If a certain situation doesn’t work out the first time, they’ll devise a way to improve their plan and make it work seamlessly for their next attempt.

If you were born on November 17, your intuition is so on-point that you can usually immediately tell when you are being deceived or lied to. However, you do not always go with the softer side of your personality. You like to come off as very powerful, so only those who really know you will see how sensitive you are. Everyone else will be blown away by your magnificent confidence and sex appeal.

Whenever you choose to open up to someone, they will be blown away by how interesting your life story is. You possess secrets which surpass anyone’s expectations, and there is so much people can learn about you if they just observe and quietly listen to your experiences. Your life will be one big roller-coaster ride, because you tend to attract danger, excitement, and thrill towards you. Enjoy it!

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12 responses to “Scorpio Born on November 17

  1. One of worst dates to be born because this date is ruled by saturn (17 ie, 1+7 = 8). I was born on this date (that too i was double ruled by saturn my whole birthdate day,month& year adds to 8, so 8 &8 ). I suffered a lot still and still going on. First Saturn f***ed with my career followingly he ruined my health severely, now i lost hope about my future and on myself. Really saturn is cruel hearted, he took my good health away made me feel like worthless. I cry alone for all these bad things happened in my life. This is one of the most unluckiest day to be born that too if your whole numerology(day,month & year) adds to 8 means you are totally f***ed by cruel saturn.

  2. About 99.9% of the post and reports I’ve read revealing Scorpio’s traits(mine)have always been on point!! It’s Good To Be The King Of The Zodiac Realm!!

  3. 17 number and scorpion, it’s double whammy guys, 50 year of my life & uphill battle with some unknown force we call luck. This suffering made me turn towards spiritual life and now at peace

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