Scorpios born on November 20 are known for their quiet strength, their inner tranquility, and their ability to understand what others are thinking and feeling on an intuitive level. They can be loners sometimes… more in the sense that they like to spend time on their own understanding themselves and connecting with what their true purpose is. These Scorpios are deeply introspective beings.

There is a deep attachment to those they love which makes November 20 Scorpios loyal, generous, and extremely honest with their friends and family. People often come to November 20 Scorpios for guidance and emotional support. November 20 Scorpios strongly value partnership, and consciously or unconsciously they will spend a majority of their life seeking their other half, be it in friendship or romance. Because November 20 Scorpios feel their emotions so deeply, they are incredible artists, writers, communicators, innovators, humanitarians, and spiritual healers.

You are known for your emotional resilience, your strong character, your open heart, and your wise spirit. You are a free-spirit, and you encourage others to let their spirits be free too. In many ways, you make people want to be around you. You benefit from spending time alone, however, to preserve how precious your energy is.