Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: Dec 5 – 11

Scorpios, welcome to the Gemini Full Moon week —  the final full moon of 2022, and it’s significant because it makes a conjunction to our planetary ruler Mars, who is currently retrograde in Gemini. Think back to where you were in your life six months ago, during the New Moon in Gemini that took place May 30, and reflect on how much you’ve grown and evolved this year. The South Node, which represents our karmic past, has been in our sign since January 2022, and will remain there until July 2023, so even though Gemini energy can be light-hearted, this Mars-Moon conjunction will be felt more intensely by Scorpio placements, and it’ll highlight the complexities, double standards, and nuances that exist within us and others. We’re being asked to be observers of what’s coming up for us internally, and now that Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, is direct in the sign of Pisces, we can intuitively make a decision about what we want to communicate to others.

To show you what I mean, I’ll take the lead and transparently communicate what this full moon is bringing up for me. As many of you know (especially if you’ve been reading my weekly scopes for years now), I’ve been offering weekly and daily scopes for free to this community, and for the most part it’s been a pleasure to share my talents and gifts with you all. We have grown so much together as we choose to become better beings each and every day, and I’m grateful for all the ways this community has poured into me. With my debut book, Signs & Skymates, coming out this full moon week on Tuesday, December 6, I’m asking for your direct support. if you haven’t yet pre-ordered my book, please consider doing so this week, especially if you’ve benefitted from my free labor throughout the years.

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I hope that by leading by example, you also can see the importance of directly naming your needs during this full moon week. As the expression says, “closed mouths don’t get fed”, and since this full moon has to do with communication, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see what happens when you open your throat chakra and speak with intention and purpose.

Since full moons are about closure and release, I also want you to know that it’s okay to let go of what you’ve outgrown this week. You may be reflecting on it, but you may not actually make any monumental changes until January 2023, once Mars has ended its retrograde in Gemini. Many of us are reflecting on the work you do, and trying to see what feels right to your spirit. As Scorpios, since we’re Fixed Water signs, when we get emotionally invested in a passion project it can feel impossible to let it go. But this full moon week asks you to make sure you’re aligned with your values, and with your intentions you set six months ago about what freedom and abundance truly means to you. Be honest with yourself about times when you may be holding on to something that must be gently released or transformed… And remember, you don’t have to let go all at once. The breath by breath, step by step approach to releasing and surrendering is also beneficial for you, Scorpio.

Romantically, this week may feel really inspiring for us, as Venus in Sagittarius adds spontaneity and dynamic energy to your life. This weekend, the Cancer Moon encourages you to get transparent and vulnerable with your lover(s), or, if you’re not romantically involved, you’ll notice yourself opening up to the idea of intimacy and romance rather than shying away from it or denying it altogether. Neptune’s shift direct in Pisces is activating your sector of true love and romance, as is Jupiter’s final few weeks in Pisces.

This week is one of the most auspicious periods for putting yourself out there and dating (or even for giving a second chance to someone from your past who seems to have evolved and done the work). You’ll feel super excited about what’s in store if you choose to have faith that the best is yet to come. The Universe wants you to feel fulfilled romantically, Scorpio, so get very clear about what that would look and feel like for you, and prepare for this energy to enter your life, especially once Mars Retrograde ends early next year. Trust that everything you’ve ever wanted is aligning specifically for you, and you’ll receive it in divine timing!

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Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: Nov 28 – Dec 4

Scorpio, this is the week where you can tell that the seasons within you are shifting, significantly. You can tell that if you choose to be optimistic about your future, your life experiences will continue to astound you. Scorpio Season was all about shadow work, and Sag Season is about stepping into the light. Being the light. And letting yourself shine brightly and unapologetically. You’ve probably noticed that you’re speaking your mind more outwardly this season, rather than keeping your thoughts locked within. This is good, and the Aquarius Moon on Monday and Tuesday will show you just how revolutionary it is to let others know where you stand. By healthily setting boundaries with them or opening up about your needs, they can better meet you where you are. At the same time, it’s important to be self-reflective with Mars Retrograde in Gemini activating our sector of intimacy and mergers. Have you been showing up for others in a way that reflects their love language and their needs?

With the Moon in Pisces Wednesday through Friday, you may be feeling creatively inspired, and you may end up writing or creating a piece of art that best articulates your current sensations. Even if you feel nervous or shy when it comes to sharing that art with the world, you’re encouraged to do so this week, because Jupiter is currently direct in the sign of Pisces, making this a very lucky time for you to put yourself out there artistically (and romantically too). You may hear a positive response about a gig you applied to, or you may suddenly decide to sign up for an art form that your inner child has wanted to do all their life. Even if all you have is 30-minute dance parties with yourself in front of the mirror, know that tapping into your artsy nature will feel supremely liberating and expansive for you, Scorpio.

The highlight of this weekend is Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy and Illusion, ending its five-month retrograde in the sign of Pisces, on Dec 3. We’ll feel the pre-shadow effects of Neptune’s upcoming shift direct all week long, so you may be feeling either more sleepy or dreamy this week, and that should be honored. Scorpio, take care of your body more than ever as November ends and December begins. Sag Season can have a dehydrating effect on us, especially since the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all currently in Sag at the same time. Staying hydrated, meditating regularly, moving your body, and breathing fresh, clean air will help us wake up from any brain fog that Mars Retrograde and Neptune Retrograde may have led to us feeling.

This is also a powerful wknd to take a look at any addictions you have and may be ready to work on releasing, either through moderation or through quitting cold turkey. Whether that’s smoking, drinking, watching too much TV, or social media addictions, Neptune’s shift direct will remind you that you’re the captain here. If you want to do better, it may feel deeply challenging at first, but as you stick to doing what’s difficult, your mind will eventually think it’s part of your regular routine, and it won’t feel as hard to rewire yourself and choose better options. This doesn’t mean that your growth or your healing journey will be linear though — it will have many fluctuations, and that’s to be expected. Celebrate the small wins along the way, and visualize yourself crossing the finish line with ease and lots of celebration!

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Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: Nov 21 – 27

Scorpio Season was one of the most intense four weeks we’ve experienced in a while, so as the week begins celebrate yourself and the fact that you’re still out here being a human in this wild world, Scorpio. Instead of always feeling like you have to don your superhero cape, give yourself permission to take it off fully. Let yourself simply be human. That means accepting the totality of the humanness, including the messiness, and even the overanalysis.

The week begins with the Scorpio Moon helping us redefine ourselves. Now that the eclipse energy is dwindling, we’re gaining momentum and clarity when it comes to who we’re evolving into. This Wednesday’s New Moon in Sagittarius is the fresh start we’ve been asking for, so use the start of the week to clear up space physically and psychologically before the New Moon strikes. As Scorpio Season comes to an end, take time to check in with yourself instead of running on auto-pilot. Chances are, with a few strategic shifts, you can create better ways to do what you love, without feeling burnt out or taken for granted. Perhaps that means being more selective about the jobs or opportunities you say yes to. Now that Mercury and Venus are in Sag, you’re also finding it easier to peacefully release the relationships that you once unhealthily clung to, and this is making room for more energizing, peaceful connections to enter your life.

Sag Season starts this week and significantly lightens things up, but also make them more fiery and spontaneous simultaneously. Wednesday and Thursday are peak new moon energy, and you may want to radically shift your daily routine, as well as your financial priorities this day. So much is shifting rapidly, but remember that Mars is still retrograde in Gemini, activating Scorpio’s sector of depth and intimacy. This retrograde will last until January 2023, so even if we feel like everything has to radically change, it could simply be that Mars wants us to change internally, and be aware of our internal changes. Then, once it shifts direct next year and comes out of its post-shadow retrograde phase, we’ll really know which direction to propel ourselves into. So slow down and relax, Scorpio — especially during moments when you think it’s impossible to do those things. That’s especially when you should.

Romantically, Venus in Sag is encouraging us to have greater humor in our connections. We may not realize how much someone cares about us, simply because we’re busy overanalyzing or overthinking. But once we allow ourselves to laugh at our our insecurities or paranoia, those feelings no longer have as much influence over us, and it’s likely that we’ll receive the response we’ve been seeking from potential or current partners. Laughter can truly heal, and if you also dare to communicate your concerns instead of trying to be the empress/emperor of mystery at all times, you’ll see that there’s more progress and transparency in your relationships.

Releasing control and becoming a lover who can love with healthy detachment — those are your evolutionary missions and challenges that you’re being asked to navigate as the year ends. Take it breath by breath, and know that this evolutionary journey isn’t necessary. Some days you’ll be better at releasing your ego’s judgments than others. It’s all part of the process.

For more insights on how to tap into this evolutionary way of healing yourself and cultivating deep bonds in your relationships, order Signs & Skymates, my upcoming book which comes out in two weeks, on Dec 6! Thank you to everyone who’s already pre-ordered. So excited for you to read it! Be sure to claim your exclusive pre-order gifts (Birth Chart Reading created by me + astro compatibility course) here.

Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: Nov 14 – 20

Scorpio, if you woke up this week asking yourself, “Who am I and what do I really want?”, then you’re very much in alignment with the post-eclipse energy we’ll be feeling for the rest of the month. Last week’s Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus happened in our opposite sign of the zodiac, meaning it pushed us to emotional and psychological extremes. Whatever pent-up emotions we have felt since the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus in April 2022 likely resurfaced in our lives last week, demanding to be felt and processed. Fortunately, life starts to ease up for us this week, as Venus finishes up its intense transit through our sign and enters Sagittarius on November 16, helping us take ourselves, and our experiences, more lightly. 

The Leo Moon on Monday and Tuesday are ideal for stepping into big boss energy. Yes, Mars Retrograde in Gemini may be making us move at a slower pace, but Mercury’s in our sign, helping us think and communicate strategically. You can still get more done by having fewer things on your plate, and less responsibilities to tend to. Start off the week by honestly assessing what it is you want to tend to, and finding ways to either delegate, systemize, or fully let go of what feels draining, boring, or unrewarding. Prioritize your bliss, even if it means temporarily taking a pay cut. With the space you make in your life, you’ll call in more abundance, even if it takes six months to flow in consistently. Play the long game, and put your peace first. 

Mid-week, the Virgo Moon calls for order in your life, and transparency in your friendships. If there’s anyone who’s been playing mind games with you, or anyone you’ve been stringing along, it’s time to keep it real with each other. What is it that you both want, and why are you running around in circles trying to get it, instead of maturely admitting to yourselves what your needs are? These final days of Scorpio Season present you with an opportunity to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done. So many opportunities await in the final stretch of the month, but if your mind is clouded with distractions, you won’t be able to seize them. Read your monthly forecast to know what this post-eclipse energy can lead to in the next few weeks. 

This weekend, the Libra Moon encourages you to pamper yourself, take care of your spiritual needs, and make sure your relationships feel balanced and harmonious. Venus will be in Sagittarius by then, and Venus in Sag will harmonize well with the Libra Moon, which can lead to you feeling closer to someone you previously had a hard time forgiving (this could even mean yourself). This weekend allows you to humanize yourself, and others, by recognizing that we’re all on this human journey together. Some days are easier than others. Instead of holding people accountable solely for their past actions, give them a chance to show you how much they also may have evolved this eclipse season. Pay more attention to how you feel in their presence in the present moment. 

For more insights on how to tap into this evolutionary way of healing yourself and cultivating deep bonds in your relationships, order Signs & Skymates, my upcoming book which comes out next month, Dec 6! Barnes & Noble included it in its Best Books of 2022 list. Thank you to everyone who’s already pre-ordered. So excited for you to read it! Be sure to claim your exclusive pre-order gifts (Birth Chart Reading created by me + astro compatibility course) here. 

Have a magical week,


SM Weekly Scope: Nov 7 – 13

Scorpio, nothing will be the same after the Taurus Lunar Eclipse that takes place this Tuesday, November 8th at 6:02am EST. You’ve officially morphed into a new person, the type of person who may barely recognize who you were at the start of our season two weeks ago, right before the Solar Eclipse in our sign took place. Whew. The most important thing you can do this week is have grace and compassion for yourself and your transformation. As Scorpios, we have so much empathy for others that at times we wonder how our transformation will affect them, rather than taking time to sit with ourselves and see how it’s affecting us, first and foremost. It’s your transformation after all, so worry less about hurting other people’s feelings due to how much “you’ve changed”, and focus more on the reason(s) you’re ready to change in the first place.

Deep down, something’s been nagging at you. It may be most evident in your relationship sector, because Taurus is our opposite sign of the zodiac and represents our partnerships, but it may also be a general nagging feeling that you tried to ignore or rationalize, but that’s only gotten increasingly bigger, and uncomfortable. This week’s lunar eclipse is letting you know that you have no choice but to face that nagging feeling once and for all. Invite it to come and have tea, (or coffee, tree, shrooms, ginger juice, whatever you’d like) with you, rather than running away from it. It’s been nagging at you for a reason — let your thoughts and intuitive wisdom tell you that reason. Chances are, it’s a reason you’ve been trying to avoid, because it would mean that you’d have to change every aspect of your life in order to let yourself grow beyond your current state of being, and that can be scary. But you’re a Scorpio, and this is Scorpio Season. You can face what scares you. You can face it bravely and overcome the fears, breath by breath. Mars’ retrograde in Gemini is helping you re-evaluate your current trajectory, because the Universe wants you to know that there’s something better that awaits on the other side of eclipse season. It’s so close that you can almost taste it…

But you’re not there yet, Scorpio. So slooow down. And be present. This week is about release, closure, endings, and healing. It’s not about fresh new starts. That’ll happen two weeks from now, during the Sagittarius New Moon on November 23, one day after our season ends. Instead, use this week to mourn who you used to be, and celebrate who you’re growing into. If your relationships and friendships seem to be ending around this time, let them end. This is a Total Lunar Eclipse — it doesn’t play any games! It’s also making a conjunction to Uranus in Taurus, which activates our partnership sector, and it’s opposing Mercury and Venus, which are both in our signs. There may be a conflict between what your heart wants and what your head says. Quiet your mind, and tap into the wisdom of your body. This can best be done in nature. The more time you spend in nature this week, the better. The more you tune out from outside distractions, unhealthy situationships, toxic friendships, and your own limiting beliefs, the better. Will this be easier said than done? Possibly. Are you up for the challenge? Most definitely.

Scorpio, I’m telling you this because I feel this eclipse energy tremendously right now. You may have read today’s SMscope, where I shared that this week’s Taurus Lunar eclipse signals endings in our relationships, as well as a potential for a new beginning. I’m feeling this eclipse immensely, and I have to be transparent with you. I’ve been sharing free readings with this community for nearly 12 years now, and I desire greater reciprocity. At times I feel like I’ve poured more into SM than a majority of its users have poured into me. Some of you have supported my work by purchasing my forecasts and my book, and I’m eternally grateful for you. However,  I also have the impression that many of you benefit from my spiritual wisdom but don’t pour it back into me tangibly.  This eclipse has led me to a crossroads of sorts. I have a book, Signs & Skymates, coming out Dec 6, and I’d love for more of you to pre-order my labor of love! Receiving your support beyond likes and comments will motivate me to keep writing daily scopes, because it’ll feel like an equal exchange of energy. But I’m also okay with starting over, no longer offering free readings, and letting go. Big eclipse energy. Perhaps you feel similarly in some aspects of your life. Use this eclipse to speak your truth, even if it hurts. Let your needs be known. Release yourself from resentment. BE FREE. For those who’d like to support my work by pre-ordering my book, you can do so here. Thank you, and happy lunar eclipse! 

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Scorpio’s Weekly Forecast: Oct 31 – Nov 6

Scorpio, Mars, the Planet of Action, has begun its two-month retrograde in the sign of Gemini, and this is the first full week of Mars Retrograde. The last time Mars was retrograde was two years ago, so such a transit always marks a significant turning point in one’s life, where you’re being asked to re-evaluate your current priorities, passions, and purpose. We’re still in the midst of an eclipse passage — on November 8 we’ll experience a Total Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Taurus. This means that Mars Retrograde can actually work in our favor by asking us to slow down and stop rushing.

During this potent eclipse passage, we don’t have to make immediate decisions about our life journeys, our relationships, our financial endeavors, or our fears. We can instead become patient observers of the feelings, thoughts, emotions, and actions that emerge within us. The more we look at our lives from a spirit of curiosity and openness to the unknown, the more pleasantly surprised we’ll feel by this transit, and this experience here on Earth.

Now, that’s not to say that everything will be smooth-sailing as October ends and November begins. Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is now in our sign, as well as Venus, the Sun, and the South Node. That means everything is feeling quite intense and potent — even more than usual. And that means we may also lose our patience or become impulsive if we don’t find a way to ground ourselves amidst this turbulent water energy in the cosmos. Since there won’t be an abundance of planetary action between October 30 and November 8, this is the week where you’ll feel prepared to infuse your heightened energy toward passion projects you may have previously procrastinated on or delayed. Mars Retrograde can actually help you pick them back up and complete it, as long as you take things step by step.

Mid-week, the Pisces Moon can lead to you having a serendipitous connection with a lover. This is Jupiter’s first full week back in Pisces, and it’ll remain there until December 20th. Since Scorpio’s sector of fate, true love, and adventure is activated by the Moon and Jupiter in Pisces, you may find that your heart opens up more than usual this week, and you’re completely more mushy-gushy and romantic than you would’ve previously expected. You’ll be more open to the romantic advances that feel genuine and courageous, so your mission is to become aware of your own limiting beliefs that may emerge as you ask yourself, “Is this too good to be true? Can this even be real?” The answer is yes, Scorpio. It’s real. And no, Scorpio, it’s not too good to be true. It’s what you’ve asked for, subconsciously and consciously, time and time again, and now that Jupiter’s in Pisces your manifestation powers are deepening, especially when it comes to love! This is a powerful time to play my Love Mantra on repeat and take in the affirmations as you attract and maintain the intimate desires that feel orgasmic and free.

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