This is a significant week for us, Scorpios. Venus enters our opposite sign of Taurus on Monday for the next four weeks, and this activates our sector of marriage and partnership. Greater ease is likely to be experienced during this Venus in Taurus era, as Venus is at home in Taurus and helps bring out a grounded yet sensitive and deeply loving side of you. Your feelings for someone special in your life are likely to intensify, particularly since Jupiter is experiencing its final stretch in Taurus, and Jupiter is the Planet of Abundance. Many Scorpios will find themselves drawn toward partnership this week, be it romantic, financial, creative, or professional. Say yes to opportunities to merge your ideas and resources with people who are aligned with your values.

We also experienced a conjunction between Mars in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces at the beginning of this week, and since we’re ruled by the planet Mars we’ll continue to feel the effects of this conjunction all week. This occurred in our sector of true love, fate, and creativity it’s likely to help boost our feelings of optimism, faith, and intimacy. We may feel drawn to pouring our emotions into poetry, dance, song, making love, or meeting (and/or merging with) people who stimulate us mentally and physically. This conjunction could also make us sleepy, moody, and a bit all over the place, so you’ll have to find a balance between playing and remaining aligned with your purpose.

Mars shifts into Aries on the 30th, and since Mars feels at home in Aries (as well as in our sign), we’ll be acting more like Aries beings these next six weeks: we’ll be bossier, sexier, and slightly more impatient. While this transit is great for our overall productivity and passion for life, it can also lead to us being too aggressive, saying remarks that we later regret, and burning bridges prematurely. Your mission during this transit is to find healthy outlets for the surge of energy that you’ll be feeling over the course of the next month and a half. It’s a great time to pick up a workout routine such as hot yoga, speed walking, stretching, pilates, bike riding, dancing, boxing, swimming, or anything that pumps up your heart rate and makes you truly feel alive. Now is the not the time to be complacent at work or in your creative pursuits either… the more energy you put into your work (particularly the work that lights you up), the more momentum you’ll feel and the more progress you’ll make.

This Thursday our second planetary ruler Pluto begins its five-month retrograde in Aquarius (it’ll retrograde back into Capricorn on September 1st). This will be more subtly felt than Mercury Retrograde, but if as the weekend begins you suddenly feel a bout of nostalgia or are hit with a blast from the past that makes you re-evaluate your current trajectory, you can chalk it up to Pluto Retrograde. Pluto rules our subconscious mind and our shadows, so this is an opportunity to do shadow work with the spirit of healthy emotional detachment. Pluto in Aquarius has been teaching us to let go of the need to control everything and everyone, and this has been a work in progress. The retrograde will help us find tools to trust the process rather than feeling like it’s our job to dominate it. Trust what your instincts, dreams, and subconscious are all trying to teach and show you during this journey. Trust, and let go.

Seeking one on one astrological guidance as you enter the month of May? I’m offering 30-minute and 1-hour astro consultations again via Zoom, and I’m also offering in-person astrological consultations in London, England from May – June 2024! Book your spot with me today. Limited availability:

1 Hour Astro Consultation


Book a 1 hour astrological consultation with Dossé-Via, the founder of ScorpioMystique and KnowTheZodiac.

In this 1-hour zoom meeting, Dossé-Via will provide you with your natal chart as well as a graphic of the current astrological transits influencing your chart. Together you will go over the main themes in your birth chart as well as the main themes you’re meant to learn over the course of the next few months and years. You’ll be able to ask Dossé-Via specific questions about your birth chart and life paths available to you. A recording of the meeting will be sent to you after the call.

You’ll be redirected to ScorpioMystique’s booking calendar after purchasing the consultation and you’ll be able to select a date and time for the Zoom meeting.

Thank you, and speak with you soon!

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ScorpioMystique’s Astro Consultations allow you to:

  • Get to know your birth chart placements
  • Understand the current astrological transits influencing you
  • Plan for the next few months and years using astrology as a guide
  • Figure out relationship dynamics and how to improve them
  • Gain clarity on your professional, financial, or creative paths
  • Answer questions you have about astrology, current transits, and/or your birth chart

You’ll be redirected to ScorpioMystique’s booking calendar after purchasing the consultation and you’ll be able to select a date and time for the Zoom meeting.


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