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SM’s Wknd Scopes 5/30 – 5/31/20

It’s both heavy and exciting to write a horoscope today. Being an astrologer means being in tune with the cosmic energies around us, and being able to transmit those messages to fellow skymates and help them make sense of what we feel. Every single one of us should be feeling angry at what’s happening in … Continued

May 29, 2020

The Moon shifts into Virgo today, where it remains for the next 2.5 days. This is an excellent lunar transit to end the month because it will encourage you to be organized and strategic about what energies, friendships and connections are entering the 6th month of 2020 with you, and which ones will be left … Continued

May 28, 2020

After several weeks in its home sign of Gemini, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifts into Cancer for the next few weeks. Our thoughts become infused with greater sensitivity, intuition and self-awareness than usual. But that doesn’t mean you should stop laughing, Scorpio. Gemini Season is still going strong, so even though you’ll find yourself … Continued

May 27, 2020

With the Moon now shifting into Leo and activating Scorpio’s sector of career and reputation, today is a great day to pitch projects, apply for jobs, or launch a marketing campaign. The Gemini Sun and Leo Moon encourage you to put yourself out there, especially after the past two days of meditative and introspective activities. … Continued

May 26, 2020

This morning, a mystical and harmonious alignment between the Cancer Moon and Neptune in Pisces occurs, and you may start off the day in a zen, mellow, and meditative mood, Scorpio. Avoid pressuring yourself to tackle things on your to-do list today, particularly since the Moon will later make an opposition to our co-ruler Pluto, … Continued

May 25, 2020

As the week begins the Moon is in our fellow water sign of Cancer, meaning that tending to your home, while expanding your vision of what home and family means to you, may be a priority for today. Clean up your environment, beautify it, simplify it, and make it full of sensual delights, sweet smells, … Continued

Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: May 25 – May 31, 2020

Life is going to get supremely interesting this week, Scorpio. We’re in an eclipse portal, which means the next two weeks are leading us to the Sagittarius Eclipse taking place on June 5, smack in the middle of Gemini Season and retrograde season. See what I mean by life’s getting interesting? With Sag energy activating … Continued

SM’s Wknd Scopes 5/23 – 5/24/20

After a soul-stirring new moon that will continue to be felt for the next six months, you may be feeling reborn, or you may still be in the process of rebirth. Don’t rush anything. It’s retrograde season, so even though this New Moon is about fresh starts, it also is connected to the past. Perhaps … Continued

May 22, 2020

Happy New Moon, Scorpio! The Gemini New moon activates the part of your life that has to do with merging, inheritances, outside resources, and intimate connections. You may start a new venture today that’s connected to pouring your soul into what you’re passionate about, and it will feel so good. Your inner child is screaming … Continued

May 21, 2020

Today may feel super dreamy, even a bit foggy. With our co-ruler Mars in the illusion-based sign of Pisces, and the Sun now in airy Gemini, you’re not sure what’s real and what’s fantasy, Scorpio. But when you really think about it, when are you ever really sure? This final day of the dark-of-the-moon period … Continued

May 19, 2020

Today is the last full day of Taurus Season. Think back to where you were about a month ago, when this season began. What were your relationship goals? Not only in a romantic sense, but professionally, financially, spiritually, and personally? Do you find that your relationship with self has deepened over the course of the past month? … Continued

Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: May 18 – May 24, 2020

You are on to something. More than ever, you’re being intuitively guided. Don’t second-guess yourself this week, Scorpio. Understand and accept your power, your bounty, your magic. The Gemini New Moon on the 22nd activates your merging sector, and this will help you deepen your connections with soulful beings who want to ascend along with … Continued