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SM’s Wknd Scopes 8/8 – 8/9/20

Today is 8.8.2020, a powerful day in numerology which symbolizes abundance, alignment, and infinite prosperity. It’s also the final day of the Lion’s Gate portal of ascension, which means your life is being upgraded as you read this. But keep in mind that ascension and destruction go hand in hand, so it’s normal to be … Continued

August 7, 2020

Scorpio, the way you pursue and view connection is going through a shift. Today Venus, the Planet of Relationships, shifts out of Gemini after having been there since April 2020, and enters Cancer for the next four weeks. Venus in Gemini had us feeling more explorative and adventurous in our love and social lives. We … Continued

August 6, 2020

Wonderful things can happen today, Scorpio! The Moon is in Pisces and it makes a harmonious alignment with Jupiter in Capricorn, helping us step out of our little bubbles and understand that everything’s connected. Then later today the Pisces Moon merges with Neptune, also in Pisces. You may find it challenging to focus on more … Continued

August 5, 2020

The Moon shifts into Pisces today, and since it activates Scorpio’s sector of fate, true love and adventure, we’ll be feeling more dreamy, sensitive and romantic these next 2.5 days. You may be in the mood to go on a thrifting spree, switch up your look, make art, make love, and/or make-believe. You won’t be … Continued

August 4, 2020

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, has been in Cancer since May 28th, activating Scorpio’s sector of expansion. Our thoughts have been infused with deeper sensitivity these past few months, but our more passive-aggressive sides may have been present too. Today Mercury shifts out of Cancer and enters Leo for four weeks, and this activates your … Continued

August 3, 2020

Happy Full Moon, Scorpio! Today’s Aquarius Full Moon activates your sector of roots and the home, and it makes you think of where you were during the Aquarius New Moon six months ago. So much has come full circle. You may realize at what point you left your comfort zone behind, because you knew something … Continued

Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 8.3 – 8.9.2020

Welcome to the first full week of August, Scorpio! It’s normal to start off the week feeling a bit drained or tired, because it begins with a Full Moon in Aquarius which activates Scorpio’s sector of roots, the past, and the home. Many experiences from your childhood or adolescence may come to the forefront of … Continued

Scorpio’s August 2020 Forecast

August 2020 will sometimes feel too good to be true, Scorpio. It’s not. It’s just that life is becoming more trippy, and we’re receiving what we’ve been asking for with greater ease and speed. Mars spends its final month direct in Aries, before starting its retrograde September 9th. That means that the actions we take … Continued

SM’s Wknd Scopes 8/1 – 8/2/20

Welcome to August, Scorpio. This is one of the most exciting months for us, because we feel our powers strengthening as Scorpio Season approaches. We’re also officially in the Lion’s Gate portal of ascension, which means many of our intentions are already manifesting. This weekend, the Capricorn Moon is encouraging you to start the month … Continued

July 31, 2020

You can let yourself go after your deepest desires, you know. You don’t have to put it off as something on your three-year plan, or five-year plan. If it feels right to you now, then let it be yours. The Moon’s in Capricorn as the weekend begins, Scorpio, and when blended with the fiery energy … Continued

July 30, 2020

You did it, Scorpio. You moved past a limiting belief. There was a recurring fear that was nagging you these past few months, probably since the astrological new year began on March 21, 2020. Even though you know you’re an alchemist, there are periods where you doubt the depths of your own superpowers. But today, … Continued

July 29, 2020

Now that the Moon’s transitioned out of your sign and entered Sag for the next 2.5 days, you’re being drawn to more free-spirited places, people, and possibilities. You’ve spent the first half of the week deep in your feels, and now you want to thrive fully in your actions. Let your more daring and rebellious … Continued