Where Scorpios come to soar.

November 22, 2019

Synchronicity is all around you, Scorpio. With Mars in your sign, you’re seeing the signs and confirmations. You’ll find yourself drawn to people who help you see the world from a new perspective. If you’ve been feeling a bit all over the place lately, you may find that the Sun’s entrance into Sagittarius helps you … Continued

November 21, 2019

Today’s energy is all about feeling the fear and believing that you can overcome it anyways. Mars is now in your sign, and Sag Season is getting ready to begin. Your inner adventurer is being activated right now, allowing you to take greater leaps of faith and complete the goals that have been on your … Continued

November 20, 2019

Congratulations, Scorpio. You’ve made it through the final Mercury Retrograde of the decade. It took place in our zodiac sign, making these past three weeks full of reflection, release and reassessment. Think back to who you were on October 31, 2019, when Mercury retrograde first began in our sign. You probably feel like a completely new … Continued

Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 11.18 – 11.24

These final days of Mercury Retrograde can make you feel more sensitive than usual, Scorpio. And that’s okay. Everything you feel is valid, and it’s important to honor what comes up and be a patient observer of the way your body, mind and spirit are feeling in the present moment. This final Mercury Retrograde of … Continued

November 19, 2019

Mars, our planetary ruler, enters our zodiac sign today, where it remains for the rest of 2019. You may find yourself more driven, passionate, intuitive, sexy, motivated, obsessive, temperamental, fixed and stubborn during this transit. Your ability to get what you want increases significantly, especially once Mercury ends its retrograde in our sign tomorrow. Take time today … Continued

November 18, 2019

The Leo Moon amps up your ability to stay focused today, Scorpio. Start off the day setting clear intentions about where you’d like to direct your energy. Reward yourself as you navigate your day by acknowledging how self-discipline helps you create more freedom in your life. With the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Leo, … Continued

November 17, 2019

With two days left of Mars in Libra, you may find yourself feeling more charming and flirtatious than ever. You can feel Mars getting ready to enter our sign. It’s activating something within you that you can’t yet fully express, but that you know will blow you away. Today’s vibes are about resetting yourself. Use … Continued

November 16, 2019

The Moon’s entered the sensitive sign of Cancer, and when blended with the Scorpio Sun, your emotions are amplified. You may find yourself crying more easily today, but not necessarily because you’re sad — perhaps because you’re grateful or in awe of your powers of manifestation. A child kissing their parent on the cheek may … Continued

November 15, 2019

There are four more days until our ruler Mars shifts out of Libra and enters Scorpio. This means you may find yourself in a nesting and homebody mood as you prepare for this monumental transition. Libra season’s activating your sector of spirituality and hibernation. Even if there’s a lot of activity going on in your … Continued

November 14, 2019

The Moon’s in airy Gemini, helping us integrate the lessons from the recent Taurus Full Moon and simply flow where we are right now. Prepare to receive an influx of inspiring ideas about what you can manifest next in your life. But it’s important for you to take time to be discerning about which ones … Continued

November 13, 2019

You may feel a bit tired after yesterday’s intense Full Moon, Scorpio. Try to take it easy today, and incorporate grounding activities into your daily routine. Take a walk before or after work. Make yourself a veggie sandwich. Plant a new seed in your garden or consciousness. Stretch your body. Lay down on the grass. … Continued

November 12, 2019

Happy Taurus Full Moon, Scorpio! Think back to where you were about six months ago, during Taurus Season. What intentions did you set back then? Where did you visualize yourself being now? It’s okay if everything hasn’t yet manifested according to plan, because Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, entered Taurus about six months ago, making … Continued