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May 20, 2018

The Sun will enter Gemini late tonight, marking the beginning of Gemini Season. Today’s best for reflecting on the lessons Taurus Season has taught you, especially in terms of partnerships and relationships. Gemini Season will continue to show you how to expand in terms of your most intimate unions, but you’ll learn to do so … Continued

May 19, 2018

Venus enters Cancer today, where it remains until June 13. You’ll find yourself more in tune with other people’s feelings, but make sure that you don’t take them all on as your own. It’s important to distinguish your own emotions from that of those you love. Venus and Uranus align harmoniously today as well, indicating … Continued

May 18, 2018

Venus spends its last full day in Gemini today, while the Moon in Cancer harmoniously connects with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Today will have very whimsical and dreamy vibes. It’s less about being super productive in a practical sense and more about letting your imagination run wild as you think of all … Continued

May 17, 2018

Pay attention to your romantic and sexual urges, Scorpio. Today the Moon and Venus align in Gemini, lighting up your intimacy and merging sector. Your intuition and your dreams may have been trying to show you something about your desires, and the more you give into your sexy, romantic side, the more you’ll attract the … Continued

May 16, 2018

The Gemini Moon has your mind racing with infinite ideas on what to do or accomplish next, but the best thing you could do is try to quiet those excess thoughts and simply breathe. Do a mid-month check-in with yourself about your journey, and start with being proud of all that you’ve already manifested. If … Continued

Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 5.14.18 – 5.20.18

Welcome to the most life-changing week of the month, and potentially even the year. The main astrological event of the week is Uranus’ shift into Taurus on Tuesday, May 15th. This coincides with a New Moon in Taurus taking place the same day. We will feel these astrological energies all week, all month, and all … Continued

May 15, 2018

We’ve arrived at the most transformational day of the month. There’s a New Moon in Taurus taking place at 7:49am EST, and Uranus, Planet of Surprise, enters Taurus about 3.5 hours later. You have entered a new phase of your life, where you’re powerfully focused on improving the way you feel about yourself and the … Continued

May 14, 2018

Take time today to write down how you’re feeling. Tomorrow, a major New Moon and Uranus shift occurs, starting a brand new chapter in our lives and empowering us to take control of our destinies. But since we’re currently in the height of the dark-of-the-moon period, it’s normal to be feeling moodier or gloomier today. … Continued

May 13, 2018

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifts out of fiery Aries and enters grounded Taurus for the next few weeks. This will highlight your relationship sector, Scorpio. Since Uranus is about to make a shift into this sector on Tuesday for the first time in 84 years, it’s time to get honest about what’s working and … Continued

May 12, 2018

With three days until the New Moon in Taurus, it’s a great day for a physical cleanse of objects that you’ve been hoarding or no longer serve you. No need to get too extreme about it, but gradually start going through drawers, cabinets, and closets and assessing what you’re ready to release and let go … Continued

May 11, 2018

The Aries Moon helps boost your overall productivity and drive today, Scorpio. But an alignment between your co-ruler Mars and Saturn, both in Capricorn, reminds you to not rush the process when launching any new initiatives. It’s best to work on projects that you have yet to complete rather than start something fresh. Wait until … Continued

May 10, 2018

We are nearing the dark-of-the-moon period — the few days before a New Moon, where everything that no longer serves you comes to the surface of your life, and you are being asked to gradually remove it. That’s the only way to make room for the magic that’s ready to enter your life, Scorpio. You … Continued