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January 8, 2019

We’re still getting adjusted to Uranus, Planet of Surprise, going direct in the sign of Aries two days ago. Uranus will spend 2 more months in Aries before re-entering Taurus and remaining there until 2026. Your sector of health, work, wellness and service is activated by this transit, so pay attention to the way your … Continued

January 6, 2019

The day after a Solar Eclipse always feels a bit trippy, because you’ve entered a new state of consciousness and you’re looking at the world around you from a fresh set of eyes. Pay attention to the signs and omens that the Universe is sending you today. You know what intuitively feels right to you, … Continued

January 5, 2019

We’ve arrived to the first Solar Eclipse eclipse of 2019, and it’s also a New Moon in Capricorn. You will wake up feeling a strong urge to get your life together. You may have been self-sabotaging when it comes to amazing professional and romantic opportunities that exist. This eclipse will teach you to know your … Continued

Scorpio’s January 2019 Forecast

Welcome to January 2019, Scorpio. We’ve entered a new year and the start of another eclipse season, so this month will start off on an extremely powerful note. You’re still integrating the profound lessons and consciousness shifts that 2018 brought forth to the surface of your life, and you’re trying to figure out what it … Continued

January 4, 2019

With one day until the first eclipse of the year, your sensitivity to the world around you is heightened significantly. You may also be feeling emotionally and physically drained at this point in time. This is the Universe’s way of telling you that you should refresh your energy and take a break to nurture yourself. … Continued

January 3, 2019

The upcoming eclipse is super charging you with cosmic downloads, so it may feel like you’re rapidly evolving into a new person. You are. Don’t try to figure everything out right now, Scorpio. Be an observer of your environment. Pay attention to the way you react when external situations trigger you. So much is being … Continued

January 2, 2019

Today the Moon enters Sag and lights up your abundance sector, allowing you to brainstorm ways to increase your financial security. With the Sun in Capricorn, and the upcoming Capricorn eclipse on the 5th, it’s essential for you to break down your goals sustainably and not attempt to take shortcuts to reach abundance. The step … Continued

January 1, 2019

The new year begins with the Moon still in Scorpio, as well as an alignment between the North Node and Jupiter in Sag. Start off the day with a spirit of gratitude, even if certain areas of your life appear to be in upheaval. We are four days away from the first eclipse of 2019 … Continued

December 31, 2018

You’ve made it to the final day of the year. The Moon in Scorpio is making you feel very passionate, sensitive and emotional today. You’ll be in the mood to celebrate yourself and those you love. Watch out for taking the celebration to excess under the Scorpio Moon, especially since Jupiter in Sagittarius’ expansive energy … Continued

December 30, 2018

The Moon enters our sign today, and remains there until the New Year. That’s a sign that the Universe wants you to step into your power and shine. You don’t have to wait until a New Year to recreate yourself, shed unhealthy habits, or boost your self-esteem. You are gifted the ability to view yourself … Continued

December 29, 2018

The Universe is relatively calm during these final days of 2018, and you may be wondering if something’s going to catch you by surprise and kill your vibe. While it’s always possible to be caught off guard, it’s best to practice expecting the best case scenario instead of the worst. If you find your mind … Continued

December 28, 2018

The Moon’s shift into airy Libra helps lighten up the cosmos and allows your more romantic side to come out and play. Venus is still in your sign for 10 more days, so focus on feeling good internally so that you can glow externally. There’s something about you that’s extra magnetic and alluring right around … Continued