Happy annual Full Moon, Scorpio! The Scorpio Full Moon strikes the 23rd at 7:49pm EST. This full moon is ruled by Mars, which is currently in Pisces, and Pluto, which is currently in Aquarius. Scorpio-Pisces-Aquarius energy dominates the cosmos this week. You may be feeling more moody, private, and emotional. A part of you is becoming deeply aware of your vulnerabilities, and this may be making you feel raw and tender. Mars’ presence in Pisces is encouraging us to not fear our sensitivity, but to instead intuitively open up to people who nourish it. Those people exist, and if you don’t yet know who they are, they’ll soon become evident in your life, largely due to the recent Jupiter-Uranus conjunction that took place in our partnership sector. We’ll feel the effects of this conjunction for months and years to come. Use this week’s full moon in your sign to celebrate the fact that even though you’ve been hurt before, you’re courageous enough to keep opening your heart to love, time and time again.