@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 1.20.2021

Today’s one of those days where it may feel like you’re learning lesson after lesson, and you’re tired of constantly being put through tests. Mars and Uranus conjoin in Taurus, activating your partnership sector, and shaking up what once may have felt secure. If you experience a sudden break-up, make-up, or altercation, you can chalk it up to this transit. People may also hit you up and decide to share how they feel about you, whether that’s love, hate, or anything in between. This is not the day to be reactive or to instigate drama, Scorpio. It’s rather a day of observation and reflection about what’s been draining your energy, and what’s been uplifting it. It’s time to cut out all the dead weight so you can breathe freely.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 1.19.2021

Aquarius Season starts today, Scorpio. This season will encourage you to pave your own path, prioritize your soul fam, and be honest about what’s been making you feel alive recently. While Capricorn Season was great for practicality and structure, now that the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter are all in airy Aquarius, we’re being asked to step out of the box more and dream of new possibilities for ourselves — ones that don’t have to do with the status quo. Think about something you’ve been internally wanting to pursue, but that you may have thought was too “out there”, Scorpio. This is the time to let your quirky, unique and divergent side emerge. You have an ability to create a future for yourself that may take others years, or even decades, to catch up to. Use these powers and gifts wisely…

Scorpio’s Weekly Horoscope: 1.18 – 1.24.21

Scorpio, the power of your intellect can move mountains this week now that we’re incorporating the influence of the transformative New Moon happening in Capricorn, which took place in your sector of skill and communication. This week, Aquarius Season begins, and we’ll find ourselves noticing that what seemed really difficult during Capricorn Season suddenly leads to exciting, innovative solutions once we detach ourselves from the need to know the outcome. The better you are able to control this skill, the more easily you can turn any hardship into a glorious opportunity. This is a week where you’re being asked to trust your instincts, but also to not be too impulsive when it comes to making decisions. Trusting your instincts can happen once you slow down enough to listen to your inner voice…

On Wednesday the 20th, super intense astrological aspects take place that can shake up the status quo as we know it. If you can, Scorpio, take a self-care day that day. Take a break from consuming news or scrolling through social media. Write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal, or schedule a therapy session with your counselor. The world will be filled with more chaotic energy on this day, or at least it will give us the impression to be. While we can’t control what’s happening to us, we have agency over how we decide to react to it, or not react at all. Aquarius Season activates our sector of home, the roots, and the past, so many Scorpios will feel the need to stay close to home, nourish themselves and their family, and make their homes feel like safe havens. Take as much time as you need in your Scorpio nest, and if you’re not yet satisfied with your nest or you’re looking for a new one, this would be a good week to start looking into it — you can create a vision board with ideas and visions of what your dream place looks and feels like.

Simply put, Scorpio, this is the week it all changes. You’re being asked to boss up and make strategic decisions about what you want to be doing with your life this month, and for the next six months. On the 22nd, the energy from the mid-week chaos will have tamed, and if you haven’t yet set New Moon intentions you’ll feel inspired to do so at this time. By that time we’ll be one week away from the Leo Full Moon, and our sense of confidence will start to increase. It’s important that we open up our throat chakras this week, Scorpio. If something feels off, then speak on it — don’t keep it to yourself. The innovative and unorthodox vibes of Aquarius Season are here to help you speak your truth and make sure that you’re fully heard. The key is to be okay with people having resistance to what you have to say, or not understanding you yet. You’re ahead of your time in many ways, so avoid spending your precious energy trying to justify your words or actions. Let your own truth speak for itself, and let those who don’t get it be on their way…

Romantically, with Venus still in Capricorn for the rest of the month, you may find yourself focused on connecting with people who make you feel emotionally and financially secure, and you may also decide to be that person for yourself. This week, single Scorpios may decide to set intentions that have to do with the type of consistent support they’d like to receive from their ideal lover(s). Scorpios who are in relationships or situationships may have important discussions about the “next step”, and it’s okay if you decide you want to take a break from the relationship because it’s not fulfilling or inspiring you. Venus in Capricorn has a make it or break it type of energy, and we really won’t want to be in limbo with people we care for. This is the week where you’ll want to know exactly where you stand in your relationships, and you’ll be honest with yourself about what no longer resonates with you in matters of the heart. If anything, you’ll feel more focused on falling in love with your self-created abundance.

2021 is a “5” year in numerology, and that symbolizes freedom, adventure, liberation and bliss. These are some of the main themes we can experience in 2021! For more insights on the astrology of the year ahead, read your 2021 Cosmic Guide, a 55+ page digital report written by me, which includes a Bonus Love Forecast for Scorpio within it. So many Scorpios who have already ordered the report have DM’d me letting me know how it made them feel so ready for the year ahead, and that’s exactly why I wrote it! You must release the idea that struggle will be something you must get used to, Scorpio. You’re free now. Have a beautiful week, and enjoy your 2021 Cosmic Guide!

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Welcome to 2021, Scorpio! 2021 is a year of freedom, new insights, and profound progress. After the grounding journey of Jupiter in Capricorn, we have Aquarius energy dominating the cosmos. ScorpioMystique’s 2021 Cosmic Guide provides detailed astrological insights on the best dates to make major moves, when to lay low, when to plan, when to launch, etc…Order ScorpioMystique’s detailed astrological forecast for an inside look on what to expect in 2021. My 55+ page report includes a general overview of how 2021 will affect your specific zodiac sign, as well as a monthly breakdown of the astrological transits in store January – December 2021.All orders include a bonus Love Forecast for 2021 included within the report. Enjoy, and have a beautiful new year! 


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@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 1.18.2021

Scorpio, the past week may have felt quite intense, with our planetary ruler Mars conflicting with Uranus. But here’s the thing about conflict — when used strategically and with awareness it can help awaken us to situations where we’ve been avoidant or overly detached. Today you may feel like you’re starting to understand patterns in your life where you may not have asserted your needs as vocally as you could have. You may have a wake up call regarding what you need to face in your life in order to get to the next level — that includes being clear about when you keep things in your head instead of expressing them directly. We’re one day away from Aquarius Season, so get ready for your powers of self-expression to become more free-flowing. If the opportunity to clearly ask for what you want arises today, dive right in.

SM’s Wknd Scopes 1/16 – 1/17/21

This weekend, Jupiter in Aquarius squares off with Uranus in Taurus. This activates tension between Scorpio’s domestic sector and our partnership sector. Have you felt like you’ve been able to balance your home-related responsibilities with your romantic, social and professional connections? Is one part of your life getting more love or attention than another? We may receive a wake up call this weekend that encourages us to evaluate our current priorities and make immediate shifts to ensure our actions are aligned with our intentions. We may need to shift the way we make use of our time and focus on being more present with those we love. Let this weekend’s lessons serve as a catalyst to a more harmonious, heart-centered reality.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 1.15.2021

Today the Moon starts off being void in Aquarius, which means it’s best to not put too much pressure on ourselves to start anything new. With the Aquarius Moon activating our domestic sector, we’ll find ourselves wanting to be close to home and nourishing our minds and bodies. Then once the Moon shifts into Pisces this afternoon, Scorpio’s sector of fate, true love and adventure is activated, and we’ll find ourselves feeling super dreamy, romantic, creative and imaginative. You may pour your heart out to a lover tonight or get swept up in a romcom that leaves you feeling all the feels. Indulge in this sweet cosmic shift and have fun letting love inspire and heal you.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 1.14.2021

Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, ends its retrograde in our partnership sector, Scorpio. Since Uranus was retrograde in Taurus for the past 5 months, our relationships with ourselves and others may have felt more unpredictable and less stable. We may have felt more rebellious and revolutionary during this transit, but also more restless and unsure of where to direct our electric energy. Now that Uranus is direct for the next seven months, you’ll start to lighten up more and feel more confident in your love life, your finances, and your self-esteem. Your ability to roll with the punches and adjust to life’s plot twists increases at this time. In the coming days, commit to a passion project or shoot your shot with your crush, without needing to control the outcome. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at your ability to trust the process…