@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 4.20.2021

With the Moon now in fiery Leo for the next 2.5 days and making powerful oppositions to Saturn & Jupiter, you’re likely to feel profoundly activated, Scorpio — especially in your professional sector. You’re seeing everything with new eyes, and your heart is opening in ways that make you feel slightly uncomfortable, but also deeply curious. This first full day of Taurus Season may feel surreal, and you may have sudden flashes of insight about where to direct your energy and why. With our ruler Mars still in Gemini until April 23, your plans may feel a bit scattered and your mind may be running nonstop with ideas. Find ways to calm and ground yourself. Stretch your body. Eat your greens. Breathe in and out. Laugh. Have sex. Be sex. You’re feeling very powerful today, and becoming increasingly aware of your ability to be anything you’re ready to be. Whewww, the magic you possess. Have a beautiful day!

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 4.19.2021

Scorpio, this week is quite significant for you, as we are leading up to the Scorpio full moon occurring next Monday the 26th. We’ll already feel the upcoming energy, especially since the Moon is currently in Cancer, a fellow water sign, and deepening our emotional awareness. This is a powerful week for purging non-essentials, protecting your energy, and making peace with your past, Scorpio. Today, ask yourself what grudges you may consciously or unconsciously be holding onto and why. With Mercury, the Planet of Communication, entering Taurus today, you’re analyzing your connections with greater scrutiny, and you’re also assessing the roles you may have played in certain relationships. You’re being encouraged to release resentment, even if your feelings are valid. That’s because major blessings are on the other side of your healing process.

SM’s Wknd Scopes 4/17 – 4/18/21

This weekend is quite astrologically charged, with our ruler Mars, currently in Gemini, making harmonious connections with the Moon and Mercury. Our actions and our thoughts may be in alignment with each other, allowing us to make significant progress on passion projects and dream endeavors. Once the Moon shifts into Cancer Saturday afternoon, you may decide to do most of your dreaming in a place that feels safe and secure. If that place doesn’t yet exist, you’ll take time to create a game plan for manifesting a haven and lifestyle where you feel nourished and empowered. On Sunday, the Moon’s makes healing connections with both Venus and Uranus in Taurus, and this could lead to you feeling an outpouring of love and passion being infused into your life. Whether that energy’s coming from someone else or coming from yourself, you’re bound to end this week feeling more joyful and open to the cosmic blessings flowing your way.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 4.16.2021

Scorpio, today the Sun in Aries forms a planetary square with Pluto in Capricorn. Since you’re ruled by Pluto, this transit can make you prone to making impulsive decisions or reacting fiercely to what someone did or said to you. Become aware of your triggers, and practice taking deep breaths. If you can, treat yourself to a massage or another form of self-care rather than getting caught up in drama or disagreements. Pluto’s upcoming retrograde is bringing up unresolved tensions, and while it’s important to let yourself feel what comes up, you shouldn’t become consumed by it. Remind yourself of your ability to focus on the long-term evolution you’re committing to. Sometimes the Universe places distractions on your path to see if you’re truly committed to your intentions.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 4.15.2021

Today’s a great day to set your new moon intentions if you haven’t yet, Scorpio. You may be in the mood for a mid-month check-in with yourself, particularly as we approach the Scorpio full moon taking place April 26th. With the Moon harmonizing with Pluto and then entering Gemini today, a more light-hearted approach to tracking your progress is recommended. Instead of focusing on how many items you’ve crossed off your to-do list, ask yourself how many times you’ve laughed this week, or how many times you’ve allowed yourself to cry or be vulnerable. Have you taken a nap or daydreamed just because you wanted to? How often have you flirted, danced, and let your imagination run wild? This new moon week is all about letting your inner child take the lead as they show you just how magical life is when you are fully present and aware that you’re the magician. Abracadabra, baby.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 4.14.2021

Venus shifts into your partnership sector today, Scorpio. It enters its home sign of Taurus and increases your desire for sensuality, passion, commitment and honesty in all your connections, but particularly the romantic ones. With the Taurus Moon having recently squared off with Saturn though, a part of you may be feeling self-protective as this transit begins. Luckily, today’s lunar alignment with Neptune in Pisces encourages you to choose idealism over practicality. Dare to believe in the best case scenario when it comes to the way your love life can transform for the better these next six months. For Scorpios who are feeling at ease in their connections, take time to let your partner(s) know how much they mean to you — this isn’t the time to take such unions for granted. And for Scorpios who may be scoffing at the idea of love, or who are still working on believing in it, be patient with yourself as you set intentions regarding what your ideal partner(s) are like. Start off by being that ideal partner for yourself, and honestly assess your areas of growth as well as your strengths.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 4.13.2021

The recently new Moon has shifted into Taurus for the next 2 days, Scorpio. Your primary focus may be more relationship-based, especially since Venus, the Planet of Love, is preparing to enter Taurus tomorrow, where it’ll remain for several weeks. A conjunction between Uranus and the Moon in Taurus could lead to you having unexpected and spontaneous encounters with people today, either in-person, or digitally. Maybe someone will slide into your DMs and catch you by surprise with their charm, or with a professional opportunity. Or you could take a detour on your walk home from work and bump into someone with whom you have a great conversation. It’s also likely that someone you already know suddenly shows you a completely different side to their personality. The new moon energy is still fresh, and you’re not the only one who’s coming out of their cocoon and feeling reborn, Scorpio. Keep an open mind, and an open heart as you embrace the day’s surprises.