Scorpios, welcome to a magical week — the first full week of April. Venus, the Planet of Love, shifts into Pisces on the 5th, and this sweetens up Scorpio’s love life significantly. Our creative urges are also enhanced by this transit, and once Mars joins Venus in Pisces on the 14th, we’ll feel like the ultimate romantics and powerfully stimulated artists. The energy from the Aries New Moon is very much still coursing through us, asking us to keep trusting the changes we feel building up within us, even if our planetary ruler Mars’ presence in Aquarius makes us externally appear mellow. Beneath the surface, we’re like an active volcano filled with molten lava that’s bubbling up to its surface. We can tell that our manifestations are quickening, and there’s nothing we can do to stop them.

Tuesday through Thursday, the Moon’s in Gemini, activating Scorpio’s sector of depth and outside resources. These are prime days for tackling financial objectives, and not doing it alone. You may want to complete your taxes, look through your quarterly budget or start a new one, or pitch a new product during these days. The Universe encourages you to showcase your gifts and talents, and to think of ways that you can increase the amount of streams of income you generate. Whether that means teaching online, creating physical goods and selling them on Etsy, or doing makeup/cutting hair on the side (as long as you’re good at what you do, for everyone’s sake), you’re feeling more innovative and ingenious this week. Do not think any of your ideas are too “out there”. Mars remains in the progressive and unconventional sign of Aquarius until the 14th, so the first half of April should be about pushing the limits and expanding your view of what’s possible for yourself.

The key to specific manifestation is to be specific in your intention-setting process, Scorpio. It’s not enough to say, “I want to work for myself,” or “I want to be successful.” What does success or entrepreneurship specifically look like for you? How much do you specifically envision yourself making per month, per year, and within the next two years? And instead of thinking that there’s even more you have to put on your plate in order to get to where you want to be, the Universe is encouraging you to really check in what you tend to do on a day-to-day basis… How much of it is necessary? How much of it can you start to release, delegate, restructure, or even give up entirely? These questions may at first scare you, Scorpio, because you’re not one to give up. But think of it more as a re-route. If there’s anything that doesn’t fully light you up, and that hasn’t been for a while, you may feel courageous enough to peacefully let it go, or at least temporarily pause it, as you give more attention to what activates and thrills you.

This weekend, the Cancer Moon encourages you to be self-reflective, and also more romantic. Venus, the Planet of Love, will have entered Pisces on the 5th, and the combination of the Sun in Aries, Moon in Cancer, and Venus in Pisces will have even the most independent Scorpios fantasizing about who they’d like to merge with, both physically and spiritually. Allow yourself to dream about your ideal romantic scenarios, and if you’re already in a relationship, this is a magical weekend for lovemaking, and being emotionally vulnerable with each other. It’ll feel like you and your lover(s) can read each other’s minds and trust each other more telepathically, and this will open the floodgates for sensual romance and profound passion. No matter your relationship status, this is the type of weekend that makes you feel hopeful about what’s possible for you and your connections. You’re trusting in the magic of love, of starting over, and of loving your own self fiercely. This energy is magnetic, inspiring, and helping you attract exactly the type of love you deserve, and better!

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