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SM’s Wknd Scopes 7/11 – 7/12/20

The Moon’s now in Aries, and it squares Mercury in Cancer on Saturday. Scorpio, make sure you’re moving with intention this weekend, and not out of impulsiveness. Chiron, the asteroid that represents our inner wounds, goes retrograde in Aries on the 11th, activating Scorpio’s wellness sector. This is the wknd it all changes. There are temptations and distractions all around and within you — what does it look like to tune out the excess noise and movement and truly be aligned with where you are now? That’s what you’ll aim to find out this weekend. Pay more attention to how you feel when you’re vibrating at a lush, easeful frequency. Turn up the volume on that frequency. And also understand that at times it’s a privilege to be able to tune into that frequency — it often means your basic needs are met. If you’re in a position of privilege, you may find ways to donate to people and causes that are helping create an equitable world. We’re represented by the ever evolving Phoenix for a reason. Open your heart and soar. And for a lil cosmic hug in addition to these vibes, Mercury retrograde ends this Sunday at 4:26am EST! We out here.

July 10, 2020

This morning the Pisces Moon aligns with Neptune in Pisces, and this activates Scorpio’s sector of fate and adventure. Today you may be feeling romantic, dreamy, sensual and imaginative. Mars in Aries is helping you share your feels in a bold and assertive way, and this leads to forward momentum and exciting developments taking place in your connections. If you miss someone, let them know. If you’d like to connect to someone, let them know. If you’d like to explore more possibilities with someone — and that includes yourself — let them know. And if you just need time to connect with yourself and not check on anyone else, make today the day where you do so. You’re at a point in time where it’s essential that you realize that all we have is now. Putting things off til later will only backfire. Get serious about what your current passions are, and start to visualize yourself already living them out with ease.

July 9, 2020

Today the Pisces Moon harmonizes with Uranus in Taurus, and this activates Scorpio’s sectors of adventure and partnership. You may be ready to do something spontaneous, creative and romantic with someone — that person can be yourself, or it can be a best friend or lover. No matter who you choose to indulge in connection with, be it virtual or in-person, you’ll notice that your capacity to be fully present with each other increases. The magic happens when you show up and pay attention to how life’s showing up for you too. These final days of Mercury Retrograde combined with today’s Moon-Uranus alignment may make you aware of connections (platonic, romantic, familial and/or digital) you once took for granted. You now mutually see each other in a way that’s enlightening and healing, even if it may take time for you to feel comfortable with each other’s gaze. Cancer Season has us out here doing heart-opening exercises whether we’re ready or not. We love to see it. 

July 8, 2020

The Moon shifts into Pisces for the next 2.5 days, Scorpio, and this activates your sector of fate, true love and adventure. Mercury in Cancer makes a frictional alignment to Mars in Aries today too, and since you’re ruled by Mars you may find yourself more sensitive to people and situations than you would’ve expected. Yesterday’s theme of emotional detachment will feel like a sharp contrast to today’s more potent emotional energy. One of the most productive ways to make use of any tension you may feel is to use the Pisces-Cancer combo to get creative, and make something out of nothing, just for fun. Do something today that lets your imagination run wild, without thinking of how you can monetize or amplify it. Even if no one sees your creation but you, committing to such an act of pleasure will help soothe the anxiety or stress you may have otherwise held on to. The energy of the lunar eclipse is beginning to wane, so keep floating through the feels as you stabilize yourself and clarify your path. 

July 7, 2020

Today is 7/7/2020, which is a powerful “9” day in numerology — this is a day of spiritual alignment and deep healing. You may find that the Aquarius Moon provides you with the emotional detachment necessary to ride these post-eclipse waves without being overwhelmed by them. You’re starting to clear out the people and situations you were previously confused or unsure about, and this helps make room for the ones that never left you in doubt. The days after a lunar eclipse are all about continuing the process of shedding dead skin, and doing so with the awareness that the new you you’re morphing into is even more brilliant than the one you’ve left behind. Cancer Season is teaching you how to truly tap into the power of your intuition and let it lead you to who and what is meant for you. Today’s Cancer-Aquarius combo is here to show you that the more you practice letting go, the more you’re able to intentionally receive.

July 6, 2020

The Moon shifts into Aquarius as the week begins, and this infuses the cosmos with airy and innovative energy, which feels refreshing after the intensity of the Capricorn eclipse. Today you may decide to switch up your routine now that we’re in this post-eclipse world, and you’ll experience life in a more unique way. Instead of doing things because you think you have to, you’ll only be doing things when and how you want to. That means you’ll start speaking up more and setting clear boundaries, particularly since your ruler Mars is in Aries, activating your wellness sector. Standing up for yourself and your current desires will feel empowering. Just make sure to take frequent breaks in between the action or conversations because the eclipse energy can be dehydrating and tiring, so pushing yourself too far will backfire. Rest, release, recharge.

SM’s Wknd Scopes 7/4 – 7/5/20

Congratulations, Scorpio! You’ve made it through one of the most intense eclipse seasons of 2020. We’re now in the clear when it comes to eclipses — the next one won’t be until November 2020. We won’t be experiencing another Capricorn eclipse until 2027 — many of the challenges or responsibilities that we’ve had to face these past few years will therefore start to decrease in intensity in the coming months. There will still be work to do, but there will also be an awareness of how much work has already been done. So many of your efforts from the past six months are paying off now, and your job is to celebrate your growth rather than piling even more work or duties on your plate.  Lunar eclipses can be destabilizing, so if you’ve heard unexpected news or need time to adjust to this post-eclipse world, be gentle with yourself this weekend. Do something for yourself that feels rewarding and blissful. Breathe, Scorpio. You don’t have to work so hard anymore. Let the Universe carry you to safety. 

July 3, 2020

We’re one day away from the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Capricorn, and since these lunar energies tend to be felt most intensely in the days that precede the full moon, you may feel quite activated by the eclipse today,  particularly due to a square that Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy, makes to the Sag Moon this morning. This can lead to brain fog, or a feeling of having to do too much at once. Have you committed to too many responsibilities, Scorpio? This full moon is the opportunity to start taking some off your plate, and truly assessing what’s worth your time and energy. Clear your timelines of uninspiring content, delete subscriptions that you never use, remove contacts and photos that you’re hoarding for nostalgic purposes, organize your inbox, your office, and your home. This weekend’s Capricorn eclipse has the power to help you attract abundance and prosperity in a more consistent way, but first you have to get rid of the dead weight and understand when you’ve been avoiding your own success due to the comfort of familiarity. Those days are over baby. Step into your destiny.

July 2, 2020

Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, has re-entered Capricorn after having shifted to Aquarius on March 21st. Saturn will spend its final stretch in Capricorn from July 1, 2020 to December 17, 2020. This transit activates Scorpio’s communication sector, so think back to the lessons Saturn in Capricorn has been teaching you these past two years in terms of sharing more of what’s on your mind and accepting the fact that you’re a genius that often is ahead of the crowd. Saturn in Capricorn will have you working diligently behind-the-scenes on creative and community-based projects that have the power to change the world in long-lasting, sustainable ways. While there may be times when you take life a bit too seriously under this transit (particularly since Saturn is still retrograde for several months), it’s ultimately going to help you boss up, stop procrastinating, and become more focused on your long-term goals than you have in a while. This is your chance to prove to your inner child that you can reparent yourself and gift yourself the life you’ve always wanted.

July 1, 2020

The first day of July begins with the Moon in our sign, and that’s an indication that this will be a passionate and monumental month, Scorpio. But things won’t always be smooth-sailing, especially since we’re going to experience a monumental lunar eclipse this week and Mars, the Planet of Action, is in fiery Aries. Instead of stressing yourself out by trying to control the way this month unfolds, start looking at it with curiosity, with detachment, and with a great sense of humor. 2020 has already been the ultimate trip, and we’ve just made it past the halfway mark. So be amused and intrigued by what manifestations are going to pop up this month, even if they’re full of unexpected surprises. Yes, I know Scorpios aren’t always the biggest fan of surprise, but this month’s surprises have the ability to upgrade you in more ways than one. Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and receive the rewards for doing so?

June 30, 2020

The Moon has entered Scorpio for the next two days, and when you blend that intensity with the sensitive and intuitive energy of Cancer Season, to say that we’ll be in our feels is an understatement. But this doesn’t have to be something you groan about, Scorpio. Days like these can inspire you to create great art or to focus on profound healing. Meditation, masturbation, therapy, making love, drinking tea, rolling a j, getting / giving a massage, and getting lost in a musical trance or intoxicating novel may be some of your preferred activities with this Cancer-Scorpio combo. You may also pour your heart out to someone today or find that they have something to admit to you. Vulnerability is sexy when you surrender to it.

June 29, 2020

Scorpio, today’s one of those days where it’s best to take your time as you ease into the week. Mars’ recent shift into Aries for the next six months has been a pretty abrupt transition, and today the Moon makes several planetary squares to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, making it easier to lose one’s patience. Mars in Aries will test our ability to remain calm and grounded amidst life’s storms or plot twists. It will feel like a wild rollercoaster at times, but it’s up to us to have a game plan that allows us to be as present and purposeful as possible. With the Moon void in Libra most of the day before entering Scorpio tonight, spend today reflecting on what’s happened during this eclipse month. There’s another eclipse coming up in 5 days, so the energy is supercharged right now. Stay focused on your goals, and also remember that living mindfully and intentionally should be a top priority, now more than ever.