October 1, 2020

Welcome to October, Scorpio! Not only does our season begin in 22 days, but there’s a brilliant Aries Full Moon today too. At the end of the month, we’ll also experience a Taurus Full Moon, making this a month that’s truly about awakening ourselves to what our passions are, and committing to making them a tangible reality in our lives. But that can’t happen if we’re busy running around in a million different directions, not grounded in who we are or what we desire. Today’s Aries full moon activates Scorpio’s wellness and service sector, and it’d be wise for you to use its illuminating energy to take stock of what truly lights you up, and acknowledge areas of your life where you’ve been running on auto-pilot. Sometimes we procrastinate because we’re afraid of what would happen if we committed to our success, and other times we procrastinate because our heart’s simply not feeling our to-do list. It’s important for you to know the difference, and to be honest with yourself about what you must release at this time. Trust yourself as you make game-changing moves and soar. 

September 30, 2020

This morning the Pisces Moon harmoniously aligns with both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and the vibe of today can feel quite auspicious and dreamy, as though we are finding practical solutions to some of our dreamiest intentions. This is a welcomed energy after yesterday’s intense square between Mars and Saturn, which challenged us to learn from the past instead of blindly repeating it. We are one day away from the Aries Full Moon, so you may be feeling more restless today, Scorpio. Infuse exercise and passion-based activities into your daily routine so that you blow off steam and literally release toxins from your body. It’d be a good time to look into a detox cleanse that may help you reach the next ascension level.

September 29, 2020

Congratulations, Scorpio! You made it through the final Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn for the next 29 years! Wow. Since Saturn retrograde was activating your communication sector these past four months, you may have felt more introverted and withdrawn. Now that Pluto is about to transit direct on October 4th, and Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is also direct, you’ll find that you’re ready to come out of your Scorpio cave, bit by bit, and share more of what’s been on your mind. The Moon’s continued presence in Pisces is encouraging you to embrace vulnerability today, because it’ll bring you so much closer to who and what you love.

September 28, 2020

Today the Moon is void in Aquarius until 11:33am EST, so the first part of your day should be focused on rest and mindful meditation. Find soothing ways to sink into a relaxing state of mind and being, even as a new week begins. Once the Moon shifts into Pisces, your sector of fate and true love is activated for the next 2.5 days, and you’ll be in a daydreamy mood. It’s a powerful time to focus on creative endeavors rather than try to force yourself to be ultra creative. Scorpio, the month of October will be filled with intense transits that will test our patience and courage. Use these final days of September to clear your mind of chaos and distractions, so that you can feel level-headed and secure in all you do this week and beyond. 

SM’s Wknd Scopes 9/26 – 9/27/20

Venus in Leo is in a harmonious trine to Mars retrograde in Aries through the weekend, igniting a passionate sense of love and deep set self assurance you’ll need to boost you through whatever you started earlier in the week, Scorpio. Your own personal long term health will also come into the forefront of your mind throughout the weekend, at which point you will be reexamining your day to day habits and interests as they help or hurt your goals for a happy healthy life. If you have any fun recipes or workouts you’d like to try, Mars and Venus encourage you to have fun with taking care of yourself. Libra Season is here to teach you the magic of lightening up and letting love in. This weekend, dance more, flirt more, let your inner child play more.

September 25, 2020

The Moon will meet with the most transformative players in the sky today in the sign of Capricorn: Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn. If there has been anything you have been holding off or procrastinating about, this transit will most definitely get you back on track to where you need to be and communicate all the right things to all the right people. Gratitude will get you very far today no matter how busy you are. If you feel burdened by all that is before you go into the weekend, it will help to encourage yourself through it all with affirmations of acceptance, like, “I have the honor and privilege of doing the humbling work that helps to sustain my lifestyle and potential.”