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Daily Horoscopes

January 27, 2020

I need you to understand that the cathartic awakenings you’re having right now are all for a reason. No matter how painful, shocking or unsettling recent events or circumstances may have been, spend today expressing gratitude for your livelihood. With each breath you take, you have the ability to begin again, Scorpio. That’s what Aquarius Season and the Aquarius New Moon needs you to know. The more you detach from what’s not within your control, the more you attract what’s meant for you. Spend time today in reflection of what you’ve recently let go of. Then spend even more time visualizing what you’re specifically ready to welcome in your life.

January 26, 2020

With the Moon void in Aquarius all day long, today is ideal for tying up loose ends and getting a head start on projects you’d like to complete before the month ends. By dedicating yourself to your future success, you are creating new paths for yourself, especially with the help of the recent Aquarius New Moon. It’s important that you understand that as you pave this unique path and walk it, not everyone will understand who you’re morphing into. That’s okay. This is your journey, and you have an intuitive understanding of how to navigate it. It’s essential for you to protect your energy, remove the distractions, and focus on your purpose at this time. These next two weeks are going to change your life for the better. Commit to your growth, and prepare for your ascension.

January 25, 2020

Move your body, mind and soul today, Scorpio. Now that the Aquarius New Moon has taken place, you’re starting to see the world from a fresh set of eyes. The best thing you can do is challenge yourself intellectually today. Write a chapter (or two) of that book or script you’ve been working on. Get yourself to the gym. Do squats in your room. Drink an extra glass of water every hour. Spend time connecting with those you love in a tech free space. Connect with yourself in a tech free space. And take time to indulge in the beauty that is life, when you really allow yourself to experience it fully.

January 24, 2020

You’re like an iceberg right now, Scorpio. What people see of you is only a tiny fraction of who you are. So much more exists in the depth of your soul, beneath the surface. Today’s Aquarius New Moon is activating a part of you that’s opening up to the world, and sharing more of your magic, intentionally. You’re being asked to intuitively sense who your soul family is, and to express gratitude for their existence in your life. They will do the same for you. Celebrate those in your life who uplift you, and get ready to be seen and celebrated in return. A new chapter begins today, Scorpio. You’ve said bye to those who make you feel so-so, and have committed to cultivating connections based on loyalty, honesty, trust, passion and transparency.

January 23, 2020

Mars in Sagittarius has been making you more hopeful about your future, Scorpio. Since you’re ruled by Mars, the Planet of Action, you’re feeling an unshakable urge to break free of the status quo, say fuck it to the rules and live like a free spirit. Tomorrow’s New Moon in Aquarius will make a frictional alignment to Uranus in Taurus, activating both your home and partnership sector. A recent development in your personal life may be pushing you into unknown territory, and it feels both terrifying and thrilling at the same time. Scorpio, while there’s no need to make impulsive decisions, there is a need to trust your instincts, and accept that life’s twists and turns are awakening you to just how huge your destiny is. Allow yourself to dream of a radically different reality for yourself. You’re only a few bold decisions and actions away from living it.

January 22, 2020

Take a breather today, Scorpio. The Capricorn Moon may have you in workaholic mode, but make sure you’re not using work as a way to escape the dark-of-the-moon feelings that are making themselves known. Today would be a great day to journal your feelings in an objective, emotionally detached way. The Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Cap will help you do so successfully, and you’ll be able to find exciting solutions to situations you previously viewed as struggles. Take the step by step approach, and breathe your way through each part of your day. The key to feeling both grounded and enlightened is to remain calm, get some rest, and take care of your basic needs before even thinking of doing anything else for the world.

January 21, 2020

As you ascend, you’re going to become aware of things you previously tolerated that now have become intolerable. The key is to not become so arrogant that you completely detach yourself from anything or anyone that reminds you of your past self. True elevation comes from remembering who you once were, and looking at that past self with grace and compassion as you evolve into who you were meant to be. Be kind to yourself and others as you transform your lifestyle. Today’s Moon in Sag can help you laugh off situations that would have previously triggered you. If people start acting up due to the new you, remember that they too have their own journey to go through. Focus on yours, my love.

January 20, 2020

You’re a magician, Scorpio. Deep down, you’ve always known this. All humans have the ability to tap into their inner alchemy, but as the sign of transformation, you’re often the one who does so without even realizing. Your energy affects and transforms everything you touch. With today’s Sag Moon activating your sector of money and wealth, you’re starting to own your magic, and that’s powerful AF. There are people around you who are in awe of your aura. They watch and support you from near and far, grateful for your existence. Do you understand that there are humans who pray for your health, wealth and livelihood each day? This Aquarius Season, be grateful for the wealth that exists and around you. You’ve weeded out what’s nonessential. Now celebrate what is.

January 19, 2020

We are approaching the dark of the moon period, which is a period before the New Moon where all the thoughts, feelings and sensations that have been living within you and within other people come to the surface of your life, demanding to be acknowledged. Just know that not all feelings or burdens are yours to bear, Scorpio. There are people in your life who are energy drains. You don’t have to psychoanalyze yourself to wonder what you did to attract them. As a Phoenix Scorpio, or someone evolving into a Phoenix, your light will attract both butterflies and moths. You’ve intuitively known the difference between those who pretend to care about you and those who actually do, and there’s a reason the Universe is showing you who really has your back. Be grateful for the clarity, even if it’s painful. Celebrate the people in your life who truly see, love and respect you. There will be many more to come, Scorpio.

January 18, 2020

With the Scorpio Moon monopolizing most of the day, you may be deep in your feels, unable to escape the depths of your thoughts. It’s best to channel your emotional nature into a passion project, particularly one you may have procrastinated on due to a fear of failure. Scorpio, you know that your life is going to radically change this year. You can feel it in your bones. But it’s not enough to feel it or visualize it. You have to use all the Capricorn energy in the cosmos to make consistent steps towards your long-term goals. It’s not about what you do every so often, but what you do on the regular. Fall in love with that dream life you know you deserve, and make it your reality.

January 17, 2020

The Moon shifts out of airy Libra and enters Scorpio today, and when you combine this energy with all the planets currently in Capricorn, you’ll be feeling more serious, passionate, determined and focused. Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is now in Aquarius, so that helps lighten up your thought process and helps you detach from any micromanaging you may have been doing lately. If you feel the need to have a heart to heart with someone today, make sure you’re taking time to truly listen to what they have to say. Avoid letting preconceived notions about their behavior or reactions cloud your judgment. Now that Uranus is direct in Taurus, activating your partnership sector, you may be pleasantly surprised by the truth that those you care for start to reveal to you. So sit back, and let them do the work for a change. Let them show you that they know your worth. 

January 16, 2020

Venus in Pisces and the Libra Moon has you in more loving and forgiving mood than usual, but the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in Capricorn are still encouraging you to stand firm in the boundaries you’ve been setting since 2020 began. Try to find a balance between both energies… You can listen to someone who hurt you without immediately forgiving them. You can take time to process why you feel a certain way before cutting someone off. You can give yourself time to rethink a decision and even allow yourself to change your mind, even if your ego or pride is resistant to doing so. And you can also decide that you need more time to figure everything out. There’s no right or wrong way to navigate your post-eclipse feelings, and you shouldn’t let others pressure you to express yourself or make decisions before you’re ready to. Flow with what the Universe is presenting you with, and know that as long as you remain true to what you’re feeling, you will keep manifesting a path and journey that leads to your ascension, healing, and ultimate happiness. The journey itself is the ascension.