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Daily Horoscopes

November 12, 2019

Happy Taurus Full Moon, Scorpio! Think back to where you were about six months ago, during Taurus Season. What intentions did you set back then? Where did you visualize yourself being now? It’s okay if everything hasn’t yet manifested according to plan, because Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, entered Taurus about six months ago, making your life feel like the ultimate rollercoaster. You’re quickly realizing that there is no set plan… Sometimes navigating the chaos is the best way to figure out what’s really essential. And with today’s Full Moon, it’s time to get clear about what’s essential to you and your joy. It’s okay to not fully know the answers to that right now. Just open yourself up to finding them. 

November 11, 2019

Today is 11/11, a powerfully healing day in both astrology and numerology. We are in a period of profound awakening, Scorpio, especially with Mercury retrograde in our sign for another 9 days. You are realizing truths about who you are, those who love you, and those who don’t yet know how to love you because they struggle loving their own selves. The Moon is currently in Taurus, in preparation for the Taurus Full Moon occurring tomorrow. Everything you feel, particularly in regards to your relationships, is being amplified right now. The best thing you can do is surrender to what you feel and become enlightened by what it’s teaching you.

November 10, 2019

We are two days away from the Taurus Full Moon, which is activating our sector of partnerships. We tend to feel the effects of a full moon most profoundly in the days that lead up to it. It’s likely that love and relationships have been on your mind more than usual these past few days. With Uranus, Planet of Surprise, also in Taurus right now, you’ve been attracting mad attention from people — but you’re focused on quality over quantity. While Venus in Sag is presenting you with many options to connect with fellow humans, the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio are helping you be more selective and intentional about who you really want to merge with, and who you simply do not vibe with at this time. It’s so essential to know the difference, and act accordingly. This stage of your ascension requires dedication to your growth, my love. Bye bye to what may feel safe, yet unfulfilling. Know your worth.

November 9, 2019

The energy from yesterday’s auspicious planetary alignments is still going strong, Scorpio, and this, combined with the Moon’s presence in the fiery sign of Aries, may put you in a very inspired mood. You’re attracting what you want with greater speed and ease. You may find yourself thinking or wishing of something, and a few minutes, hours or days later, it manifests in some way in your life. Don’t freak out — your powers are getting stronger, because you’re a superhero, Scorpio. The key is to use these gifts to expand your view of what’s possible for you… Jupiter remains in Sagittarius for 3 more weeks, activating our abundance sector. Whatever dreams you have, especially the ones you’re a bit too nervous or scared to pursue, should be taken seriously. The Universe wants you to win, to thrive, to soar. It’s time, baby.

November 8, 2019

The Scorpio Sun makes a powerful connection to Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces today. This can help harmonize our deepest connections. Take time to listen, with the intention to understand rather than immediately respond. Your ability to let your intuition guide you, while remaining practical and aware of what to do next, is deepening. The more you decide to trust yourself, even when you’re winging it, the more the Universe trusts you and doors open up for you. You’re a supreme manifester — Scorpio. And the key to manifestation is genuine gratitude. Yes, abundance is your birthright. But it’s also not something you have to constantly go out searching for… Today’s transits help you realize that there’s nothing more abundant than the energy you’re made up of. You literally are the Universe.

November 7, 2019

The Pisces Moon is helping you break free from your own limitations, Scorpio. It’s activating your sector of fate and true love. Don’t let Mercury Retrograde in our sign stop you from speaking your truth. Quite the opposite. Be encouraged by its penetrating energy and say it like it is, but with intention and a delicate delivery. This is one of the last days where we’ll really benefit from the Scorpio New Moon energy. If you’re a legendary Scorpio procrastinator and haven’t yet set your New Moon intentions, view this as a sign from the Universe that doing so will be a supreme investment in your future self. But also know that sometimes you’re not setting the intention because you’re being the intention. If you’ve been putting in work every day towards a passion project, take time to celebrate yourself. If you haven’t, get ready for a surge of motivation to wash over you. You’re the captain of your own boat, and it’s Scorpio Season baby, which means the sea belongs to you. So gently and consistently steer your way to whatever feels blissful, easeful, and magical to you.

November 6, 2019

The Moon shifts into Pisces today, and when blended with the Scorpio Sun, you may find yourself deeply in tune with your soul’s longings. Make today about daydreaming, exploring your own subconscious, and cutting ties with people or situations that make you feel small or uninspired. As humanity recovers from the recent Mars-Pluto square, the Pisces Moon will help us activate our inner dreamer and let out our inner romantic. It’s a beautiful day to engage in sensual conversations and connections with people who see, honor and celebrate you. You may feel more sensitive today, and that’s something you should embrace because it will help you get more deeply in tune with what your heart’s trying to tell you…

November 5, 2019

Mars, the Planet of Action, has recently made a frictional alignment to Pluto, the Planet of Transformation. As Scorpios, we’re ruled by both Mars and Pluto, so this energy’s explosive in many ways. Many of us will feel more horny, restless, aggressive, or impatient. But because Mars is currently in the airy sign of Libra, we won’t be as quick to react to whatever we get frustrated about. In fact, we may end up laughing at ourselves and how extra we’re being. It’s our season and we can get dramatic if we want to. Remind yourself that today, Scorpio. Life is easier to navigate when we live it breath by breath, without putting undue stress on our shoulders. We can still feel all the feels, but our feels don’t have to consume us. They can simply flow right along with us. Mars square Pluto will help you realize that most problems are self-created. Time to manifest supreme solutions.

November 4, 2019

The recent union between Mercury in Scorpio and Mars in Libra is making us reflect on our relationships in a more detached and observant way than we’re used to. When you combine Mercury Retrograde’s intense energy with the Scorpio New Moon vibes that continue to permeate our consciousness for a few more days, you’ll realize that you may no longer feel the same way about a certain person or situation as you did just a few weeks ago. You’re a new person, and you’re starting to see how holding grudges, constantly seeking revenge, or being overly suspicious of people ends up doing you more harm than good. Of course, the process of letting go of self-protective tendencies isn’t going to happen overnight, but today’s vibes indicate that you’re putting things in perspective. Your happiness and inner peace is what’s most valuable to you, and that means you shouldn’t give other people’s actions or reactions the power to affect your peace. Keep soaring, Scorpio. The world wants that for you.

November 3, 2019

Today’s vibes support you listening to your soul by doing activities that free you from the same old, same old routine. The Moon is in the innovative sign of Aquarius, helping you remember what makes you irreplaceable and one of a kind. There’s nothing to prove to others, Scorpio. Focus on creating a new normal for yourself, just because it feels right to you. The less you care about other people’s approval of the decisions you’re making, the better you’re able to soar in your own lane. Make today about finding your truth and living it out so unapologetically that others have no choice but to let you do you, as they watch in awe and wonder. The marathon continues.

November 2, 2019

Today the Moon in Capricorn makes powerful alignments to Saturn and Pluto, both in Capricorn. This Capricorn energy has been gradually shifting our communication sectors for the past few years now, but today’s energy will be potently felt as we prepare to ask the Universe for what we really, truly want. Whether you’re ready to look into a dream job, apply for an amazing educational or creative opportunity, or let your crush know just how wild they make you feel, take time to assess your truth before going for it. What are the reasons that you want what you want? How long have you wanted it? And most importantly, if you get what you want, will you be satisfied or will you suddenly want something else? The Capricorn energy in the cosmos is asking us to be emotionally mature about our needs and not play around with our universal requests. Take time to process your internal shifts, and trust that they’re all leading to a greater awakening.

November 1, 2019

The month of November begins with the Moon in the ambitious sign of Capricorn. Since we’re still feeling the effects of the recent Scorpio New Moon, this driven, productive energy will be a major mood as you embark on a new chapter. This month will be filled with intensity, extremes, and an ability to slow our roll as we settle into the final Mercury Retrograde of the decade. Today you may decide to take a leap of faith and pick up a project from this decade that you had once started but never completed. These next 3 weeks are powerful for looking back at the past, learning from it, and re-routing accordingly. It’s never too late to start fresh, and the combo of the Scorpio New Moon and Mercury Retrograde helps you do so with a graceful spirit and open mind. Your inner child has been begging you to give them more attention, and to prioritize their passions. You owe yourself that. Gift yourself that.