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Daily Horoscopes

February 22, 2018

Today is 2/22, a day that symbolizes alignment in astrology and numerology. So that’s what you should focus on today, Scorpio. If you’ve been feeling out of whack physically or emotionally, this is a great day for pressing the reset button and prioritizing your health. Take things slow as you go through the day, and be intentional about what you’re consuming and doing. You’ll find that as you become more selective with your energy, you attract opportunities and experiences that expand your world and are aligned with your desires. A major breakthrough is on its way to you — you just have to be present enough to notice it. Only you know what minor or major changes are necessary to improve your life, so be courageous and commit to implementing them.

February 21, 2018

Venus, the Planet of Love, makes its annual conjunction with Neptune, the Planet of Fantasy today. Both planets are in Pisces right now, which is why our creativity has been at an all-time high. Today is a beautiful day for spreading love, joy, and making art. If you’ve been putting off a passion project because you’re waiting for the “right time” to give it your full attention, consider this a wake-up call. Today is the day. Even if you have to sneak off work early, work on your lunch break, or stay up late tonight, dedicate one hour or more to uninterrupted creation. You will be astounded at what you manifest once you stop procrastinating and commit to doing what brings your heart joy. Even if you think it’s going to take time or that you need more resources, you’ll be surprised at how much the Universe aligns to provide you with what you need once you get started. Simply begin.

February 20, 2018

The Moon enters Taurus today, adding a grounding element to Pisces Season. You may feel a bit more focused than you did yesterday, but it’s still important for you to take the slow and steady route in whatever you undertake today. Having heart-to-hearts with loved ones is recommended at this time, because you’ll be able to hear each other out and not take each other for granted. The energy from last week’s New Moon is encouraging you to adopt a fresh perspective when it comes to your social and romantic life. You don’t have to stick to the same way of addressing problems or concerns. In fact, the more you release your hold on the past, the better. The eclipse has shaken up the way people act, and they may pleasantly surprise you if you don’t judge them based on past events. Lead by example by being the type of lover and friend you’d love to be surrounded by, and watch how everything shifts as a result.

February 19, 2018

Today Venus, the Planet of Love, makes a frictional alignment to Uranus, the Planet of Surprise. It’s important for you to not act impulsively or let your ego cause you to get defensive or snappy. Practice deep breathing, and train yourself to not let the little things get under your skin so much. This post-eclipse world is about being more mindful of your surroundings and your internal sensations, so even if you are caught off guard by the way people are acting, focus on your own reactions instead of judging theirs. Later today, your co-ruler Mars aligns with the Moon in Aries, helping you dive into a passion project near to your heart that helps you keep things in perspective. Whatever you were stressing about before won’t matter as much anymore, because you focused on your “why”.

February 18, 2018

The Sun enters Pisces today, marking the end of Aquarius Season and the beginning of Pisces Season. For the next four weeks, your subconscious mind will be speaking to you more clearly than ever. Pay attention to your dreams and daydreams — keep a dream journal if you don’t already. Train yourself to connect to the aspects of yourself and others that aren’t clearly seen outwardly. You’ll be able to tell what people are hiding from you and what you’re hiding from yourself. Since Pisces energy activates your sector of fate, true love and fame, you may find yourself stepping into the limelight more consistently and sharing your talents with others more passionately. It’s important for you to not overanalyze any emotions that emerge around this time. Eclipse season has made you more sensitive, but ultimately you’ll be strengthened by everything you feel.

February 17, 2018

Tonight, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, enters the Water Sign of Pisces. This takes place one day before Pisces Season begins. It’s about to get much more sensitive, mystical and imaginative in the world. Your artistic and creative side is coming out strong, making this a fantastic weekend for creating art and sharing it with the world. Acting, singing, dancing, painting, songwriting, poetry… dabble in whatever your heart desires and let yourself have fun as you release any stress through the art you make. While Mercury was in Aquarius, you were fine-tuning the way you communicate and the way you set up healthy boundaries. Mercury in Pisces will make you more compassionate, affectionate, and forgiving, but it’s important for you to still practice setting healthy boundaries during this transit. You can’t save everyone, so focus on taking care of your needs first, by spending time doing what you love, and being around who you love.

February 16, 2018

The post-eclipse world you’re waking up to may take a little bit of time to adjust to, but it’s definitely going to inspire you to think bigger and bolder than you have all month. The next two weeks can therefore be some of your most exciting, creative and productive. Today is also the Chinese New Year, and we’ve entered the Year of the Dog, a time that’s all about being loyal to your passions and spreading good vibes while minding your business. The more you stay in your own lane, the better. Use the New Moon’s energy to keep clearing out the old and saying bye to unhealthy mindsets, habits and reactions. Know that this change will be gradual, so you shouldn’t expect everything to be transformed overnight. But celebrate that you’ve made it through eclipse season, and you’re more in tune than ever.

February 15, 2018

Today’s Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aquarius takes place at 4:06pm EST, and the way you’ll feel before and after the New Moon will be drastically different. It was absolutely normal to feel less focused and more exhausted these past few days, because the eclipse energy brings up what doesn’t serve us and makes it impossible to ignore such energies. The Universe is literally forcing you to glow-up, and that means being aware of what you’ve outgrown. Once the New Moon takes place, a new world opens, and it’s one that you’ll be exploring for the next six months. This new world is all about self-liberation, and really not caring about other people’s expectations of you. It’s all about paving your own unique path with certainty that it will lead you to where you’re meant to be. Take time after this New Moon to write down in vivid detail where you see yourself six months from now. What’s your lifestyle like? What type of lover and friend are you? What does it feel like to wake up every day doing what you love, and feeling fully supported in doing so? This will soon be your reality if it isn’t already — you just have to commit to it. You have to believe that you’re worthy of abundance.

February 14, 2018

Today, Jupiter in Scorpio aligns with the Moon in Aquarius, allowing you to understand how every strong relationship should have a strong friendship base first and foremost. The vibes that you’ll feel today are all about making sure your relationships have equality, respect, harmony, and lots of laughter. You’re getting back to the basics and letting your inner child decide who you want to play with. It’s as simple as trusting the vibes you feel around people. You shouldn’t have to second guess anything. The friendships and relationships that are best for you are the ones that feel right, and the ones that excite you. The more you trust your intuitive instincts, the easier it becomes to navigate your social circle. As we approach tomorrow’s New Moon, celebrate those who have always shown you love, and make sure to keep showing them love in return.

February 13, 2018

The Moon shifts into Aquarius this morning, getting us prepared for the Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius taking place on February 15. After Thursday’s eclipse, we won’t experience another eclipse until July 12, 2018. So take a deep breath, Scorpio. It’s going to be okay. You’ve made it this far, haven’t you? When you spend too much time worrying or having fearful thoughts, you actually empower those thoughts and create situations in your life that didn’t even exist. If you’re feeling restlessness or anxiety, it’s probably because you’ve been too connected to technology as a way to distract yourself from your emotions. It may also be that you haven’t been resting, exercising or nourishing yourself properly. Taking time to simply stretch your body, drink a glass of water, or take deep breaths while walking outside in nature can give you the reset that you’re seeking. It’s also important for you to open up to others about all the internal and external changes going on in your life. You are not alone. Everyone’s going through it, so spread love amidst the chaos. You’re an emotional warrior about to win the battle.

February 12, 2018

Today our co-ruler Mars makes several alignments with key cosmic players, and this can lead to us feeling more amped up than usual. Find a way to invest that energy in productive activities that make you feel fulfilled. Don’t let this week be just any ordinary week. Treat it like the week where you decidedly focus on making sure you’re enjoying what you spend your time on. Figure out the adjustments that are necessary for you to live more peacefully and excitingly. Aquarius Season is going strong for one more week, and it’s been teaching us to really think outside of the box, or destroy the box altogether. No idea or vision is too weird for you to pursue — in fact, the more unique and original your ideas, the more likely they’ll succeed, because no one else has your vision or mindset. Celebrate your progressive and innovative state of mind today, and don’t shy away from causing a disruption if necessary.

February 11, 2018

This morning, the Moon in Capricorn merges with Saturn, the Planet of Responsibility, which is also in the sign of Capricorn. This energy will motivate you to look for solutions rather than spend any time complaining or feeling doubtful about your future. Everything is aligned the way its meant to, even if you can’t clearly see what your next steps are. This Moon-Saturn union helps you step up to the plate when it comes to making meaningful changes in your life so that you can achieve the freedom and flexibility you desire. It won’t occur simply by snapping your fingers, though. You have to be intentional and consistent with the positive changes you’re implementing now. We’re 4 days away from a magical New Moon that will give you a fresh start, especially in matters of communication and your home. So spend time today being clear about what foundation you have to build so that you can create your own sense of security.