SMscope June 13, 2024

With the Moon now in Virgo, you’re focused on being of service to your friends, family, and community. This energy is quite healing for you, Scorpio. It helps you take the attention off of yourself and your own concerns, and tune into what’s going on with others. Check in with friends who may have felt neglected during the past month. Open up to rekindling or healing past friendships that may have been put on pause or ended abruptly. If there are people from your past that you still think about from time to time (in a positive way), reach out to them or simply send them good vibes and let them know they’re appreciated. They’ll feel it energetically even if they don’t hear from you directly!

SMscope June 12, 2024

You’re feeling more grounded and centered, even if there are elements of the unknown that you’re still navigating. You may have been questioning your career path lately, Scorpio, or simply reflecting on what you want to do for work as we continue to evolve as a society. Make sure you’re aligning with projects and partner who uplift you. Focus on collaborative projects and create safe, supportive spaces for collective wisdom to flourish. This week’s energy encourages you to have fun while exploring your next steps. It’s not about having everything figured out right away — it’s about being open to what the Universe is guiding you towards next. Take time this time to tap into that side of yourself and let it lead the way!

SMscope June 11, 2024

Today, Scorpio, you may feel like a powerhouse when it comes to your professional and public persona. The Leo Moon has us in our feels as it goes void of course for most of the day before entering Virgo tonight. Use this time to reflect on what type of legacy you want to leave behind. Since your sector of career and professional pursuit is activated by Leo energy, you may be feeling more confident and expressive. What values do you hope to instill in future generations? You’re being asked to ground yourself more fully in your current reality and commit to making practical decisions that will help us thrive long-term. Start this week!

SMscope June 10, 2024

The Moon is in a Waxing Crescent phase, which can bring a sense of new beginnings and growth, Scorpio. It’s best to keep our expectations of others quite low at this point — people are still trying to figure out what they want from us, and what we want from them. So if you can go into this period with a carefree spirit and minimal expectations, you’ll end up having more fun. With your ruler Mars now in Taurus, your sector of communication is activated, which means that it’s a great time to express yourself more honestly with others (and yourself). Be aware of any people-pleasing tendencies you may have. If you feel like saying no or setting a boundary with someone or something, do it! Your soul will thank you for it.

SMscope June 9, 2024

With the Moon now in Cancer activating Scorpio, your sector of adventure, today’s energy is infused with warmth, sensitivity, and playfulness. You may find yourself feeling more flirtatious, romantic, and open to connecting with people who see you as a kindred spirit. It’s an ideal day to work on a creative project or immerse yourself in one of your favorite hobbies. Since Mars is now in Taurus for the next six weeks, we’re being asked to slow down our pace. If you’ve been pushing yourself too hard lately or trying to be a perfectionist at your job or in your creative endeavors, this Cancer energy encourages you to chill out and simplify your life. Everything doesn’t have to happen all at once, pacing yourself will lead to more sustainable results.

SMscope June 8, 2024

With the Moon in Cancer and your sector of expansion today, Scorpio, you’re likely to be in a spiritual and adventurous mood. You may be remembering where you were in life six months ago. You’ve come so far since then, but part of you may also be feeling slightly overwhelmed by how much has changed. It’s okay to let yourself feel your feels, even if it means crying or being moody at times. We’re also just one day away from Mars entering Taurus. The Universe is encouraging us to slow down and take stock of what’s shifted in our lives since 2024 began. This is one of those days where it’s best to limit how much time you spend on social media or checking emails — protect your peace at all costs during this Waxing Crescent Moon.