@ScorpioMystique’s 1.26 – 1.27 Scope

This second day of the Moon in your sign will feel less intense than the first — you’re becoming more acquainted with your shadows, and you feel more at ease expressing them. Spend time on Wednesday reflecting on the feelings you’ve been suppressing, either consciously or unconsciously. Find a healthy way to release them, either through creating art, making love (to yourself or someone else), crying, meditating, or moving your body. Thursday, the Moon shifts into Sag and adds a spirit of vibrancy and wonder to your daily reality. This would be a great day to make major money moves, launch a product, and hype yourself up as you take greater leaps of faith. Just make sure you have a solid game plan in place for the endeavor(s) you’re launching. You got this, Scorpio! 

@ScorpioMystique’s 1.24 – 1.25 Scope

Scorpio, on Monday one of our planetary rulers, Mars, shifts out of Sagittarius and enters Capricorn for the next six weeks. Our second planetary ruler, Pluto, is currently in Capricorn until 2024. The combo of having both of our rulers in Capricorn will help us be more structured, focused, and ambitious in our lives. You may start to feel motivated to accomplish your goals this week, especially once the Moon shifts into our sign on Tuesday morning. Use the first two days of the week to clarify your intentions for the rest of the month (and for the month of February). Give yourself plenty of wiggle room and time to rest in between your objectives, because Mercury and Venus are still retrograde, and they’re encouraging you to slow down so that you don’t miss important steps along your journey. It may feel like it’s go time, but it’s more like “go slow” time.

SM’s Wknd Scopes 1/21 – 1/23/22

This weekend, the Moon starts off in Virgo and helps you feel more organized in your lifestyle, even if Mercury is retrograde. The key is to try your best to reduce the amount of things you have in your home, your work space, and your mind. As you declutter, you start to have greater clarity and focus. Then on Saturday, the Libra Moon urges you to connect with people who make you smile, and people who enjoy your energy. Release the need to have deep conversations in your connections regarding what you and that person “are”, and focus simply on how it feels to be in each other’s presence. As much as you’d like to control elements of your love life right now, the Libra Moon is here to teach you how to flow with the unknowns, and remain optimistic about the trajectory you’re on. Do something sweet for yourself on Sunday as a reminder that you are your primary lover, above all. 

@ScorpioMystique’s 1.19 – 1.20 Scope

Now that the energy of the Full Moon in Cancer is starting to wane, and that Uranus has officially shifted direct, a part of you may feel restless about everything you want to be doing, but also content with everything you’ve already done. This feeling of limbo is likely to continue throughout the month of January, Scorpio, and it’s meant to teach you that it’s okay to not immediately jump into the next phase of your life when you’re still tying up loose ends on previous chapters. Be honest with yourself about what your major priorities for 2021 were — if they haven’t yet been accomplished, you may find yourself ready to try again now. Retrograde seasons and full moon cycles are ideal for giving yourself a break when it comes to having it all together, but they aren’t excuses to not do anything at all. Whether you decide to re-apply to a job, edit your manuscript, or detox your social media profiles from energy that’s too distracting, pick one or two tasks you’re ready to commit to this Wednesday and Thursday, and stick to them until the mission is complete. Celebrate yourself once it’s done!

@ScorpioMystique’s 1.17 – 1.18 Scope

After five months in retrograde motion, Uranus, the Planet of Revolution, shifts direct on Tuesday the 18th. We’ll feel the influence of this planetary shift on Monday, especially since the Cancer Full Moon takes place that day too. It may feel like a part of us is stuck in the past, feeling nostalgic about simpler times, while another part of us is eager to leap into new dimensions and let go of everything that previously held us back or kept us in loops of familiarity. The best thing you can do this Monday and Tuesday is simply be still, Scorpio. So much has transpired these past five months — more than you may have had the capacity to fully process. Mercury and Venus retrograde are both here to invite you to slow your roll and truly pay attention to the ways you’ve grown, the ways you’ve backtracked, and the moments when you’ve felt stuck. All of them are contributing to your evolution, and while Uranus Retrograde led to several surprises in your relationships, you’re getting ready to enter a calmer and more stable era in your love life and friendships. Let this week’s Cancer Full Moon remind you of your ever-transforming nature. 

SM’s Wknd Scopes 1/14 – 1/16/22

Mercury Retrograde officially begins this weekend, Scorpio. You’ve most likely already felt the pre-shadow effects in the first half of the month. Perhaps you’ve lost your patience with friends, family members, or strangers, or you’ve had to check your own attitude when things didn’t go your way. Because your sectors of home and communication will be activated by this retrograde, you’d benefit from staying close to home and fine-tuning your communication skills, by first cultivating a stronger connection with your intuition. This is a great weekend for meditative activities, especially since we’re also feeling the effects of the upcoming Cancer Full Moon. Spend time near water, with your journal, and your favorite playlist. Let yourself feel all the feels, and also know that they’re fleeting and transitional. This retrograde will be what you make of it, Scorpio. You can choose to look at it as a constructive learning experience.