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Daily Horoscopes

December 2, 2017

The day before a Full Moon in Gemini can make you feel torn in multiple directions. Part of you wants to lay low, the other may want to wild out. Part of you wants to radically change everything in your life, the other just wants to chill and hibernate. It’s okay to weigh the options that lay before you and have fun imagining what your life would be if you did give it a complete makeover. But since Mercury Retrograde also starts tomorrow, the cosmos advises that you wait before making huge decisions in your love life, social life, and career. Even your more personal decisions should just be contemplated rather than acted upon. Tomorrow’s Full Moon is about release. It’s that time of month to purge your home and tech of unnecessary items or energy cords. Stay hydrated, well-rested, and well-fed. And don’t worry if your moods switch up on you, it’s all a part of the process…

December 1, 2017

Venus, the Planet of Love, leaves our sign on this first day of December, and enters fiery Sagittarius. This takes place two days before the Full Moon in Gemini lights up the cosmos, and Mercury Retrograde begins. December therefore starts off on a fiery note, with the Sun, Venus and Saturn all in spontaneous Sagittarius. You may feel the urge to let go of your usual routine and do something liberating and exciting. But keep in mind that Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, remains in Sagittarius for another 18 days, and it’s highlighting Scorpio’s security and finance sector. You’re therefore being asked to put in work in order to create a lifestyle that grants you more freedom. Simply put, avoid procrastinating or delaying your own rewards today, Scorpio. Start December off strong by tackling your to-do list, while taking breaks to reward yourself as needed. If you start off this month strong, you’ll end 2017 strong too, and it’ll have a domino effect for the coming year.

November 30, 2017

This final day of November is full of powerful astrological alignments that will help you restructure key areas of your life and daily routine. The Moon spends half the day in fiery Aries, helping you wrap up key tasks while also embracing where you are in the here and now. Once the Moon enters Taurus this afternoon, you’re entering a more practical and organized stage of the week. It’s time to simplify your life and focus on one or two key projects that matter most to you. Prioritize them and discipline your mind through practice, patience, intention, and taking time to consciously realize your presence here on Earth. There’s a Full Moon in Gemini coming up on Sunday, and it’s all starting to make sense.

November 29, 2017

The Aries Moon and Sag Sun encourages you to get out there and grab life by the reins today, Scorpio. Physical activity is highly encouraged. Working out, having sex, running around outside, taking a walk, or stretching and doing jumping jacks in between projects will give you a natural high that will make this a hump day to remember. Let out your frisky, care-free, adventurous side, Scorpio. It’s a Full Moon week, meaning wacky and unusual things may happen, so you might as well have fun in the process. Make it a mission to do something today that you’re not used to doing. Talk to someone new. Take a different route to work. Try a new restaurant, or cook something out-of-the-ordinary. Life wants you to see how expansive it is when you shake up the status quo and dare to explore the unknown.

November 28, 2017

Breathe, Scorpio… breathe. You’ve got this. Take it breath by breath. Today, the Moon is in Aries, helping you amp up your self-confidence and fully own your powerful energy. There are times you are tempted to tame your intensity as to not deal with others’ reactions of you. But Jupiter in Scorpio makes you care less and less about such trivial concerns, and this shift makes the ultimate difference. Today,  have fun living your life based on your own desires. The Aries energy encourages you to be more selfish. Putting yourself first in a consistent way will help you feel full, and that’s the only way you can share your energy with others. Indulge in major self-care today, Scorpio. And you’ll see how everything within and around you becomes better.

November 27, 2017

You can end the month with a bang if you simply focus on what needs to be done and not let yourself get sidetracked by drama or distractions. Too often, you self-sabotage because you’re afraid of what would happen if you actually checked those major goals off of your list, Scorpio. You’re someone who is more ambitious and driven than 99% of the population, but your fear of success can cause you to paralyze yourself with procrastination or indecision. The Pisces Moon may tempt you into escapist behavior today, but it’s up to you to remember your end goal and to focus on what it will feel like to cross that finish line. This doesn’t mean you have to be hard on yourself today — quite the opposite. Be your own cheerleader, and pump yourself up until you earn those gold medals.

November 26, 2017

Today the Moon in Pisces aligns with Jupiter in Scorpio, and this creates super mystical vibes in the cosmos. As a Scorpio, you’re the most mysterious and secretive sign of the zodiac. Today, however, is perfect for pouring your heart out to a close friend, crush or lover. What starts off as a casual conversation could morph into a deep, intoxicating and endless back-and-forth that helps you feel understood. Venus is still in Scorpio for 4 days, and today it blends with Chiron, the asteroid that represents healing. This means that you’ll have a major breakthrough in your own personal healing journey, and it begins with having the courage to admit what you’re really feeling, and being vulnerable enough to share it without fear.

November 25, 2017

The Moon is now in our fellow Water Sign of Pisces, helping us live in a more mellow emotional world, where we allow ourselves to fantasize and dream without limitations. Sometimes as a Scorpio you’re so focused on being a “realist” that you don’t realize that it’s quite possible to have everything you’ve ever wanted, and for it all to be real. Now that Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, is direct, the veil is coming off, and you can see that you have so many options before you. The problem now may be choosing which path to take. But don’t worry about choosing right now. Focus on feeling your way through life, while taking everything that presents itself to you as a gift. Thank the Universe for the gems of knowledge and wisdom it’s providing you with through the people, situations and experiences you attract. Yes, even the ones that drive you crazy are ultimately empowering you. So try to take yourself and others a bit less seriously today. Be like water, flow.

November 24, 2017

The Aquarius Moon continues to help you think of your life from a more emotionally detached perspective. You’re able to switch your attention to more universal concerns, such as helping those outside of yourself. Do something today that connects you to humanity — volunteer, call up someone you haven’t talked to in a while, delve into an enlightening documentary, spend time outside and talk to someone new… Get out of your own head and your own feelings and realize that you aren’t the only one going through what you’re going through. We’re all in this together, figuring life out a day at a time. The energy of the New Moon in Scorpio is still strong for 4 days, so if you haven’t yet written your intentions, today’s also a good day to do so. But remember, that once you’ve written them, let go of any expectations of how they must manifest.

November 23, 2017

Feeling like you just woke up from a foggy fantasy and you’re finally seeing the world more clearly? Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, ended its five-month retrograde yesterday, just a few days after the Scorpio New Moon. This is helping you come to terms with any illusions you had about your domestic life or romantic life. However, since Mercury retrograde will begin in 10 days and we are in the pre-shadow phase of that too, this isn’t the time to make huge decisions in your love or home life. It’s instead a great time to thoughtfully observe, calmly communicate, and try to piece together the different connections that life’s trying to make you see. Life’s only as complicated as you make it, Scorpio. Once the Moon enters Aquarius this afternoon, you’ll find yourself being less self-focused than you have this week, and more social and interested in others’ well-being. The Aquarius Moon and Sag Sun provides a nice break from the whirlwind of emotions you’ve felt recently. Enjoy the day for what it is, without focusing on what’s to come.

November 22, 2017

Every year, the Sun enters and leaves our sign at a slightly different time. That’s why there are thousands of people born on November 22 who are indeed Scorpios. Today, the Sun’s entered Sagittarius, signaling the beginning of Sag Season. This new energy will help you be more expansive in your career and creative sector. You’re going to start doing things you’ve never done before, and it’s going to make you realize how much you have the potential to do and experience. Look up a new class to try before the year ends, or go to a seminar or networking opportunity. The Sag energy combined with Venus in Scorpio gives you the perfect balance between introversion and extraversion. You decide what to do with this vibe.

November 21, 2017

Enjoy the final hours of the Sun being in our sign today, Scorpio, along with Jupiter and Venus. Once Sag Season starts, the energy in the cosmos will lighten significantly. But there’s nothing wrong with intensity — it’s what we’re made of. And passion. It’s what keeps us alive. So dedicate today to your passions. This Scorpio Season has pushed you to make them your ultimate priority. If you’ve been resisting what your soul wants, you may have been making life more challenging for yourself. That’s why structures that no longer serve you are crumbling. What’s familiar is melting away. Don’t fight it. Today’s Venus-Pluto connection really highlights your natural talents and gifts, and if you do something that puts you out of your comfort zone, like applying for a dream gig or launching a new venture, you will be magically rewarded. Today is yours for the taking. Anything you believe, you can achieve.