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Daily Horoscopes

September 9, 2018

Not only is there a purifying New Moon in Virgo today at 2:03pm EST, but Venus, Planet of Love, enters Scorpio early this morning, where it will remain on-and-off until early 2019. Today may feel very sensitive and dreamy for you, Scorpio. You are shedding old skin and stepping up to the plate when it comes to necessary changes you have to make in your life to feel at peace with yourself. This includes setting clear boundaries in relationships, speaking up for yourself when you feel hurt, misunderstood, or disrespected, and letting go of what you’ve outgrown so that you don’t feel continually stuck in the same patterns. Take time today to truly process this new beginning that you’re stepping into. You’ve made it this far, and you’ll continue to thrive.

September 8, 2018

The Moon enters Virgo today, in preparation for tomorrow’s New Moon. You may feel more serious this weekend with both the Sun and Moon in this grounded earth sign, but try not to isolate yourself too much, Scorpio. Your networking and friendship sector is activated by this lunar transit, meaning there are people around you who want to connect with you and who may need your support. By taking the time to get in touch with people you may have neglected, you may spark a very strong connection with them and feel more seen. Avoid passive-aggressive behavior if you can — learn to healthily express what’s on your heart to those who matter most.

September 7, 2018

We’re two days away from the Virgo New Moon, meaning we’ve entered the dark-of-the-moon period, a phase where it becomes clear what we have to release to make the most of the New Moon magic. You may feel a strong urge to organize your work and living space today, and to tackle projects on your to-do list that you’ve been procrastinating on. Take things step by step and don’t overwhelm yourself in the process, Scorpio. It’s okay to not have it all together, even if you’d like to. Find peace in the messiness, while doing what you need to create your own sense of order in your life. Even if all you do today is accomplish one task that you’ve been putting off, consider it a success. Sunday’s New Moon will boost your momentum considerably.

September 6, 2018

This time last month, we were dealing with 6 planets being retrograde, and this was causing us to feel super emotional and sometimes overwhelmed by the influx of the past. But today, a cosmic shift takes place as Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, ends its five-month retrograde at 7:09am EST. Congratulations, Scorpio — brighter days are ahead, especially in regards to the way you communicate your needs and express yourself. You may have felt a bit unsure of how to navigate your multiple talents and goals during Saturn Retrograde. But now that it’s direct, you’ll start to feel greater self-confidence when it comes to sharing your light with the world. The shadow period encourages you to take your time to plot your next move though, so there’s no need to put pressure on yourself to immediately step into the limelight. But just know that all of those amazing ideas you’ve been storing in your mind will soon see the light of day. And once you commit to their manifestation, you will blow everyone out of the water like the force of nature that you are.

September 5, 2018

Today the Moon in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio all align in water signs, making you feel ultra sensitive to the vibes around you. It’s crucial that you surround yourself with people who can uplift you rather than pessimistic people who drain your energy. You absorb other people’s emotions like a sponge, so make sure you’re not taking on outside burdens, Scorpio. If you feel the need to retreat and indulge in self-care, do so. Do not put off your personal well-being, and remember that it’s not your job to heal everyone around you. Saturn Retrograde ends tomorrow, which is why all of these repressed feelings are coming to the surface. Take them breath by breath, and release them in the best way you can.

September 4, 2018

The Moon’s entrance into sensitive Cancer can make you feel more nostalgic today. You’ll be thinking of “what could’ve been” in regards to friendships or relationships from your past. Mercury also spends its final day in Leo, and this blends the passive energy of Cancer with the bolder and more assertive fiery energy, so you may feel the urge to reach out to someone if they’ve been consistently on your mind. Chances are you’ve been on their mind too, and you’re just so intuitively aligned with their vibration that you can pick up on your need to connect, even if you’re physically apart. It’s okay to daydream and fantasize today, as long as you don’t get so lost in an illusion that you fail to remain grounded and self-aware. Balance isn’t always your forte, Scorpio, but give it a try anyways.

September 3, 2018

We are three days away from the end of Saturn Retrograde, so it’s completely normal to feel a bit low or sad as the Planet of Challenge gets ready to shift direct. You’ve had a lot on your plate these past five months, and Saturn has also been making a long-term frictional alignment to Jupiter in Scorpio, so it may have led to you having to deal with recurring roadblocks in personal relationships, while coming to terms with your own darkness. Luckily, once Saturn goes direct on the 6th, the clouds will start to clear, slowly but surely. Take time today to connect with other people who may be feeling similarly as you. Even if you feel alone and misunderstood at times, there are people who can resonate with your current situation, so don’t push them away. This too shall pass.

September 2, 2018

With the Moon now in Gemini, you may feel the urge to do many things at once. Yet the Virgo Sun serves as a contrast to that multitasking energy and encourages you to focus on one task at a time. Try to find a compromise between both moods — let your mind wander when it comes to the infinite possibilities that this month holds for you, but when you find yourself super excited about a certain idea or adventure, slow down enough to explore it in greater detail. We’re one week away from the Virgo New Moon, which means this is a great time to get clear about what you want to invest energy in this month. This may mean letting go of certain social obligations so that you can attract more exciting ones. There’s no right or wrong answer, Scorpio. Just do what feels right in the present moment, and go with the flow.

September 1, 2018

This first day of September can feel like a breath of fresh air as the Moon spends its final hours in Taurus before preparing its entrance into Gemini. You’ll be brainstorming your plans and goals for the month, Scorpio, but it’s important to pace yourself and not put too much on your plate. Focus on goals that light you up with excitement, and eliminate anything that bores you and drains you. Imagine what your life could be if you dedicated 30 days to doing what you love, consistently, every day? September can be the start of that major self-love journey, and it’s the perfect time to do this since Scorpio Season starts next month. Spend time today writing down intentions for this brilliant new month, and visualize yourself committing to their manifestation.

August 31, 2018

The month of August ends on a chill and productive note as the Moon in Taurus aligns with the Virgo Sun and Saturn in Capricorn. Since all of these alignments take place in Earth signs, your mission today is to be more grounded and down-to-earth in your daily activities. There’s no point in going to extremes in professional and financial matters, but instead be a calm observer of what’s happening in those realms of your life and make a game plan on how you can improve those areas in September and beyond. The key is to not be in denial about what areas need to be refined or restructured. It’s often easier to complain about our hardships than to actively do something about them and take matters into our own hands. Today, be the change-maker in your life. Focus on finding solutions rather than highlighting problems.

August 30, 2018

The Moon’s entrance into Taurus lights up your partnership sector and makes you realize how deeply you care for someone in your life. You may have simply needed some time apart from each other to realize how much you mean to each other. It’s important to not let your pride or ego stop you from reaching out or revealing your true feelings if it feels right. With this influence, you may not even have to be the one who reaches out — they may be so drawn to your energy that they’ll get in touch first. Even if you don’t think you have romantic prospects in your life, the influence of the Taurus Moon and recent full moon in Pisces will open up possibilities for you. You have to be willing to let people in though, Scorpio. You have to own your worth.

August 29, 2018

Today Mercury, the Planet of Communication, merges with your co-ruler Pluto. You’ll be looking deeply into every social interaction you have, and analyzing every word, body language, eye contact, etc… The energy of the full moon is still lingering in the cosmos, making you extra sensitive to both what is said and left unsaid. You may need to write down your thoughts or find a therapeutic outlet for them, or else you may end up stuck in your own mind with no way out. Keep in mind that even though your instincts are picking up on all sorts of subsconscious vibrations, not everyone around you is as intuitive as you are, so you can’t expect them to read your mind. If you want more clarity on a certain situation, you’ll have to speak up and ask for it directly.