@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 7.8.2021

We’re at the peak of the dark-of-the-moon period, Scorpios, with the Cancer New Moon occuring tomorrow night at 9:16pm EST. Give yourself permission to be as moody, sentimental, nostalgic, passive-aggressive, lonely, horny, tired or happy as you want. Whatever feelings you feel are valid and the more you validate yourself, the easier they’re able to flow through you and not get stuck within you. Today’s Cancer Moon helps you pay attention to ways in which you’ve limited your own potential through perfectionist tendencies. While you may be tempted to protect yourself from things going wrong, the more you try to control your life right now, the more frustrated you’ll feel. Give yourself as much solitude and time to process your powerful emotions as possible, and get ready for the cosmic breakthrough that’ll occur once the new moon strikes tomorrow night. 

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 7.7.2021

Today is 7/7/2021, which adds up to 5/5 energy in numerology, and that means a double dose of freedom based energy is being infused into our lives, Scorpios. When you combine this with the fact that the Moon is currently in Gemini, the sign of the Twins, you’re likely to notice a new aspect of your personality emerging today, and it’ll feel very intriguing to you and others. You’re simultaneously going to feel quite emotionally detached from everything, and also deeply emotionally attuned to everything. This can at first make it challenging to know whether to fall back or dive in. Find a balance in between both extremes, and be a peaceful observer of yourself, your environment, and the people and experiences you’re attracting into your life. By releasing the need to specifically know what’s next, you make room for miracles and pleasant surprises to flow into your life.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope: 7.6.2021

Hey Scorpios, today I got caught-up in a movie-like, very Moon in Gemini experience that blew me away and that left me completely shook. And that’s what today’s Gemini Moon vibes are all about. Allow yourself to be fully immersed in the moment, view life as your playground, release the need to follow a fixed routine or schedule, laugh more, and say yes to adventures! We’re 3 days away from a powerful Cancer New Moon, and you can already step into the vibration of what you’d like to attract into your life by deciding to switch things up and be more explorative. It’s also an ideal time to say yes to dates and outings with interesting people (both platonically and/or romantically). Jupiter’s presence in Pisces in Scorpio’s sector of fate, true love and adventure is making this a supremely mystical period to connect with people whose souls make you smile, so don’t let your skepticism get the best of you. Keep opening up your heart to joyful experiences, even if you have to visualize them into existence.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 7.5.2021

Scorpio, today’s one of the most harmonious days of the month. The Taurus Moon harmoniously aligns with Neptune and Pluto, and then later today the Cancer Sun harmonizes with Uranus in Taurus. If you’ve been wanting to spend time exploring some of your most precious talents and interests, today would be the ideal time to do so. You’ll also find that areas that have to do with publishing, media, travel, philosophy and spirituality pique your interest even more than usual. It’s a good time to plan a self-care retreat or vacation where you can clear your mind and focus on giving your soul what it needs to feel replenished. This is a transformational new moon week, so start it off on a healing and purposeful note.

@ScorpioMystique’s Daily Horoscope 7.4.2021

Skymates, today’s the 4th of July, and while some Americans were celebrating America’s independence on July 4, 1776, millions were still enslaved. As an African and American astrologer who’s aware of our ability to reflect on the past to co-create a better future, it’s important that we continue to own up to humanity’s shadows as much as we celebrate our light. Today, I invite you (particularly non-Black readers) to send reparations to descendants of enslaved Africans — humans whose ancestors were toiling away on fields on this date in 1776. Your contribution to my homegoing agency @magicandmelanin can help us heal as we continue to offer trips to returnees of African descent. Thank you to everyone who’s already supported our mission! I’m excited to see what this community continues to manifest for Africa and its diaspora. We’re being the change we wish to see, and I love that for us. The link to donate is in my bio: magicandmelanin.com/homegoing-fund. Thank you!

SM’s Wknd Scopes 7/3 – 7/4/21

Take it easy this weekend, Scorpio. The Taurus Moon encourages us to mellow out and connect with chill beings who see and love us for who we are. It’s also a great weekend for self-discovery and getting to know oneself more profoundly. While Saturday’s vibes are relatively chill, on Sunday the Taurus Moon makes several planetary squares to Venus, Saturn, and Mars, making this a day that could potentially lead to power struggles. Instead of giving into the drama, preserve your inner peace by laying low and focusing on your passions. This dynamic energy can be transmuted if you direct it towards a cause or mission that’s near to your heart. This weekend you’re being asked to honestly assess where you tend to invest your energy, time and resources. Does it feel fulfilling to you, or are there changes that must be made once next week’s new moon in Cancer occurs?