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Daily Horoscopes

September 11, 2019

The Moon is void in Aquarius for most of the day, which means it’s best to spend today tying up loose ends rather than trying to boldly launch anything new. We are also starting to really feel the energy of the upcoming Pisces Full Moon, which brings up repressed emotions to the surface of our lives, and asks us to be bold and courageous enough to speak our truth in matters of the heart and also when it has to do with creative desires. It’s important for you to focus on doing what feels right to you, Scorpio. You love helping and healing others, but the best way to be of service to the world is by prioritizing helping and healing yourself. That may mean making tough decisions, setting strict boundaries, and being more transparent about your needs and desires in your connections. Clear your throat chakra and let your voice be heard. Keep practicing it until it becomes a regular habit. This is one of the most powerful weeks for cutting toxic ties that are around and within you. You know what to do. Get it done.

September 10, 2019

The Aquarius Moon makes a harmonious alignment with Jupiter in Sagittarius tonight, and all day long you’ll feel this supportive energy. Today is best for focusing on passion projects that will help make the world a better place. You know that list of ideas you have in your phone notes or journal? It’s time to take a look at it again and decide which ones you’re ready to commit to. This Full Moon week can provide you with spiritual downloads concerning what your larger purpose is. Spend time alone today, walking in nature, quieting your mind, with your phone on airplane mode or left at home. By the time you return from this moment of self-care, you’ll feel even more driven and dedicated to making your goals a reality. Scorpio, even if life’s been hella unpredictable and full of twists and turns, your ability to get back up and rise even higher than before is your secret weapon. This is one of those days when you must do so. Not only for yourself, but for humanity.

September 9, 2019

The Moon enters Aquarius this afternoon, helping us learn the art of emotional detachment. You can decide to be stuck in your feelings, or you can use them as a form of knowledge that help you rise above their grips. This is a work in progress for us passionate Scorpios, so don’t beat yourself up if you’re unable to master this art in one day. Just know that the Universe is encouraging you to react from a place of inner security, rather than insecurity. That means being a peaceful observer of what’s happening in your life, and not constantly getting swept up in the rollercoaster of it all. These final days of Saturn Retrograde are putting you through it, but you must envision yourself coming out more enlightened than ever. It’s all going to be worth it.

September 8, 2019

Close your eyes and visualize yourself at peace. Whatever first comes to mind when you think of peace is what you should give more of your energy to consistently cultivating in your life. Also realize that whenever you slow down and consciously think of that feeling, you draw it into your reality. The Capricorn Moon and Virgo Sun are encouraging us to ground ourselves and get anchored as we prepare to be propelled into a new consciousness. You are understanding more and more that while healing is essential to growth, being present where you are and not overly focused on self-improvement is also a superpower. Emit those vibes as a form of protection. Only those with the purest intentions surround you now. Only the doors meant for you to enter open now. You are the key you’ve been searching for.

September 7, 2019

There’s no need to look for validation externally, Scorpio, when deep down you know that you’re a star. The Moon enters Capricorn today, activating your sector of communication. Instead of being hard on yourself and others, take time to celebrate your journey. You’re on the verge of accomplishing a major dream, and with the Sun in Virgo and Moon in Capricorn, you may be tempted to minimize your success. That would be doing yourself and your inner child a huge disservice. Be your own hype (wo)man, above all. Start to recognize how ideas that were once just a seed in your mind have beautifully bloomed into tangible realities. Celebrate the fact that even amidst insecurities, self-doubt, haters trying to distract you from your purpose, enemies disguised as friends, and toxic mindsets that we’ve been societally conditioned to allow in our minds, you have made it to a pivotal moment in your life. Even if it seems like you haven’t accomplished something major, you’re about to be astounded by the influence your presence has on the world. You just have to be the first to recognize your worth. Nothing matters more than that.

September 6, 2019

You’re a warrior, Scorpio. But you don’t always have to be. With the Moon in Sag making its monthly union with Jupiter in Sag, the Universe is asking you to reimagine the idea of always having to be “the strong one”. Virgo Season has had you focused on organization and restructuring, but make sure you’re not purposefully keeping busy as a way to avoid the changes happening in your life and the emotions that come with it… If you need someone to talk to, be honest about that. Whether that means just putting a message in your IG story that says “I need someone to talk to”, or responding to some of your unread messages with people who are there for you, or just talking to yourself through mirror talk or journal talk. Step out of your comfort zone and remember that you are not alone. You are divinely supported, and some powerful alignments between the Sun and Saturn and Venus and Pluto will help awaken you to this truth. You are healing day by day, and you should let yourself be hugged by the Universe as you navigate the transitions and awakenings occurring in your life.

September 5, 2019

The Moon has shifted into Sagittarius, which significantly boosts our mood and helps us look at the glass as half full. If you haven’t yet set your New Moon Intentions, this is your reminder that you have about 5 days left to make the most of this fertile energy. Whenever you’re in the right head space, spend 1-5 minutes creatively visualizing where you see yourself by March 9, 2020 (the corresponding Virgo Full Moon). Be as specific and clear as possible, and please don’t play it safe, because that’s no fun. Dare to envision yourself as a millionaire humanitarian who heals the world by sharing your wealth, a successful entrepreneur doing what they love, a loyal friend and lover who maintains healthy, mutually fulfilling relationships, or whatever your heart desires. It’s time to give yourself permission to intentionally expand every area of your life, in a way that’s sustainable, exciting and brand new.

September 4, 2019

Use this final day of Scorpio Moon energy to dive into passion projects. Become aware of moments when you’ve received exactly what you’ve asked for, but you procrastinated on accepting the blessing or acting on it, because you were afraid it was too good to be true. Your perfectionism is not your friend right now, or ever, Scorpio. You have to release it, especially since we’re in the midst of the New Moon energy that can change your life for the better. Let yourself be intuitively guided as you commit to doing the work that feels like play. Whether you do it for 5 minutes, 30 minutes, or 3 hours, the essential part is that you make room for what brings you joy, even if it also intimidates you at the same time. Feeling fear is a sign of you being willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Fear can be your friend if you choose to feel it and use it as impetus to take the leap. With the Moon in your sign today, anything is possible. Leave the limitations behind and take flight.

September 3, 2019

The Moon has entered Scorpio, and it’s important for us to be guided by its messages. We are hearing our inner voice more strongly than usual under this lunar transit, especially when blended with the Sun in Virgo. Don’t doubt or second guess yourself, especially if you’ve recently made a powerful decision that will alter the course of your life. Your higher self knows what’s best for you, and it’s taking the lead right now. It knows what you need to live a life beyond your wildest dreams. Just make sure you’re not only visualizing, wishing and prepping for this new life. Plant those seeds and put in the work to make your visions a reality. Virgo season encourages a step by step, slow and steady process to getting to the finish line. Make a list of the 3 most important tasks you’d like to finish today. Even if you only get one done, you’ll be closer to your goal.  Celebrate your progress, then begin again. Discipline and self-love are muscles you must consistently train until taking care of your mental, spiritual, professional, physical and emotional health becomes a wholesome habit ingrained in your consciousness. 

September 2, 2019

If you can, write a letter to your future self today. Imagine yourself six months from now. What words of wisdom can you give yourself? Reassure yourself that even in the midst of deep uncertainty, you’ll make it through. Speak of the abundance that you’ll cultivate these next six months. Get specific about what you’re manifesting in your life. Thank yourself for your patience as you navigate life’s unknowns. Scorpio, there are 16 days left of Saturn Retrograde and 1 month left of Pluto Retrograde. The Universe is blatantly showing you that some patterns and lessons are repeating themselves so they can be released and transformed. You don’t need external approval to do what you know what must be done. It’s a new month, and we’re fresh off the heels of a new moon. This is the time to courageously end patterns that no longer resonate with who you are, and where you want to be. Do it for your future self. The self that will read your letter six months from now, smile down at it, and say “thank you”.

September 1, 2019

The Sun is in Virgo as September begins, and the Moon is in airy Libra. We’re still feeling the structuring and liberating effects of the Virgo New Moon. This month will be magical, and all you have to do is be present to feel the magic. Even though Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, remains retrograde until September 18th, you will find yourself empowered and self-aware, ready to overcome hurdles with an unshakable inner peace. Gently guide yourself to the finish line. Once Saturn retrograde ends, you’ll be grateful for all the hardships you had to face these past five months, because it molded you into the peaceful warrior that you now are. You will not sit back quietly and allow people to colonize your space or your consciousness this month, or ever, Scorpio. You are the master of your own journey, and the more you trust yourself and your heart, the higher you soar. Happy September!

August 31, 2019

The last day of August should be all about release and resurrection. Release the assumptions. Release the need to be the one who seems the most in control. This is a state of being that does you more harm than good. The more we collectively realize that we all don’t know what’s coming next, the more fun life can become as we remain present and create each moment, breath by breath. Spend this Saturday brainstorming what your ideal September looks and feels like. Don’t place limitations on what’s possible — focus on how you want to feel, who you want to be surrounded by, and how you want to give and receive love. The more specific you are in your visualization, the more vivid your reality becomes.