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Daily Horoscopes

July 11, 2018

We are one day away from the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer, so today’s best spent doing some physical and emotional purging. If you’ve been bottling up emotions, spend time journaling, venting to yourself or a close friend, working out, creating art, or doing anything that’ll help you release the feels and feel lighter. It’s also a good time to deep clean your home and living environment, because when you live in a messy place your mind can easily become a mess too. Tomorrow’seclipse & new moon will bring about much needed renewal and provide a fresh start for you, so spend time becoming aware of people, situations and activities that you’ve outgrown. It’s time to let go and make room for something better.

July 10, 2018

Congratulations, Scorpio! You’ve made it to the end of Jupiter Retrograde! Today at 1:04pm EST, the Planet of Luck goes direct in our zodiac sign. This means that in the days and weeks to come, your life will keep expanding rapidly and you’ll feel much more optimistic about your current journey. Take time today to envision what you’d like this new cycle of your life to look like. Make sure you’re not playing small, because after November 8 Jupiter won’t be direct in our sign again for 12 years. This is the time to completely break free of your safety net and go after long-term goals that you’ve been dreaming of. The more it scares you, the better. Your time is now, so create your own luck.

July 9, 2018

Today Venus, the Planet of Relationships, shifts out of fiery Leo and enters grounded Virgo for the next four weeks. This transit highlights your technology and social network sector, meaning that you’ll be even more selective and influential in those areas of your life. You’re focused on being surrounded by people who truly love and support you, which means that frenemies have got to go. The same goes for your love life — you don’t want to tame down your passionate nature to make others feel more comfortable, so it’s time to fine tune those you feel most at ease around. But with this transit, make sure to not judge a book by its cover when it comes to friendships or relationships. Life-changing encounters may enter your life in unexpected forms, so be as open to new experiences as possible.

July 8, 2018

Today’s cosmic goal is to chill everyone out and help them remove drama or worries from their life. Something magical happens when you inherently believe that the Universe has your back, Scorpio. Life starts to align with your belief system, and everything starts to work out for you. That’s what you should focus on doing today. Even if you’ve been imagining the worst case scenario for a given situation, or you’ve allowed yourself to stress over things outside of your control, it’s not too late to think new thoughts and look at life from a fresh perspective. Repeat affirmations to yourself such as “everything is working out in my favor”, “I attract my desires in divine timing”, and “happiness and abundance is all around and within me”. Jupiter will be direct in Scorpio on Tuesday, so clear out toxic thought patterns to welcome prosperity.

July 7, 2018

Do something that reconnects you with the Earth you live on, Scorpio. The Moon shifts out of fiery Aries and into grounded Taurus today, helping us get more centered and in tune with Mother Nature. If this has been a week full of activity, make this a weekend full of rest and restoring your inner calmness. We’re getting closer to the end of Jupiter Retrograde and the New Moon Solar Eclipse, so you may be feeling especially sensitive to other people’s vibes, including your own. So balance any social outings with time on your own, recharging your batteries and preparing for the new cosmic cycle that’s about to enter your life next week. Whenever you find yourself overthinking or doing too much, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and allow your thoughts to pass.

July 6, 2018

Pace yourself today, Scorpio. The Moon is now in Aries, giving you a sense of urgency that makes you feel the urge to get your life together. But with Mars, the Planet of Action, currently retrograde, it’s important to take the slow and steady path so that you don’t end up burnt out by the end of the day. Focus on completing 1 or 2 key tasks rather than having an endless list that keeps you busy, but not necessarily fulfilled. Retrograde season is about not rushing the process, and trusting that the Universe has a greater plan in mind for you than what you’re expecting. Once Jupiter goes direct on the 10th, you’ll start to see those plans unfold.

July 5, 2018

Pay attention to your emotional reactions, Scorpio. Today’s about surrounding yourself by those who make you feel good, and help you vibrate higher. If certain people or situations are more draining than uplifting, you’ll have to distance yourself from them so that you can preserve your peace of mind and not absorb other people’s energy. If you’re the one who’s being draining, be honest about it and figure out what you need to do to replenish your own energy stores instead of projecting your feelings onto your surroundings. We are one week away from a transformative New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, so it’s currently a very emotional time for many people, especially your sensitive water sign soul. The kinder you are to yourself and others, the better. Put the stinger away and open up your heart.

July 4, 2018

Chiron, an asteroid that represents our inner healing, goes retrograde today until December 8. This is a powerful retrograde because it’ll help us get to the root of any recurring situations that keep triggering us. As Scorpios, we are very profound beings, and sometimes we bottle up our pain or trauma within ourselves, trying to figure it all out on our own. Chiron Retrograde is here to help us face what hurts us and overcome it by being courageous enough to bring it out into the open. Therapy, meditation, taking breaks from social media, yoga, spending time outdoors or near water, journaling, staying hydrated, and getting frequent exercise are all recommended during this retrograde. Commit to your self-care and watch your life blossom.

July 3, 2018

Today the Moon in Pisces makes a harmonious alignment to the Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Scorpio, leading to you potentially having deeply healing and therapeutic conversations or soul connections. People will want to merge with you and hear you out, so if you’ve been wanting to share what’s on your heart, today’s the day to do so. Your creativity is also deeply enhanced by this transit, making it an ideal time to make something magical that you can pour your deepest feelings into. Don’t run away from the emotions that come to the surface of your life today, Scorpio. Allow them to strengthen you.

July 2, 2018

The week begins with the Moon in Aquarius making an opposition to Venus in Leo, which means that you’ll have very unique ideas about what you want from your relationships and partnerships, but it may take a bit of time to get everyone aligned with the vision. It’s therefore more powerful to show, not tell. If you have a clear idea of what you’d like to accomplish this week, both on a personal or professional level, then be about it instead of talking about it. People will naturally follow your lead as they see the results speaking for themselves. Keep this mentality of being a go-getter all month long, Scorpio. Sometimes your ideas are so progressive that people need to see them in action before they can get on board. Your savviness and intellect is heightened under this Aquarius Moon, so avoid procrastinating on passion projects that you’re ready to wrap up. The more consistently you commit to your success, the more quickly you’ll manifest it.

July 1, 2018

The month of July begins on a passionate note, as Venus in Leo makes key alignments and brings out your more fiery and confident side. You’re ready to woo the world with your talents and abilities — but where to begin? You’ve had so many different ideas on what to create recently, and it’s important for you to take time at the start of the month to fine-tune your path. Use the energy of the Sun in Cancer to take an intuitive approach to decision-making. Rather than making a list of pros and cons, decide what would make you feel the happiest in this present moment. It’s okay if your choice scares you a little — in fact, that’s even encouraged. This month is about breaking out of your comfort zone and letting your light shine.

June 30, 2018

Mercury, the Planet of Communication, left the sensitive sign of Cancer yesterday and is now in fiery Leo. This will amp up your professional trajectory and your reputation, Scorpio. If you’ve been meaning to put yourself out there more, this transit will help you do so with ease. Even if you’ve been feeling shy or hiding behind the scenes, you’ll find yourself feeling more confident these next few months, and your mind will be full of ideas to best showcase your talents and potential. Remember that there’s only 10 more days of Jupiter Retrograde, meaning that you’ll soon be thrown into the spotlight and both your career and professional life will take off. Might as well own it.