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Daily Horoscopes

May 8, 2018

Today the Sun in Taurus opposes Jupiter in Scorpio, bringing relationship matters to the forefront of your life. You can have a breakthrough that goes either way — you can either realize just how much gets under your skin, or you may realize just how important someone is to you, and you’ll feel a huge urge to express it to them. It’s possible to feel both emotions towards the same person, or towards different people entirely. You’ll simply be taking a look at your relationship dynamics in more realistic and undeniable ways. You won’t be able to lie to yourself regarding what needs to change so that you can feel more free. If you can spend some time alone in deep reflection today, do so, because you’ll most likely get more clarity about what you want from your unions that way. The main lesson with this transit is to stop expecting from others what you should actually be giving yourself. You are the key to your own happiness, so fill your own cup first and foremost. Then watch everything else align.

May 7, 2018

Pluto and Mercury engage in a frictional alignment today, and this cautions you to slow your roll when it comes to communicating your needs to other people. Make sure that you’re not being too abrasive or aggressive in your manner of speaking, especially since Mercury’s spending its final few days in hot-headed Aries. Use the grounding energy of Pluto in Capricorn to take your time to think things through before vocalizing your opinions. Not everyone’s going to be on your same wavelength, so it’s best to keep your cool and be solution-oriented rather than freak out and become tyrannical, Scorpio. Practice deep breathing whenever you find yourself being triggered, or put the conversation on pause and only return to it once you feel zen again. Nothing is worth getting all worked up, so don’t let outside circumstances disturb your inner peace. Calmness brings clarity.

May 6, 2018

Today should ideally be spent in rest and contemplation, but not necessarily alone. The Moon enters Aquarius, encouraging human connection and group discussions. All those plans that you’ve been thinking of solo while the Moon was in Capricorn are now ready to be outwardly shared and discussed with those around you. They’ll provide valuable insights and advice, and you’ll appreciate their input. Ultimately though, the final decision comes down to your own desires and intuitive knowledge. Gather all the different perspectives you’ve received and then trust what you internally know to be true. “You know the truth by the the way it feels…”

May 5, 2018

These final 10 days of Uranus in Aries are full of surprises, Scorpio. You are being challenged to deal with the unexpected events happening in your life with patience and open-mindedness. It may be tempting to be easily reactive to situations outside of your control, but the more you can remain inner peace and view things from a more detached perspective, the more life will align in accordance to your desires. Once Uranus enters Taurus on May 15, all your efforts to not lose your cool will pay off, especially in terms of your most intimate relationships. You’re evolving at a rapid rate, Scorpio — keep going.

May 4, 2018

With the Moon now in Capricorn, it may be the weekend but you’ll be in a very ambitious, driven mood. Your communication sector is activated, and your mind will be buzzing with different things to accomplish. You may presently feel torn between multiple options and choices in your life, and you may have been overthinking which path to take. Simplify your life by letting life’s synchronicity and omens lead the way. Go with the past of least resistance. Pay attention to which doors are opening more easily for you. Pay attention to how you energetically feel when you think of either option. Don’t get too stuck in the “how” and instead focus on your why. When you tune into the real reason and motive behind your actions, it becomes easier to know which step to take next. Enjoy today’s productive vibes, and reward yourself tonight for a job well done.

May 3, 2018

Today the Moon in Sag makes a harmonious alignment to Uranus, the Planet of Surprise, which is currently in Aries. Uranus only has 12 more days in Aries, before making a monumental shift into Taurus for the first time in 84 years. This means that today’s Moon-Uranus alignment will cause a great shift in your personal and universal consciousness. It’s a great time to travel or plan a future trip, dive into an adventurous new book or hobby, or find another way to expand your horizons and look at life from a new perspective. Your creativity will be heightened today, and you’ll find inspiration everywhere you look. Take time to create something that makes you feel connected to your passion, and if you can, share it with the world around you. Your talents will be welcomed with open arms.

May 2, 2018

A powerful connection between Neptune in Pisces and the North Node in Leo gives you a spiritual boost as you take a leap of faith romantically and/or professionally. You may have been holding yourself back lately out of fear of failure, trying to convince yourself that you have to wait until “the right time” to make certain moves and grow your empire. Now is the right time, Scorpio. All you have is now. The present moment. You don’t have to radically change everything about your life, but you do have to commit to your growth and not be afraid of your own potential. Everything you seek exists on the other side of fear, and today’s Neptune-North Node connection will increase your self-confidence and allow you to have a “go-getter” mentality. Listen to your inner voice as it guides you step by step towards manifesting your ambitions. You are so much more powerful than you give yourself credit for.

May 1, 2018

The month of May starts on an exciting, adventurous note. The Moon has shifted out of Scorpio and into fiery Sagittarius for the next 2.5 days, and this allows you to take a breather from the intensity of your emotions. Today is best spent with those who can help you lighten up, smile, and stress less. The Scorpio Full Moon two days ago brought up deeply buried emotions, but now the Sag Moon allows you to remember the cyclical nature of life and not hold on to past hurts or resentments. You’ll feel less moody and more optimistic, and your positivity will be contagious to those around you. Dare to look at the glass as half full, Scorpio. Make May the month where you vividly pursue your dreams and bring them to life. 

April 30, 2018

The month of April ends with the Moon residing in Scorpio for most of the day, helping you stay attuned to your subconscious and the unseen world. Your intuition is more heightened than ever after last night’s Full Moon in your sign, and this allows you to really tap into what people are saying and what’s left unsaid. Instead of being immediately reactive, retreat into observation mode. Be more of a fly on the wall and let yourself absorb information and store it for later use. Today is best for reflecting on all the enlightenment that’s been bestowed on you during your annual Full Moon. Even the most painful situations are here to help you see something from a new set of eyes. Luckily, a harmonious alignment between Jupiter and the Moon in Scorpio helps boost your morale and focus on finishing the month strong, on an ambitious, inspired note. Get ready for your rebirth in May.

April 29, 2018

The Full Moon in Scorpio lights up the skies at 8:59pm EST tonight, illuminating profound desires within you that have been rising to the surface of your life these past six months. You’ve reached a turning point in your life, Scorpio. As the emotional warrior of the zodiac, you better than anyone understand that life will sometimes test and push you to your limit, and it’s just when you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom and are at your breaking point that you’ll be given the opportunity to rise and have a major breakthrough. This Full Moon has taught you to hold on to your inner faith no matter how much you’ve been knocked down. Your intentions from Scorpio Season 2017 are about to manifest before your eyes, and once they do, you’ll be blown away. Keep believing. Keep striving.

April 23, 2018

Today’s vibes are about staying calm amidst any chaos, Scorpio. The recent retrograde energy may have shifted and shaken up your reality, but instead of freaking out, breathe and know that everything serves a greater purpose, even if it’s not yet clear to you. This last week of April can be a game-changer for you professionally, spiritually, romantically and emotionally if you’re open to the cosmic guidance and avoid trying to control everything that’s happening right now. It will all make sense in due time. Trust the process.

April 22, 2018

Pluto Retrograde begins today, lasting for a little under 5 months, and showing us just how powerful the life of being a Phoenix Scorpio truly is. Phoenix Scorpios burn from their ashes to become reborn, but there’s an entire underground process of facing what needs to be burnt that we often don’t talk about. This retrograde will help you find the words and emotions for such an emotional awakening, Scorpio. If you’re a writer, public speaker, educator, or artist of any kind, you may create some of your best work during this retrograde. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, challenge yourself to find an outlet to pour your profound feelings into. You could end up with an inspiring screenplay, book draft, song, poem, or art piece that blows you and the entire world away. No one truly understands the depths of a Scorpio’s soul, but Pluto Retrograde will give people a glimpse of your endless magic — and they won’t get enough of it.