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Daily Horoscopes

January 15, 2020

The amount of purging you’ve been doing lately is surreal Scorpio. The Moon’s shift into Libra helps you lighten up. Venus in Pisces is activating your sector of adventure and true love, making today a great day to integrate more play and pleasure into your daily routine. You’ve been digging deep into the depths of your own being, trying to better understand yourself, your reactions, triggers and desires. It’s no longer time to psychoanalyze your existence. As you live in a more relaxed state, you’ll attract other chill, enlightened souls into your orbit, and you’ll realize you’re not at all alone. This is a powerful time to be intentional about who you connect with, and open up to the magic they can bring to your life. Don’t worry about what you have to give them in return. Your presence and awareness is more than enough. 

January 14, 2020

The Virgo Moon and Capricorn Sun can make us take life quite seriously today, Scorpio. This is especially true when you add in the decisive energy from the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that kicked off the week and is still going strong… No one really understands the depths of your thoughts and emotions, and that may be a good thing. Let the intensity of your sensations continue to brew within you, because something magical will come from it. Now that Venus is in Pisces, you are flowing with your feelings rather than fighting them. A major breakthrough awaits, and it will feel so divine once you surrender to it. Even if no one yet seems able to match your intensity, know that your intensity is not unmatched. “What you seek is seeking you…”

January 13, 2020

Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism, enters Pisces today for several weeks. This shift activates Scorpio’s sector of fate, true love and adventure. Many of us will find ourselves thinking of love and intimacy in a more soulful and dreamy way than usual. Because we’ve made it past the eclipse, we’re not even afraid of the vulnerability that we feel and desire. You may find yourself hitting up your lover or crush and letting them know exactly what’s on your heart, without trying to play it cool or see what they say first. This won’t be a heart-to-heart that you have with just anyone, though. Only those you intuitively know are worth the vulnerability. You’ve been honest with yourself about the people in your life who are more draining than fulfilling. So it’s time to redirect your energy and the love you have to give to people who reciprocate it and celebrate your existence. Your love and sex life’s about to be poppin’ if you kindly tell your ego to get out of its own way and let your heart take the lead.

January 12, 2020

As we collectively come down from the high of the lunar eclipse, take time to acknowledge the lessons you’ve been learning and integrating, Scorpio. The Cancer eclipse and full moon activated your sector of expansion and spiritual journeys, so you may very much feel like an alchemist who had to purge nonessentials in order to make room for gold. You now see that life is less about constantly searching for gold, but more about activating your inner wealth and intentionally spreading it around and within you. A life-changing opportunity has either already manifested or is just around the corner, Scorpio. Now that the fog is clearing, you’re starting to see and feel new doors opening up. Take a deep breath, and visualize yourself walking through the doors that are meant for you. A new world is born.

January 11, 2020

Wow. You’ve made it through the first eclipse portal of 2020. You not only have risen from your ashes, but you’ve risen from the chains in your own mind that once kept you stuck or self-defeatist. Because you’ve held yourself accountable for the growth you wish to see, it has no choice but to manifest. Because you’ve set firm boundaries, even with people you love, they now know how to treat and respect you, even if the only way they can do so is by letting you go. Because you’ve allowed yourself to cry, scream, vent, get angry, and energetically release pent-up emotions from your psyche, you now have made room to reset yourself, and rebuild from a new, lighter, more self-aware perspective. Life will continue to feel trippy in this post-eclipse world. Be kind to yourself and know that everything has now changed for the better.

January 10, 2020

You’re a magician, Scorpio. Today’s lunar eclipse in Cancer reminds you of your superpowers. They may have been dormant or inconsistent lately, especially since Uranus, the Planet of Change, has been retrograde for the past five months. But today it goes direct, on the same day as the eclipse, and it catapults you into a new way of looking at the world, yourself, and your relationships. You can create whatever reality you choose — it means being radically honest with yourself first about the realities you’ve outgrown, and why. You don’t have to overthink anything right now or react impulsively. Let the cleansing energy that’s coursing through you lead the way. This eclipse isn’t only about seeing the light, but acknowledging your shadows. Both coexist and guide you as you evolve. 

January 9, 2020

Pay attention to the signs, Scorpio. You’re not going crazy — you’re simply ultra intuitive and aware. With lunar eclipses, we tend to feel their effects days before the actual lunation occurs. It’s likely that this entire week has been full of one “aha” moment after another, and if there’s been something your intuition has been telling you to do, eliminate or release, this is the time to do so. You may notice frenemies that must be eclipsed from your life, as well as mindsets, jobs, and expectations that must all go. Since this eclipse is taking place in the fellow water sign of Cancer, you may at first struggle with fully letting go. But even just making the decision to close one chapter and begin a new one is courageous and bold, my love. Be compassionate with yourself as you step into this new normal.

January 8, 2020

We’re two days away from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, which activates Scorpio’s sector of expansion and long journeys. This may explain why you may have been feeling more emotional and sensitive to what’s going on within and around you. It’s important that you take time to nourish yourself physically, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally this week and this month, because you’re going through a major evolutionary journey of ascension and healing, and that can be exhausting. Use this eclipse energy to say no to what drains you. Set clear boundaries with friends, family and coworkers when you need to. Drink water frequently and take restorative naps. Simplifying your life this Capricorn season should be your main objective. Once you do, a whole new world and way of thriving opens up to you.

January 7, 2020

We’re 3 days away from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer, which makes it a powerful time to reflect on what you need to release. Whether that’s expectations that you place on yourself or others, self-doubt that may cause you to play it safe, or stagnant connections you’ve outgrown, the key is to be unafraid of letting go. It’s normal to feel a bit hazy or tired right now, because we’re in an eclipse passage and the amount of downloads you’re receiving is wildly astounding. Take time to treat yourself and trust that this eclipse week will serve as a portal to your dream reality. There’s no need to wonder how your dream will manifest — simply be the dream itself. Surrender to universal flow.

January 6, 2020

Mars in Sagittarius has you making major money moves, Scorpio. This is a powerful time to brainstorm ways to increase your financial flow in a sustainable and enjoyable way. Many solutions are right under your nose — you just have to be aware and truly see the blessings that are around and within you. Go through your emails and see which ones you have yet to respond to. Go through your bank account statements and notice the patterns in your spending and earning. Use the Gemini Moon to invite lightness and adaptability in your life. Now is the time to notice what narrative you tend to create around money. If it doesn’t serve you, you’ll feel inspired to write a new money story that views you as the ultimate superhero. Manifest the abundance you deserve, and spread the wealth with those who deserve it too. 

January 5, 2020

Everything you desire is real. You can manifest anything into existence. If we want to decide war isn’t a thing, then that’s that. If we decide to heal the war that exists within ourselves, there’s no limit to what we can co-create. This is a period of releasing judgment and really viewing the world as a mirror of your own energy — everything is here to teach you and remind you of something. We are in the midst of an eclipse passage, Scorpio. Time isn’t real, but energy is. Tune into what your intuition’s been trying to tell you all along.

January 4, 2020

Now that the Moon’s in Taurus, prepare to think about your love life in a revolutionary and exciting way, particularly if you’ve been in denial about your true feelings about someone. It’s okay to feel completely differently than you thought you would, Scorpio — there’s no need to be so fixed and stubborn that you block out the love and intimacy that’s dying to enter your life. It’s not too good to be true, it’s your new dream reality unfolding, and even the challenges and mindf*ck moments are here to awaken you to the depths of your journey as a lover and human being. Everything is aligning, and this is simply the beginning. Prepare to be blown away by the orgasms you give both yourself, and others. Not only sexually, but spiritually and mentally too. Being in your presence is the ultimate blissful experience. And so it is.