This final wknd of October will feel quite potent, especially since the Moon starts off in the fiery sign of Sag on Friday, Jupiter re-enters Pisces on the 28th, and Mercury enters Scorpio on Saturday. You’re going to notice yourself becoming more sensitive and compassionate now that Jupiter has left Aries and is spending its final months in our fellow Water sign of Pisces. This transit activates Scorpio’s sector of fate, true love, and adventure, meaning that between now and December 20th you may auspiciously connect with someone you feel safe around, and deeply loved by. Since Jupiter’s currently retrograde, and Mars is about to begin its retrograde in Gemini this Sunday, there’s a high likelihood that a past lover (or a friend who’d like to be your lover) may try to reconnect with you — and this time, they may actually have done the work and changed for the better. Remember that we’re in an eclipse portal, so rapid changes can occur in the blink of an eye. You can still take your time to decide what it is that you really want though, Scorpio.