How are you flowing now that it’s Gemini Season, and that it’s been a week since the lunar eclipse in Scorpio? Are some of the experiences you went through starting to make sense now? The Moon’s in Pisces on Monday, and that’s also the final day that our planetary ruler, Mars, is in Pisces. It’s bound to be an ultra sensitive day for Scorpios, and we’re likely to have several emotional and creative breakthroughs as we navigate our sensitivities. On Tuesday, Mars shifts into Aries, the other sign that it rules, for the next six weeks. This energy will have us acting more like Aries — driven, competitive, fiery, flirtatious, and powerful. If you’ve been in a funk or feeling low-energy while Mars was in Pisces, expect to get your groove back as we round out this month and prepare for a brilliant new one. You’re revving up your engine and already visualizing yourself at the finish line, in first place. All that’s left to do is enjoy the ride.