Scorpio, on Friday the 6th we’re experiencing the first full moon of the year: a full moon in Cancer! We can already feel the effects of this lunation, because full moons are most intensely felt in the four days prior to them taking place. Cancer energy activates Scorpio’s sector of expansion, long journeys, media, and spirituality. It’s likely that today, or in the coming days, you’ll have a breakthrough conversation with someone who’s going to help you tremendously on your healing journey. This could be a skymate with key Cancer energy in their birth chart, and it could also be a conversation or healing moment you share with your own self, during meditation, through journaling, or via another form of soul-searching. Whatever feelings and emotions come up for you now need to be fully felt and expressed in order for you to reach the next level of your ascension. As I express in my mantra “Supermoon” (available on all streaming platforms), “Remember that sensitivity is a superpower, especially when you’re able to fully be free in what you feel. You deserve to feel freely.” Make that your mission for this full moon portal.