Scorpio, the Moon spends the day in our sign on Monday, and then enters Sag on Tuesday. These are also the final two days of Mercury Retrograde. Find ways to tap into what your body needs as we enter the second half of the month. Now that our planetary ruler Mars is direct in Gemini, you’re more sensitive to the actions you take, and it’s essential that you pay attention to the physical signals you’re receiving from within and around you. If your body needs more rest, hydration, or nutrients, give it that. If your mind needs more solitude, meditation, or a tech detox, give yourself that too. And if your spirit seeks more intimacy, vulnerability, and trust, find ways to commit to offering yourself that as well, perhaps through opening up to someone you trust (or who you’re growing to trust). Your connection with yourself and your needs is deepening significantly at this time, Scorpio. Hug yourself tight as you celebrate your awareness, and have an amazing new moon week.