This weekend’s all about taking bold, passionate, and courageous action when it comes to kicking your goals into high gear, Scorpio. We’re still enjoying the vibes from the mystical Pisces New Moon, especially when it comes to shifting our consciousness from scarcity-based thinking to abundant-based perspectives. The Moon spends all wknd in Aries, activating Scorpio’s sector of wellness and service. You’re focused on how you can be of service to your higher self — the one who wants you to feel, look, think, and act your best. This may mean making short-term sacrifices (such as less late nights out, more early mornings creating, reading, or stretching) in order to gain long-term rewards. The great thing about this energy is that the more you put in intentional work, the more instantly you start to see the results of your dedication. Have fun shooting your shot with the awareness that you’ve already won.