Happy Virgo Full Moon, Scorpio! This is a profoundly healing full moon, which can also bring up your sensitivities, so try to take it easy this weekend. The Moon enters Libra on Friday, shortly after the Virgo Full Moon is at its peak. This can help you feel a breath of fresh air when it comes to releasing pent-up stress, anger, frustration, and passion. Working out and journaling are two ways to blow off steam and make sure you don’t get caught up in bouts of overthinking. Meditation and digital detoxes may also feel helpful, especially on Friday and Saturday, the last two days of Pisces Season. Then on Sunday the 20th, the Sun shifts into Aries, marking the official start of the astro new year! You will feel brand new this Sunday, Scorpio. You’ve been ready for this surge of confidence, power, and alignment, and now new realms of possibilities are within your grasp. It’s time to go for the gold!