Scorpio, this is Mercury’s first week retrograde in your sector of healing and spirituality, so if you find yourself focused on feeling and facing past wounds, have compassion for all that you’ve gone through, and give yourself time to mourn. Libra season is our annual hibernation and purging season, and you may be in the mood to just mellow out and chill this week, even if you technically still have “plenty of things to do.” I write that expression in quotation marks, because Mercury Retrograde is here to remind us that everything in life is a matter of perspective. Do you reallllly have so much on your plate, or do you put so much on your plate as a way to keep yourself busy and maintain the semblance of productivity? What happens when you just are here, without forcing yourself to always be doing something? It doesn’t mean you have to commit to a whole week of idleness, but you’d benefit from including plenty of time for reflection, meditation, and soul-searching into your daily routine. Mercury is making you face your past because there are still lessons you need to grow from, and heal from.

Tuesday – Thursday, the Moon is in Cancer, and this is helping you figure out what your current relationship with your home and family is. The combination of the Libra Sun and Cancer Moon is making you question how fair the give and take is in your family-based relationships, whether it’s literal family members or close friends who feel like home. Perhaps you’ve been feeling like you’re either giving too much, or being smothered too much. You’ll have to find a way to express what you’re feeling without getting passive-aggressive or expecting people to read your mind. You may find yourself feeling more sensitive mid-week, and this energy could be poured into your creative activities, as you’re likely to feel very inspired and imaginative this week, particularly when it has to do with previous projects you had put on hold or have yet to complete.

This weekend, the Leo Moon is ideal for putting yourself out there, dancing, letting loose, flirting and having more fun. The combination of the Libra Sun, Venus in Scorpio, and the Leo Moon makes you extra sexy and magnetic, making this weekend the ideal time for going out on dates with yourself and others. Your pride and ego may be heightened around this time, with key planets currently in Fixed signs (Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus), so try to keep your ego in check and avoid misunderstandings. Not everything that someone says deserves a response — you can observe and work on not taking everything so personally or making it about you. You’ll find that this first week of Mercury Retrograde may feel like the most destabilizing, because we’re approaching the Libra New Moon, so you’re supposed to be paying attention to what feels out of whack. Only you have the power to get yourself back in alignment — the first step is awareness. So be aware, Scorpio. Be aware of the patterns of behavior you’ve outgrown, the relationships or situationships that feel dated or heavy, and the dreams that you’re ready to pour your energy back into, with the courage to see them through. The Universe wants you to win, but before you get to the finish line, you may have to face a few truths about what’s standing in your way. Be willing to face them, and soar. Have a great week, Scorpio!

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