Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is preparing to enter your sign on the 27th, Scorpio. Most of the week will therefore be a spiritual exploration for you, in an even more existential and metaphysical way than usual. That’s because Libra Season begins on the 22nd, activating your spirituality sector, and helping you see your own shadows, and that of others, with a spirit of loving compassion and detachment. No one’s perfect, Scorpio, so let go of that standard you often hold yourself and others to. Laugh more, let go more, chill and open up more.

Libra Season is also known as Scorpio’s hibernation season, and also the pre-game to Scorpio Season. What are the people, experiences, jobs, expectations and mindsets that you’re ready to leave behind, and why? These are themes that will be on your mind this week as the Sun shifts out of detail-oriented Virgo and enters the more broad and open-minded sign of Libra. You’ll be weighing the pros and cons of different situations in your life, including situationships, entanglements, delays, dreams, blessings and adventures. They’re all interconnected. Sometimes something you think you’re supposed to be pushing away is exactly what you need to be drawing closer to you. And other times what you’ve been so familiar with is exactly what you must release in order to unlock the next chapter of your life.

With our ruler Mars still retrograde until November 13th, you should rest more too, Scorpio. You may be wondering why you’re so tired lately. Mars retrograde is no joke, and listening to your body’s cues is essential to you thriving this week and beyond. If you keep pushing yourself beyond your limits, you’ll regret it. The thing is though, because as a Scorpio you’ve been so used to going hard, it may take some time for you to recondition your mind and not feel guilty for taking a break. Understand that the more you fill your own cup first, the less of an attitude you have. Everyone wins when you vow to slow down and recharge with intention. Let go of the idea that there’s not enough time, not enough room, not enough opportunities. We live in an abundant Universe and the Universe wants you to make sure your mind, body and soul is aligned.

Venus’ presence in Leo is increasing your self-confidence and your ability to clearly state what you want from yourself as a lover, and from those interested in loving you, or currently wanting you. There’s a difference between being wanted, and being valued, Scorpio. This is a very essential distinguishing factor for you and those you care for to be aware of, and Virgo Season has been quite clarifying for you when it comes to you acknowledging your own worthiness, and making sure others acknowledge it too. You simply don’t have time for mind games, and even though Libra Season tends to lead to more light-hearted, flirty, silly energy, the fact that Mercury will be in your sign most of Libra Season means that you’ll still be looking for stability and loyalty in your connections. You can let yourself be woo’d, but you’ll want to be clear about what the other party’s intentions are with you, and you’ll also let them know what yours are. It’s okay to just be present with each other and take things as they are. If that’s what you both want, focus on cultivating that presence and ease with each other, and release the urge to project yourself into the future before you even have a chance to bask in the present moment. The magic exists right here, right now.

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