Welcome to the first full week of August, Scorpio! It’s normal to start off the week feeling a bit drained or tired, because it begins with a Full Moon in Aquarius which activates Scorpio’s sector of roots, the past, and the home. Many experiences from your childhood or adolescence may come to the forefront of your consciousness, asking to be acknowledged and healed. Luckily, after the intense and perhaps challenging Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn that took place last month, this month’s full moon feels significantly lighter, even though this week does have its share of frictional alignments. Aquarius energy teaches you the art of non-judgment, non-attachment, and non-possessiveness. That may seem like a foreign concept to Scorpio, and may even turn you off at first. But by Wednesday, once the Full Moon’s energy starts to wane, you’ll feel significantly more at ease with the direction your life’s going — even if it’s completely different than what you expected.

Once the Moon shifts out of Aquarius and enters Pisces, Wednesday – Friday becomes about integrating the lessons of the full moon and finding creative and therapeutic ways to continue our releasing rituals. Here’s a free guide to doing your own and dropping the dead weight this week. On the 4th of August, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, will have shifted out of Cancer for the first time since May 28th, and entered Leo. Mercury’s stay in Leo makes us more driven and ambitious professionally, but this can lead to us being a bit too bossy or fixed on the pursuit of our goals. Be mindful of how you communicate with those you work with this week, Scorpio. You may be feeling very passionate and determined, but it could come off as domineering and disrespectful, especially since Mars, the Planet of Action, is also in a Fire sign right now. Thinking before you speak will be a great way to prevent unnecessary drama or misunderstandings.

On Friday the 7th, another major transit takes place. Venus, the Planet of Love, finally leaves Gemini after being there since April! It enters Cancer, where it remains for the next four weeks. Scorpios who didn’t know what or who they wanted romantically and socially (and also financially) may suddenly find themselves paying more attention to what would truly make them happy. This may be a week where we have intimate conversations with those close to us about what’s on our hearts. They may reveal that they found us to be contradictory or confusing these past few months, and we may admit that we have been a bit all over the place, especially since Venus in Gemini’s energy activated our sector of depth and intimacy. Many of us may have felt drawn to several connections or possibilities at once, not only romantically but also creatively and when it came to how we manifested abundance. Now Venus’ month in Cancer activates Scorpio’s expansion sector, allowing us to dream more specifically and let our instincts, rather than our logic, lead the way.

Saturday and Sunday the Moon’s in Aries, and when combined with the Leo Sun, we’ll have to watch our egos, our pride, and our temper. Practice deep breathing exercises and don’t let people’s comments or actions get under your skin. Instead, channel that energy into an intense workout, a creative project that you share with the world in a bold and exciting way, or the pursuit of fierce sexual connections with whomever you’ve had on your mind lately. You’ll be feeling activated and full of momentum, but if you don’t find an outlet for all that energy you’ll end up running around in circles, not getting much done. We’re also in the pre-shadow period of Uranus’ retrograde, which will begin on the 15th of this month, so if you’re feeling eccentric and extra revolutionary this week, that will be why. Make sure you’re aware of what’s going on global level in cities like Portland and countries like Zimbabwe. Even though we can’t individually save the world, making sure we’re not desensitized to what’s going on is essential during the 2020 Ascension. Keep taking your digital detoxes in order to increase how grounded you are during Jupiter’s final months retrograde in Capricorn. But then use Venus’ shift into Cancer to make sure you stay connected to source and to the depth of your transformative emotions.

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