This final full week of August will feel refreshing and energizing in many ways. It begins with the Moon in our sign on Monday and part of Tuesday, and we will be so deeply in tune with ourselves that it’s likely to make us cry, time and time again. Having such deep powers of sensitivity is the greatest gift, my love. Take time to yourself while the Moon’s in our sign and the Sun’s in Virgo — being more introspective will help you realize if you’ve been attempting to avoid certain truths about yourself and the current status of your connections, career, or overall goals.

Virgo Season is a powerful time to face yourself, Scorpio, and be honest about what and who you need right now to feel fulfilled. You may be tempted to try to do everything on your own, but once the Moon shifts into Sagittarius Tuesday – Thursday, you’ll be in a more collective state of mind, ready to reach out to your people in order to be most supported and aligned. If you feel overwhelmed with duties at work, you may be surprised at how much sending out an email requesting assistance, or simply allowing yourself to say “no” to what may at first seem like an opportunity but actually is a nuisance, may lead to you breathing easy and feeling much more liberated. You’re only a few decisions away from a different life — one where you don’t compromise on your own needs, no matter the situation.

This week’s Mars-Saturn square is a big power player energetically, and we may notice that there are power struggles going on personally and collectively. Since we’re ruled by Mars as Scorpios, we’ll be influenced by this transit more than most signs. A part of us may find that our pride and ego is trying to act up, while our more mature and responsible side wants us to swallow our pride and have essential conversations while integrating ancestral revelations. Slow down this week, especially whenever you start putting pressure on yourself to speed up. Once the Moon shifts into Capricorn as the weekend begins, you’ll be glad you took this approach, because many of the goals you may have stressed about at the beginning of the week will have been completed, step by step. Imagine yourself already there. Celebrate!!

Romantically, now that Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is in Virgo, and Venus, the Planet of Love, continues its journey through Cancer, you’ll find that you can’t help but notice the smallest shifts in your connections. If someone you used to talk to often all of a sudden seems to be falling back, you may take it personally and think something’s wrong with you or the connection. Alternatively, if people start being too clingy or overly talkative with you this week, even if you’re into them, you may be turned off and push them away. There’s an aspect to you that’s a bit of a contrarian during Virgo Season. The key is to admit that to yourself and not pretend like you’re all innocent. If you need a moment to be petty, let yourself have that moment. If you are craving cuddles and want to send naughty sexts, admit that to yourself and your bae(s). The worst thing you could do is cage your own self due to your lack of transparency or communication… Read your sex scopes for more insights on your romantic experiences this month.

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