New moon, new you, Scorpio. As the sign of transformation, change is an inherent part of who you are — you’re often morphing into someone new, even without knowing it. This week’s Leo New Moon taking place the night of the 18th hits different though. It activates your reputation and career sector, and helps you take that part of your life more seriously, without making it something that you dread. You’re learning to fall in love with what you do, and that means removing the systems or expectations you placed on yourself that no longer are conducive to the life you want to live. This feels like heavy work, but it doesn’t have to be. Leo energy encourages passion and playfulness. Passion play, anyone?

Mercury and Mars play big roles in this new moon energy, and we’re also feeling the influence of Uranus’ retrograde in Taurus, which is activating our partnership sector. An alignment between Venus and Uranus on Tuesday will make Tuesday and Wednesday very stimulating for Scorpios, particularly romantically and emotionally. Love, intimacy, friendship and fulfilling connections are a main theme for you this week. You’re learning how to trust again, and hopefully my Love Mantra is helping you do so. This week you’ll realize that you can’t deny who you love, or who you crave. They will be on your mind fiercely and irrevocably, and you may muster up the courage to let them know how you’re feeling.

Wednesday, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifts out of Leo and enters Virgo for several weeks. If you’ve been feeling a bit restless, anxious or mentally scattered, Mercury in Virgo can provide you with an opportunity to focus and refine your mind. However it can also amp up feelings of perfectionism and obsession, so it’s essential that you take time mid-week to create a game plan. List out your five priorities for the next five months of 2020. That’s it. Only 1 priority per month. Write it down using the energy of the Leo New Moon as an intention-setting elixir, and hold yourself accountable for that 1 priority per month. Mercury’s only in Virgo until September, but the weeks it spends there can help you clarify your goals and stay aware of your talents. Don’t sleep on yourself. Put in the work strategically to get to where you’ve been dreaming of.

Virgo Season begins this weekend on the 22nd, and this emphasizes the theme of order and simplicity that Mercury in Virgo set into motion. Since Virgo energy activates our tech and social network sector, we may find ourselves wanting to do a digital detox or cleanse our timelines this weekend. The shift from Leo to Virgo season is pretty significant because we find ourselves shifting from feeling a strong urge to put ourselves and our work out there, to feeling a desire to be more minimal, reserved and cautious. However since Virgo Season is influenced by the Leo New Moon, your job is to blend the Leo-Virgo energy into your lifestyle. Continue to allow yourself to be seen, but make sure it’s by the people who truly deserve access to your light. You’re not for everyone, and it’s better that way, because it helps you fine tune what to give your energy to and why.

Romantically, this week’s New Moon and the start of Virgo Season both invite you to be more expressive, fun-loving, and committed in your partnerships. Venus in Cancer still has you in your feels, Mars in Aries may have you feeling hornier than usual, and the Sun and Mercury’s shift into Virgo amps up your selectiveness and helps you weed out the so-so people from those who seem to be in it for the long-haul. The key to feeling fulfilled by who you’re connecting to this week is for you to avoid setting rigid expectations for how they should love or care for you. Uranus’ retrograde in your partnership sector is leading to several plot twists manifesting in your love life. The one you were preparing to push away may be the very one you actually should allow to come closer, and vice-versa. Quiet your mind and listen to how your body and gut consistently feels when thinking of someone. The more you trust your body’s instincts and make the necessary adjustments, the more the type of love you seek will come to you. Read your sex scopes for more insights on your romantic experiences this month.

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