Scorpio, Venus moves into Libra on Monday, and some deep truths about love may be revealed. If you’re in a relationship, it’s time to take things deeper. Unveiling your shadows could lead to a more honest bond. If you’re single, work on witnessing and healing those relationship shadows with yourself. The Moon’s in Sagittarius on Monday and Tuesday, helping you be both adventurous and reflective about your current mission, passions, and endeavors. The key is to use the Leo Sun and Sag Moon to boost your self-confidence, but also use Mercury and Mars’ presence in Virgo to ground yourself in a step-by-step approach to making your dreams come true. This means not putting too much on your plate or being overly ambitious about what you can reasonably achieve, especially as the week begins. Let yourself be fired up, but also have a clear sense of direction for where all that energy and momentum should go.

Mid-week, Uranus, the Planet of Revolution and Unexpected Change, goes retrograde in Taurus. Taurus is Scorpio’s opposite sign of the zodiac, so this activates Scorpio’s partnership and marriage sector, and will also be highlighting issues or repressed desires concerning love. You want to feel free in commitment. Search within yourself to find out what freedom really means to you. If a relationship starts to break, know that it’s most likely because a more authentic connection is waiting for you out there. And if you’re in a new relationship that is showing you new aspects that you weren’t expecting, learn to be curious about what’s being revealed. Don’t fear the unknown these next five months of retrograde — fully dive into it. It’s likely that people from your past with whom you have unfinished business are likely to re-emerge during this transit. Take time to listen to your inner voice in order to decipher whether you’re ready to explore that connection, or if you’d rather keep the door closed.

Thursday and Friday are likely to be your more productive and expansive days of the week, Scorpio. With the Moon in Capricorn on Thursday, and then Aquarius on Friday, your energy will be both productive and electric. A part of you may feel like you’re undergoing a cosmic wake-up call during these final days of Leo Season, and you’re no longer waiting for things to align themselves the way you want to — you’re aligning yourself the way you want to. You’re moving your body, cleaning your space, being transparent and honest in your relationships, getting your finances together, and making room for love, laughter, and adventure. It doesn’t have to look perfect either, it can be messy and complex. Getting your life together really just means being in alignment with what your current desires are, while anticipating what your long-term ambitions may be. Getting one step closer to them each day, through intention, persistence, and self-determination. That’s very much what you’ll feel on the 19th and 20th, allowing you to power through on major goals and end the work week feeling supremely satisfied.

Come Sunday, August 22, the second Full Moon in Aquarius of the year is here to let you know that your sense of freedom or lack thereof comes from your roots. It’s time to tap in and find ways to heal your past. This weekend is perfect for looking through family archives, having healing conversations with your family or friends about intergenerational trauma and intergenerational healing, and also cleansing your home space so that you release some of the pent-up angst that may exist there. Think back to where you were in life on July 24th, when the first Aquarius Full Moon occurred. Ideally you’ll feel more grounded, and light-hearted, simultaneously, by the time this second lunation in Aquarius occurs. You’re learning to let go gracefully, and that makes room for the purified and soulfully nurturing vibes you’re ready to welcome into your life. If this weekend also includes some endings or a desire for closure, let yourself fully mourn your past self. Do a full moon ritual that helps you release the dead weight. Thank them for how far they’ve gotten you. The new you will take it from here.

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