Scorpio, this is one of the most astrologically chill weeks of the month, helping you take time to reflect on the new life you’re creating for yourself now that the Cancer New Moon has occurred. Since we’re very much still in retrograde season, and Chiron, the asteroid that symbolizes our inner wounds, begins its retrograde on the 15th in the sign of Aries, you’re being asked to be patient and compassionate with yourself this week. You may feel like you need to be forging ahead with passion and vigor due to Venus and Mars’ presence in fiery Leo, activating your sector of work and reputation. But your mission is to find a way to complete your passion projects without making yourself feel anxious or overwhelmed. This means infusing plenty of periods for play, pleasure, relaxation and rest into your day.

Tuesday – Thursday, the Virgo Moon has you thinking of your friendships and your relationship with social media. Have you been too extreme in any way when it comes to your social networks recently? Is there a way you can approach these topics with greater moderation and not make rash judgments about things? You’d benefit from taking time to check in with your body whenever you’re invited to social outings or someone seems to want your attention. Your body is always speaking to you, and it’ll let you know if it really wants to go out or connect with someone, or if it’d rather ride solo. The key is to listen to yourself and trust your gut instincts. If it’s a no, it’s a no. If it’s a yes, even if a part of you feels like you’re supposed to be doing something else, then it’s a yes — by saying yes to what your body really wants, you open yourself up to a world of possibility and adventure you might have denied yourself. It’s also a possibility that you’ll feel uncertain about what you want, because of all the options that exist. Now that Mercury is in Cancer, meditation and time spent alone reflecting near a body of water (as well as drinking plenty of water to keep your brain fresh and invigorated) is a life hack to better hearing, knowing, seeing and loving yourself, Scorpio.

Once Chiron Retrograde begins on the 15th for several months, your sector of health and routine is activated, and you may decide to switch up your fitness regimen and do something more mentally relaxing, such as yoga, tai-chi, or other forms of mindfulness. Alternatively, if you’ve been wanting to hit up the gym and have procrastinated on doing so, Chiron Retrograde in Aries can gently guide you towards recommitting to that, step by step. Don’t overexert yourself, but know that since we’re still in the New Moon period (you should set your new moon intentions between now and July 19th to make the most of the magic), the seeds you plant now for your wellness journey are likely to bloom beautifully by the start of 2022. So invest in your health, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually too! This would be a great time to start therapy if you haven’t already. Here’s a link to a free session using my online therapy site that I love. Be sure to specify if you’d like a Black woman therapist, or whatever you may be specifically seeking out. It’s also a wonderful time to get to know about your own natal Chiron placement. Since Chiron helps us unpack the inner wounds that keep playing out in our lives, knowing your Chiron energy will help you heal more effectively. KTZ now offers a Personalized Chiron Report by our astrologer Nisha. You can place your order here if you’d like. Happy healing!

Romantically, this is a super passionate and magnetic week for both single and coupled Scorpios. With both Venus and Mars in Leo you’re probably noticing that you’re getting non-stop attention from people left and right, even if you’re trying to hide or run from the attention. The key is to accept the fact that you’re poppin’, Scorpio. You can still be selective with who you share your energy with though, because it’s true, you’re not meant for everyone and not everyone’s meant for you. Say yes to dates, be open to flirting or matching with people you wouldn’t immediately have viewed as your type (that includes younger or older people, or people who live in a different city than you), and also take extra care of yourself and have fun with your personal style. The more you look good and you invest In your well-being, the better you feel, and the more magnetic you become. Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, is in Pisces until July 28th, activating Scorpio’s sector of fate and true love, so this energy is very auspicious and magical, which is why life has the potential to feel like the ultimate romantic comedy for us — but this only happens if we get out there and let the magic be felt! If you stay cooped up inside and refuse to interact with anyone, then this energy won’t be felt as intensely (but perhaps it’ll manifest in your dreams, so that’s fun too). Trust yourself and go play, knowing that you’re a magnet for exactly what you’ve wanted, or better. I love this for you!! Read your horoscope for July 2021 here for more insights.

Ready to have one of the most romantic, dreamy, freaky and adventurous summers you’ve experienced so far, Scorpio? Now that Jupiter and Neptune are both in Pisces, activating our sector of true love, adventure and fate, you’re likely to connect with people in a sudden and life-changing way. You’re here to learn how to accept what you’ve asked for rather than run away from it as soon as it starts to appear in your life. I’ve written a 30-page digital Summer ’21 Love Forecast for Scorpios who’d like to make the most of this cosmic magic this July – September 2021. This forecast is for all Scorpio placements, no matter where you are in the world or what season it currently is, you’ll feel this influence. All orders include Uranus in Taurus Part III: Learning How To Love With Detachment, as a bonus gift. Enjoy!!


Scorpio’s Summer ’21 Love Forecast


Scorpio’s Summer ’21 Love Forecast breaks down what Scorpios can expect romantically and socially from Cancer Season throughout Virgo Season. We also look back at what Gemini Season and eclipse season taught us as we learned to open up to love. Whether you’re single and ready to meet someone you deeply connect with, currently in a relationship but hoping to spice things up, or dating but seeking either more freedom or more commitment, Scorpio’s Summer ’21 Love Forecast is a 30-page guide that will help you make the most of key astrological dates, so you’ll know when to make your move and when to lay low.

This is a highly packed summer retrogrades and awakenings — and it’s the first summer in over a decade where Jupiter starts off in Pisces, activating our sector of true love. Scorpios will experience moments of profound introspection and solitude, and moments of tremendous passion. You decide how your love life goes, Scorpio. You hold the key to what you desire, and as you understand different astrological transits, you can better flow with the Universe’s twists and turns. Love can be fun, adventurous and soul-opening this summer if you dive into your own infinite capacity to love.

All orders of this 30-page forecast also includes a Bonus Compatibility Section within the report that gives you insight on how to deepen your connection with each sign of the zodiac this summer. You’ll get insights on what each sign’s most focused on right now, allowing you to meet them where they are, with compassion and respect of their boundaries. Whew chile, the evolution!! Anddd since I’m feeling generous, I’ve included Uranus in Taurus Part III: Learn How To Love With Detachment, as a complimentary gift.

All of these forecasts are available for download as digital products immediately after purchase. Enjoy!

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Cancer, Leo and Virgo season are known as the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere (and the astrological interpretations in this forecast also applies to those experiencing winter in the Southern Hemisphere). July – September ’21 are some of the best periods of time to attract, heal and/or deepen relationships. Curious what this means for Scorpio’s love life? With retrograde season activating our sectors of roots, expansion and communication, and Jupiter in Pisces activating our sector of fate and true love, Scorpios are learning how to have greater faith in their ability to manifest soul-enriching and transformative connections, no matter what they may have experienced in the past. This forecast also highlights periods of the summer where Scorpios may have to end harmful patterns of behavior in their relationships. These next three months can liberate you from a mindset that made you think that being in love and finding partners with whom you can heal is too good to be true. Ready for your entire consciousness about love and relationships to shift for the better?This 30-page love guide can help you understand how transformative letting yourself love and be loved can be for you as a Scorpio. With Uranus, the Planet of Change, in our relationship sector, this is the time to recondition your beliefs surrounding how you express your needs, how you go after who/what you want, and what you’re worthy of attracting romantically. You are a magnet for whatever you most desire. This summer’s energy will help you understand that, and have fun in the process. There are ways to use the cosmic cycles of the Universe as a heart-opener, and once you open yourself up to the astrological energy, you can transform your love life. It doesn’t matter what your relationship status is right now — love is love, and this forecast is about recognizing that and finding ways to overcome barriers that may keep you from fully giving and receiving love. It’s getting real. Awaken to what’s possible when you let go of control and trust the flow… 


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