Scorpio, you may be feeling a bit drained as this week begins, and this is absolutely to be expected. We’re in a major eclipse portal, still integrating the downloads from the Sag eclipse, and preparing to usher in a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini on June 10th. On top of that, on the 11th our planetary ruler Mars enters the fiery, unstoppable sign of Leo after being in Cancer for six weeks. We’re entering some of our busiest periods of the year, which is why Monday’s Taurus Moon will provide us with the stabilizing energy we need to make a game plan for this week. But keep in mind that eclipses are filled with surprises, so try to keep your plan as flexible and adaptable as possible so that you don’t get disappointed if things get thrown off course a bit as the week unfolds.

Tuesday and Wednesday you’ll be feeling the effects of the dark-of-the-moon period as the Moon shifts into Gemini in preparation for the eclipse. As much as many Scorpios may want to spend those days resting, a part of us may be contradictory and end up scheduling quite a bit of appointments or meetings for those dates, simply because we feel an inexplicable urge to keep creating, keep going, and keep pursuing our latest passion. Gemini season activates a whirlwind of productivity in us some times, and exhaustion in us other times. It’s up to us to create greater harmony between moments when we get struck by bolts of inspiration, and moments when we just need to sit down, chill, and do nothing. If you can, try to incorporate a bit of both of those energies into your day during the dark-of-the-moon period. Make sure that you’re not keeping yourself busy as a way to avoid feelings the feelings that are asking to be felt… You can only run away for so long before they catch up to you.

Thursday’s Solar Eclipse is a major game-changer, Scorpio. It helps you break out of your own limitations and see the world from a new set of eyes, filled with infinite possibilities. Your mission, however, is to not try to rush into brand new projects or relationships just because they seem to be available to you. Take your time to see what truly speaks to you, and what may potentially simply be distractions or detours. Yes, you can do it all, but you truly don’t have to. Since 2021 is the year of freedom, this eclipse wants you to get honest about what will make you feel most free… Perhaps that means leaving a job that you’ve been doing for years, but that deep down you’re no longer as stimulated by. Perhaps it means finally looking into the dream city you’ve been wanting to live in, and not putting off plans to relocate until later. Perhaps it means starting that blog that you’ve told yourself you’d start, and speaking your truth for yourself first and foremost. Only you know what your heart’s been asking you to do, and if you don’t, the challenge of this eclipse will be to quiet all the excess noise that comes from your own mind, as well as the thoughts and opinions of others, and to tap into what your higher self, your most aware self, wants in this present moment. Since this is a Gemini Solar Eclipse, you have permission to change your mind about whatever path you do choose, Scorpio. So let go of the pressure to make everything set in stone. Be like the wind, and change courses whenever it feels right.

The days after the eclipse will feel electric, particularly on the 11th when Mars enters Leo and remains there for the next six weeks. You’re about to be booked and busy because this activates your career and reputation sector. You’re going to attract higher-paid positions and gigs, and you may also be offered several opportunities to be in the spotlight. This weekend could even feel overwhelming, as your inbox will be booming and your phone will be poppin’. Remember, Scorpio — you don’t have to say yes to everything and everyone. Saturn Retrograde is activating your communication sector, reminding you that the only expectations or standards you have to meet are the ones you set for yourself… Set boundaries with people who may be demanding too much of your time or energy and who may not be pouring as much into you as they’re expecting to receive from you.

Romantically, Venus is still in Cancer, and this does help you remain in tune with your intuition when it comes to who you should continue to connect with, and who you may need a bit of space from to figure out if the connection is worth it in the long-run. Venus in Cancer has made you even more selective and a bit more self-protective than when Venus was in the free-spirited sign of Gemini, and in this moment that’s a good thing, Scorpio. You’ve put in so much work to keep evolving and bettering yourself, and some people want to be around you because they see your glow and want to absorb those vibrations in a leech-like way. Others want to be around you because they’re deeply drawn to you and want to amplify your magic, and help you further shine while loving you for who you are. It’s up to you to be discerning and know the difference, but Mercury’s retrograde cautions you to take your time when evaluating who’s in and who’s out. You may therefore be in the mood to take yourself out on solo dates this weekend, particularly since the Moon will be in Cancer. Treat yourself, love yourself, and get as much rest as you can as the week comes to an end, because next week is about to be even more intense.

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