Scorpios, you may have noticed that I took a month break from writing weekly horoscopes. I’m currently going through my Saturn Return, which is a cosmic rite of passage that takes place around the age of 29, 58, and 87 in each of our lives. It’s a period of time when one tends to withdraw within and experience tremendous growth and maturity as one discovers what their most current values, desires, and priorities are. I’m also writing a book on astrological compatibility and have been pouring much of my attention into that project, which I’m very excited to share with you! But this week’s astrology is such a powerful portal that I had to return to the weekly scopes to help guide you through this passage. This week, on May 13th, Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, will enter its home sign of Pisces for a short stay. This is an energetic shift that we’ve been feeling for several weeks now, and the days leading up to this transit may feel super trippy. Jupiter feels at ease in Pisces, and its initial journey there lasts until July 28. Then Jupiter will re-enter Aquarius for the rest of the year, and Jupiter’s lengthier transit in Pisces will take place in 2022.

But before we even get to that milestone, we’ll experience a grounding New Moon in Taurus on Tuesday, May 11th at 3:00pm EST. This new moon provides us with the stability we’ve been seeking most of this year, Scorpio. Since it’s taking place in our opposite sign of Taurus, there’s a lot of duality and contrast that we’re being asked to integrate into our lives. We’re being asked to make more practical decisions and choices about our life journeys, and at times that may mean releasing what we’ve known in order to create a new normal. This new moon particularly affects the way we relate to ourselves and others, and there’s a strong likelihood that professional, platonic and romantic bonds will be formed or deepened between now and the Taurus Full Moon (and eclipse!) taking place in six months, during Scorpio Season.

Whatever changes you’ve been feeling the need to make regarding who you share your energy or resources with and why can be made this week, particularly starting Thursday the 13th (when the New Moon starts to become visible to the naked eye), and all the way until the Sagittarius eclipse takes place on the 26th. Many Scorpios may decide to call it quits with one-sided or draining relationships, or to accept that they’ve outgrown certain friendships or familial dynamics. Both Taurus and Scorpio find it hard to let go, and we are very loyal and fixed signs that often struggle to release control, but that’s what this new moon is asking us to do, in order to feel free. Take time to set new moon intentions this week that are all about experiencing the most freedom, honesty and consistency in your connections. Remember that relationships take work, communication, commitment, transparency and mutual trust, so there’s no way to escape doing the work. But not all relationships need to have the same level of investment, and you have the discernment to decide how much of yourself you share with others, and how often. With Jupiter entering Pisces just two days after the Taurus New Moon, we’re also being reminded that doing the work doesn’t have to be a constant struggle or sacrifice. It can feel fun and easeful, if your heart’s truly in it.

Since Venus, the Planet of Love and Magnetism, is spending it first full week in Gemini, we’ll get a chance to experience more ease and exploration in our social lives this week, Scorpio. Saturn is still in Aquarius, teaching us the art of healthy emotional detachment, and while a part of us may feel like we’re vacillating between days of being super emotional and days of being up in the clouds, Jupiter’s shift into Pisces activates our sector of fate, true love, creativity and adventure. This is a great week to say yes to going out with friends, with a potential or existing lover, or with yourself. You’ll be in the mood to switch up your style with this combo of Gemini-Pisces mutable energy, and your overall essence will experience an evolutionary upgrade too. Your creativity and your love life will be intertwined this week, and someone may become your muse, or vice versa.

Starting May 14th, you’ll feel like you’re existing, flowing and creating in a completely new dimension (that brings us back to the trippy effect I mentioned that Jupiter’s shift will have on us). It may be more challenging to focus on mundane matters, even if the Taurus New Moon gave us a cosmic push to get to work. The key is to take your time as you balance your desire for fun, kisses, and adventure with your desire for order, clarity, discipline and structure. By this weekend, you may feel like your dream world (especially the dreams you have when you’re asleep) is more poppin’ than your waking world. You’ll be receiving many messages about what your heart really wants and needs for your soul’s expansion, so give yourself time in between all your rendezvous to truly absorb the magic that’s being bestowed upon us and activated within you. This is just the beginning of quite the auspicious experience… We’re awakening and ascending in exponential ways. What a time to be alive!

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Activate the divinely healing energy of the Taurus New Moon with the help of my New Moon Mantra. Enjoy the visual below, and play this (available on all streaming platforms) while setting your intentions!

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