Scorpio, this third week of Scorpio Season will provide you with grounding and harmonious energy, particularly starting November 8th when Venus, the Planet of Love, enters Libra, one of the sign that it rules. Venus’ presence in Libra can help you see yourself and others in a more loving, compassionate light, particularly after Venus’ four-week stay through the more critical sign of Virgo. Venus’ transit in Libra makes you more aware of what feels spiritually fulfilling, so if you’ve been in hustle mode or you’ve been too tough on yourself when it comes to being “successful”, this transit will remind you that taking deep breaths, being present with those you love, and appreciating the beauty of nature is also a form of success. Just make sure it doesn’t lead to you becoming lazy or complacent in the process. Libra is the sign of balance, and this week’s energy is encouraging you to create a healthy balance between work and play.

Fortunately, Mars’ continued transit through Scorpio these next two weeks also serves to keep you driven and focused on your passions. It could also lead to you being more stubborn or egocentric in the pursuit of your objectives, be they financial, romantic, familial, or professional. Take heed and make sure you don’t end up burning bridges just to be the winner or get your way. This is also Saturn’s first full week direct in the sign of Pisces, activating a period of rebirth in your creative and love life. If you’ve felt like either area of your life was stagnant these past four months, it was most likely due to Saturn’s retrograde asking you to re-evaluate your values and make sure you’re not counting your chicken before they hatch. This is your time to start fresh if you’ve felt like your financial or domestic or creative foundation has been unstable — the Universe is conspiring to help you feel more at ease with creating your legacy. The key is to trust the process and choose to flow with it rather than resist it.

Romantically, Venus’ entrance in Libra combined with Mars’ presence in Scorpio makes you more magnetic, loving, open-hearted, passionate, sensual, sexy, and dynamic as a lover, whether you’re coupled or single. You radiate confident vibes, and this can lead to secret and not-so-secret admirers gravitating toward you, wanting to take you out on a date, or simply wanting to have a conversation and get to know you better. Just make sure you’re being discerning of who you want to spend time with and why — you don’t have to say yes to every invitation, only the ones that feel like a solid and undeniable yes. Saturn’s shift direct in your true love sector can also help you clarify your own intentions as a lover or partner, and get clear about what you want from committed partnerships (if that’s even what you’re seeking right now, because being perfectly happy riding solo is also quite possible this Scorpio Season). Write down your thoughts and desires, and prepare to review them next week during the Scorpio New Moon.

Daily scopes are baaaack! (Check the homepage to read yours). Starting in December 2023, I’ll only offer a preview of the daily scopes on my website and social media — those who subscribe to the upcoming KnowTheZodiac App (for a small monthly fee) will receive the in-depth daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly scopes, as well as exclusive video and audio content, astro articles, compatibility readings, and more! Get ready for the new and improved KTZ App to relaunch in December! You can sign up to be a beta-tester here and get early access to the app as well as one month free. Thank you for your support and loyalty these past 10 years.

Since it’s our birthday season, I’m offering 20% off KTZ Birth Chart Readings when you use the discount code “birthday” at check-out. Place your order today and you’ll receive your reading within 7 business days, as a pdf sent to your email. Thanks for the support. Enjoy the journey.

Birth Chart Reading

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ScorpioMystique Birth Chart Readings are personalized and include a graphic of your chart and 50+ pages of in-depth descriptions of the planetary alignments under which you were born. Distinguishing personality traits and ingrained patterns of behavior are discussed in great detail, as well as the potential life paths which are available due to your unique astrological makeup. Astrology is a tool for self-discovery, and your birth chart will help you better understand yourself and what you are meant to bring to this world.

Your love life, professional options, friendships, health, and exciting life opportunities will all be covered in your birth chart reading, which will be delivered to you as a PDF within 10 business days of placing your order.


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ScorpioMystique Birth Chart Readings are personalized and include a graphic of your chart and 50+ pages of in-depth descriptions of the planetary alignments under which you were born. Distinguishing personality traits and ingrained patterns of behavior are discussed in great detail, as well as the potential life paths which are available due to your unique astrological makeup. Astrology is a tool for self-discovery, and your birth chart will help you better understand yourself and what you are meant to bring to this world.

Your love life, professional options, friendships, health, and exciting life opportunities will all be covered in your birth chart reading, which will be delivered to you as a PDF within 10 business days of placing your order.


DISCLAIMER: © 2024 ScorpioMystique LLC. All Rights Reserved. Not for resale, reproduction or distribution. Any violation will incur immediate legal action. For General Education Purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. By using this Site, You understand and agree that this Site should not be construed as a promise of benefits, a claim of cures, or a guarantee of results of any kind. and ScorpioMystique LLC make no guarantees or warranties related to its products or services.

46 reviews for Birth Chart Reading

  1. Clifton Scott (verified owner)

    So I’ve read my chart again… so now this is where I really begin to thank you. I just realize how much this chart describes me. I thank you for the advice to each of my challenges and also to my talents. At this point of time is where I think this chart is very important to the transitions taking place in my life. At this point I realize how bad my thoughts [can be] and how I get lost in the darkness, bringing it more to me. I can now begin to correct my actions and take the actions needed. Thank you! I needed to read that more than once and will continue to read my chart to help me.

  2. Meera (verified owner)

    I love how user-friendly and organized the chart was, and the relaxed, conversational tone helped the information sink in better. You are not only a gifted astrologer, but a brilliant communicator as well! It felt like both an educational and emotional journey, filled with empowerment and solid advice.

  3. A.Z. (verified owner)

    I can’t thank you enough! I have been reading and re-reading my Birth Chart Reading. You really helped me look into myself deeper — why I am the way I am, and helped me realize I should not be so hard on myself! You described me in ways that good friends could not describe me. I seem to find new things each time I re-read my birth chart. You reminded me of what a strong Scorpio I am and that I need to remember that at all times and continue to focus my mind and energy on all the goals I want to accomplish, because when I do so I make it happen!

  4. Clarisa (verified owner)

    All I have to say is wow! I was amazed by how you got my personality correct. I am stubborn, hard on myself, I do have a short temper, and I love my friends and family so dearly! I was stunned because it’s all true! I now know what I need to work on. I’m so glad I decided to get this because I was seriously a lost puppy not knowing where to go but now I know what I need to do! I am one happy customer.

  5. J.G. (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for my Birth Chart Reading. Reading my chart gave me a better understanding of astrology and myself as a whole. Not only was it accurate in listing my qualities and discussing different aspects of my life, but it also tied everything together for me. You helped give me a more optimistic approach to my life by reading what the Universe has in store for me. You also emphasized that ultimately my destiny is in my own hands.

  6. Brittany (verified owner)

    I just wanted to let you know that was one of the most exhilarating things I’ve ever read. I highly appreciate it and I’m going to tell all my friends about your birth chart and advise them to get one from you. Your personalized birth chart is the epitome of why I love astrology.

  7. Morenike

    Not a Scorpio. Just a Leo, but very proud to be the mother of such a talented young woman, full of creativity, who succeeded through this site in mixing useful astrological data and analyses, with colorful fun, and in soothing in some ways the hearts of her dear readers.

  8. Alexa B. (verified owner)

    This was extremely inspiring and self confirming. Astrology is an amazing tool. Many of the topics discussed were dead on. I was always aware of my underlying power, for lack of a better word, but now convinced I’m not crazy lol. It’s something I always knew and was aware of even as a child. My potential is greater than I could wrap my mind around. I always dream of bigger and better, but to know that I’m capable of actually attaining those goals and helping people do the same on a grand scale warms my heart and restores faith in myself.

    As of late, times have been extremely hard, but blindly, I finally see the light.
    Perhaps that’s the definition of faith.

    Thank you to the core.


  9. Stephanie

    I love any information you share, it helps me understand my life and the changes that are happening in it. Very much needed at this day and age.
    Thank you for sharing you’re knowledge☆

  10. Anum Desi (verified owner)

    Wow! Thank you so much! I had to stop and start taking notes because there was so much helpful and positive advice and tips. I feel like I got a deep look into myself and even though some truths were hard to hear, I needed to read this. I think knowing it was written by a fellow Scorpio helps too. 🙂 I feel inspired to move forward and grow into myself; this reading helped give me a blueprint for what kind of life I want to live and the affirmation that I already have the knowledge and tools to make my dreams a reality. For that I’m really thankful. 🙂

  11. Navdeep

    I received my birth chart a few months ago, but I never got around to thanking you. I felt it was the most accurate and uplifting of its kind. I find myself referring back to it every so often and I am always left feeling re-inspired and motivated. The past two years had been very challenging for me, thus the reason I ordered the chart, and I am just so happy I did. Thank you again, and I will continue to read your daily & weekly scopes!

  12. Felicia Lee (verified owner)

    OMG… I must have read my reading ten times. I am soooo pleased with it. The information is so accurate. I think I might have cried three times. It got to the point where I had to put down my phone and walk away a few times. However, I was watching the phone from across the room, therefore I picked it right back up. I am so proud of you and your work. Your passion shows. I am so blown away at the accuracy of things in my life. I needed this piece of me, this chart helped me actually understand the makings of me. I so love it and cherish it. I appreciate this gift.

  13. Leon

    I’m surprised! how precise that was to describe me as a Nov 22nd born Scipio ! My personality was just spookily coincided with everything you said in the article !!

  14. Jaylin

    Real brain power on disalpy. Thanks for that answer!

  15. Lisa

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading my birth chart. It was so accurate!

  16. Mayra (verified owner)

    Let me just say that I was in complete shock when I read my 28 page birth chart reading! It was as if she has known me my entire life. She was on point w my career of choice, personal life, aspirations,emotions, EVERYTHING! I’ve read it three times ! And I plan to read it often! It was as if someone took me apart and really really dug deep to my core. I felt the love and passion that was put into every word every sentence. I feel like I can give someone else my birth chart reading and they will know who I am inside and out. It was THAT detailed. I was at lost for words. I literally held my breath the entire time I read. This was something I needed. It is the guidance and push I needed to focus on what is important. As a Scorpio I’ve never met anyone that knows me and SM’s talent and dedication to astrology has shown me that I am not as difficult as I am made out to be. I am human. I have a purpose. I must love myself and everything else will fall into place. If I could give you a hug and kiss for one of the greatest things I have received in my lifetime I would! My birth chart is my bible! I’m completely astonished by your talent. I absolutely recommend a birth chart reading to everyone and anyone that needs that light at the end of the tunnel. There were words of encouragement, insight, and excitement in every sentence. I will forever be a loyal customer !!! You are the best!!! I am forever grateful for what you have given me. I will use this as a tool for my success towards happiness and perseverance. Thank you again! Xoxo

    • ScorpioMystique (verified owner)

      Thank you for this kind and moving review, Mayra! Your reaction is the reason I am an astrologer. I am so pleased that your birth chart reading resonated with you in this way, and I am so grateful for your loyalty and support!
      Scorpio Love,

  17. Ivette (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for writing my birth chart, I felt so excited reading this!! So many things described I resonated with so deeply and felt like you were reading all those thoughts/feelings that have always been at the core but I couldn’t properly express. I love it so much, and I keep coming back to reading it everyday. THANK YOU! I appreciate you.


  18. Alexa (verified owner)

    My birth chart was one of the most incredible things I have ever read. It was like reading a biography about myself. I have read it multiple times! I could not believe how accurate all of the things you wrote were. It is comforting to know that the things I feel are accurate. The chart was extremely organized and easy to read. You truly have a gift. I cannot tell you how happy I am! Thank you so much.

    • ScorpioMystique (verified owner)

      Dear Alexa,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review. Your support really means the world to me, and I’m so happy your birth chart resonated with you! It was a pleasure writing it. You are a beautiful soul!


  19. Ranicia (verified owner)

    Been impatiently waiting for my Birthchart . checking my email every hour since the 6th lol

  20. Karla (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for providing an insight into my inner being. The way you tied the report at the end touched my soul. You are truly gifted, my fellow Scorpio 🙂

  21. Yolanda Williams (verified owner)

    I’ve read my birth chart any times since the delivery and I am amazed at the level of accuracy. I wasn’t a skeptic however the results have exceed my expectations. I didn’t understand some areas at first but in just a week I understand what I can do to improve. I allowed a close friend to read excerpts and he said that it almost read as if I was describing myself. I am deeply moved and very satisfied with your services. I would recommend this birth chart reading for clarity, insights, or confirmation of self awareness. Thanks SM!

  22. Josue Vazquez (verified owner)

    My birth chart was outstandingly correct. It’s worth the $65. I intend to read it every other week or so to remind myself who I really am. Believe every review you read because they’re telling you truth about themselves. Thank you again for your service. ♏️

    • ScorpioMystique (verified owner)

      Thank you Josue for this kind review! It was a pleasure doing your chart and I’m so glad you loved it!

  23. Hope Barrett (verified owner)

    I love my birthchart so much, I will keep it forever! So crazy, so me, so true. Thank you so much for such a wonderful read! I would recommend every human to get their birthchart 🙂

  24. Ashley (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh, where do I start? I’ve been going back and forth with purchasing my birth chart, not honestly knowing if I was ready, & even if it would be worth it. Let me first say, I am FCKING glad that I did (Sorry for my French, well you guys are scorpios so I’m sure FCKING is an all-time favorite). I needed to read this birth chart. I needed to read this birth chart at this transformational point of my life. I can’t thank you enough for this. You have forced me to sit in my truths – no you’ve force me to SOAK in my truths. There were so many “ah ha” moments during my 5 times of reading my chart. There were so many “damn” moments, particularly with my romantic relationship. I had to pause so many times while reading my chart, to simply think. I had to literally THINK and APPLY to it my current life. It’s like you know me, without even knowing me (because no one can simply know ALL of me – I’m a Scorpio ?LOL). I can now point out and deal with my flaws. Not avoid them. Not deny them. I can embrace and CORRECT them. This chart not only taught me A LOT of stuff that I need to know about myself, but it probably saved my life. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I am forever indebted to you.


    • ScorpioMystique (verified owner)

      Dear Ashley,

      Thank you Scorpio sister for taking the time to write this review! I’m so glad your chart resonated with you and that you’re such an evolved soul looking to constantly improve yourself. Sending you love & light on your life journey.

  25. Aldana (verified owner)

    I’m so happy I ordered this,I had my doubts in terms of my self and those doubts were actually real.I have a lot to learn and change and this was a true guide to start living in a better way.I’m also excited for what’s coming in the future :)Also I’m happy that the planets you named that should be in my ideal partner (sun,moon and venus) are all the ones that are in my fiancés chart 😀 so excited that you confirm that I’m with my ideal man <3

    • ScorpioMystique (verified owner)

      I’m so happy you ordered too Aldana, and that you loved your reading! I wish you much happiness in life and with your fiancé!
      Scorpio Power,

  26. Heather @activeambition (verified owner)

    I have read and reread my chart over the past few weeks. It speaks to my soul! I can’t believe how accurate it is to my life, my chart understands me better than the closest people in my life. I am so pleased with this purchase, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.

  27. Darius Phelps (verified owner)

    It’s as if you’ve been walking through this journey with me, step by step, from the moment I came into this world. Thank you, for helping me looking inside my own self to look past the years I spent lacing up my armor to see what is on my heart; I’ve accepted my destiny. 🙂

  28. Nikita (verified owner)

    @ScorpioMystique thank you so much for my chart. It’s taken me some time to figure out just what I wanted to say in my review. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to say that you are very talented. There is no other way to put it besides you are absolutely, undoubtedly, and extraordinarily gifted!!! Thank you for my birth chart reading I know you put a lot of love and soul into it and I appreciate it. Looking forward to supporting more of your products in the future.

    • ScorpioMystique (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review, Nikita! It made my day 🙂 So glad you loved your chart; I really appreciate your support!

  29. Lauren g (verified owner)

    I could not wait to have my birthchart reading. It was everything I expected and more. Gave me great insight into my self and knowledge for a life time. The scorpio mystique is so talented. All the detail she puts into her work is spot on and amazing. Really opens your eyes and your mind to yourself. thank you

  30. GFL (verified owner)

    I received my reading in August 2016, and it has yet to be anything less than eye opening, enlightening and grounding. Every few weeks I read the entire 30-page report again and I feel incredibly empowered and so encouraged having myself revealed to myself. Scorpios, please purchase. You will not regret it.

  31. Marina

    Such an accurate readings. Amazing!

  32. Shawn M Creenan (verified owner)

    My name is Shawn Creenan , i’m a 23 year old Scorpio Male , i started reading my horoscope and my scorpio traits late 2016 , i was born November 19th, i grew up with my mom and sister , no one else was in the picture. I’ve felt I’ve been in the darkness my whole life and i absolutely loved every minute of it , The Scorpio in me is running through my blood and veins every day and i own it. I came across Scorpio Mystique one day online and decided to invest in a birth chart reading. ,when i got home from work a month or two later I remember it was a pretty bad day and my inbox had a new message it was my reading , it had to be 3/4 in the morning when i read all 27 pages to have cried throughout the entire reading because it was so spot on , it is as if she is physic and knows every part of me , the things that were mentioned know one on earth knows about me . i recommend if you’re a scorpio to invest in ScorpioMystiques reading it will change your life forever if you are a scorpio , i know it did for me. Every thin g makes sence now thanks to her Thank you for the best gift. Scorpios we are truly one of a kind , it is our sign that can rule the world ♏

  33. Nicole (verified owner)

    Reading about your strengths and weaknesses sounds more complicated than it is. It’s super eye opening and interesting. Get to know yourself on a deeper level because You deserve it. ScorpioMystique makes it easy to read and personal. You can tell she put time, love and passion into it. My Birth Chart Reading was very informative and worth every penny.

  34. Nedim (verified owner)

    Best birth chart reading I’ve ever had! Helps a lot in my evolution and understanding! Thank you so much!

  35. A (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the reading. It was spot on and showed both the lower frequencies I have overcome and some of the healthy challenges I face as my continuous transformation and growth. I recommend everyone get a birth chart reading. You are amazing SM, continue to let your light shine. The brighter the light, the bigger the shadow.

  36. Shauna (verified owner)

    Thanks for such a thorough reading. It was truly enlightening and I can see myself referring back to it on a regular basis. It was definitely worth it.

  37. Robin (verified owner)

    I was super excited to read my natal chart! ScorpioMystique truly delivered. Reading the chart allowed me to learn more about myself and validate the things I could never explain to other people. I am now more confident in what I always felt to be my purpose/highest potential after reading my chart. I’ve always been a believer in astrology but here were specific things in my chart that amazed me (like specific hobbies and parental relationships). Also, the writing is very descriptive and understandable.
    Thank you, ScorpioMystique!

  38. Sydney (verified owner)

    Reading my birthchart was a completely eye-opening experience! I really loved how thorough and honest Dossé-Via was. She was able to validate so many aspects of my life while lending some sound advice as to how to deal with certain troubles. I really enjoyed reading my birth chart and I feel like I know myself even better. I highly recommend all you astrology-lovers to get your birth chart reading! So special.

  39. Anuj (verified owner)

    This was the most accurate depiction I have ever read about my life. I knew you were something magical, and this did not disappoint. Bless you for your being, and together, we Scorpios will transform the world.

  40. Sarina (verified owner)

    Wow. Speechless. It was like someone reached into the very depths of my soul and being, knew everything about me and more. There are no words to describe how awe inspiring, uncomfortable(looking at some truths about self is quite disturbing and uncomfortable). But now I know how to deal with these parts of myself. I felt like my best friend was sitting there holding my hand while I read it. It was so exiting to finally get answers and confirmations to questions I have been asking myself for years! I feel super exited about my future because I know I’m heading in the right direction. This reading was so detailed and in depth . I could tell ScorpioMystique took her time and that means a lot. If you haven’t gotten a reading from her yet, get it today! It is very affordable and the information lasts a lifetime. Thank you so much for this reading my Scorpio sister . We even have the same Birthday! ScorpioMystique let me know that interesting fact in the beginning of the reading.

  41. Jordy (verified owner)

    Yo can I just bring to mind how much more awake and harmonious this world would be if everyone got their birth chart at birth? GEEZ!! Your chart mentioned my intuition and “psychic” nature in it a couple times so a lot of what you said I kind of knew.. sort of but there were insights that caught me off guard and my secretive nature wanted me to go hide somewhere. The end part made me teary eyed and left me feeling like I was finally understood. This confirmed and reaffirmed I’m on the right path and that my intentions are noble. I thank you so so so much and I’m going to recommend you to anyone who will listen.

    With so much love and respect,

    Jordy (Saint Jordiii)

  42. TBird

    ScorpioMystique’s rendering of my birth chart was spot on. This will give you confidence in your strengths and highlight the areas you need to give attention to so that you become all that you’re meant to be. Don’t delay!

  43. Shahrezad Ghayrat (verified owner)

    I am so pleased with my Birth Chart. I have been so looking forward to reading it and when I finally got it I was like wow! wow! wow! Scorpio Mystique is like a best friend that you never met but knows you like 100%!!! I am so grateful for the work you do girl! I will keep reading my Birth Chart until everything syncs in.
    Hey, fellow Scorpios! ORDER YOUR BIRTH CHART RIGHT NOW!!!

  44. Jaz (verified owner)

    I had to read my birth chart and walk away to absorb it. That’s how powerful and pertinent it is. I have gained insight into who I am, and who I have the potential to be. I am so thankful for SM’s time and detail. And even with us having a technical hiccup she made sure that it was worth my while. I didn’t mind bc from one Scorpio to another I knew she’d have my back and she did. She’s a wonderful woman and businesswoman and I am more than satisfied with my reading. I will say it has piqued my interest to learn more abt myself and I’m hoping to link up with her soon for more business.

  45. Nancy

    SM, do you only read birth charts for Scorpios?

    • Dossé-Via Trenou-Wells (verified owner)

      Hi Nancy, I do them for all 12 zodiac signs 🙂

  46. Ferriccirobles (verified owner)

    I was excited to see your birth chart pop in my email today, as I didn’t expect for it to come sooner! First of all, I have no words except an endless swath of thank you’s for the birth chart reading. The intricacies of the birth chart are what made it even more fascinating, and not only did you shock me for understanding my inner yearnings and truths, you made it sound so conversational as if I was listening to your podcast and that was very powerful. It felt as if you had been following me since birth with the way you described me, and I had multiple “OMG that’s me” moments. I appreciate the personalized approach, and it made the birth chart more straightforward to understand. I am entirely new but have always been intrigued by astrology, and after reading my chart, I immediately thought of positive intentions that I could manifest in my life. Advice from one Scorpio to the next, please get your birth chart! It’s worth the wait!

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