We’ve made it to the start of Aries Season, which means the astro new year is upon us, Scorpios! What’s interesting about this week is that while Aries Season represents momentum and action, both Aries and Scorpio are signs ruled by the planet Mars (or Ògún in Yorùbá spirituality, as I explain in my book Signs & Skymates). And this week, on the 25th, our planetary ruler Mars will leave Gemini, where it’s been since August 2022, and enter our fellow Water sign of Cancer for the next six weeks. This means that even though we’ll feel like we’re getting the cosmic green light to move forward with key intentions and initiatives this week, Mars in Cancer will counteract all the fiery energy by reminding us of how necessary it is to rest, slow down, meditate, and be still.

Check in with your body this week — how are you feeling? Are there any aches, pains, or stressors you need to attend to? The Aries New Moon on the 21st takes place at 1:23pm EST, one day after the official start of Aries Season (which begins March 20th at 5:24pm EST). It’s activating our sector of health and wellness, so you should be tending to yourself this week, and making sure you’re feeling good inside and out. If you’re not feeling that great, don’t push it off to another day — figure out what’s wrong, and see if you need to have a health check-up or consider holistic medicine to help you regenerate your strength. Aries Season is warrior season, and as a fellow Mars-ruled being you’ll be acting in more of a Mars-like way these next four weeks.

Romantically, now that Mercury, the Planet of Communication, is also in Aries, you’re likely to say things more directly to your romantic partners or potential suitors. If you’re single and not in the mood to connect with anyone romantically, Mercury in Aries and Venus in Taurus will help you pour more love into yourself, perhaps through cleaning out your closet and giving yourself a new look for the astro new year. Those in a relationship, situationship, or potential relationship will feel ready to have clarifying conversations with their partner(s) this week, but beware of your pride or ego getting in the way — the combo of Aries and Taurus energy in the air can increase everyone’s stubbornness. Communicate from a place of truth, not from a place of trying to be the winner. View your partner(s) as an ally/ your allies rather than people you have to compete with or be wary of. And if that’s easier said than done, you may benefit from taking some time to yourself, particularly starting the 25th once Mars enters Cancer, to figure out what’s at the root of your extreme self-protection or suspicion.

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