Scorpio, we’ve always been living in revolutionary times, but this particular moment in times feels incredibly potent. It’s currently Cancer Season, and the Cancer New Moon occurring on the 28th will help us tap into our emotional reservoirs in ways that at first may feel overwhelming. But as we slow down this week, trust the waves that we’re riding, and release the tears that may have been building up for quite some time, we’ll start to surrender to what we’re feeling, rather than feel anxious about it. Chances are, many people in our surroundings have been feeling lotsss of feels about us too, and this week we’ll have a cathartic breakthrough with ourselves, and with others.

Whatever you’ve been bottling up inside, particularly in the month after eclipse season, is likely to be released this week. It could come out gradually, it could all be expressed non-verbally, through eye contact and body language, or it could be an outpouring of passion and sensitivity that takes the world by storm. You have the freedom to explore how you choose to express your anger, joy, frustration, agitation, uncertainty, and mysticism. It shouldn’t get stuck within your body. Mars, our planetary ruler, is spending its final stretch in Aries, so this new moon week is perfect for recommitting to a health routine, especially as a way to release stagnant energy that weighs you down physically or psychologically.

Currently Mercury and Venus are both in Gemini, and this significantly shakes up Scorpio’s social life, because Gemini energy activates our sector of depth, intimacy, and merging. Since Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde (in the signs of Aquarius and Capricorn, respectively), all of this Gemini energy in the cosmos may have us reflecting on our past relationships and friendships. There may have been some that were deeply fulfilling in one or two areas of your life, such as sexually, emotionally, financially, spiritually, or psychologically, but not necessarily in all. Venus in Gemini is helping you be okay with that, and Mercury being direct in Gemini is also reminding you that we have multiple needs, and they don’t have to all be fulfilled by one person. That puts way too much pressure on that person to be our everything — especially if we are our own “person”. We can mourn friendships that we’ve had to release, or the ones we know we must release, but we can also celebrate the way people have made consistent efforts to show up for us. This week, we can decide to learn how to trust the connections entering our lives, even if it takes us time.

When it comes to romance specifically, this week you may feel a bit all over the place. A part of you wants peace and quiet due to the Cancer New Moon, and another part of you wants to be made love to round after round after round, and fully be submerged in pleasure. Find humor and flexibility in your duality and contradictions. This New Moon in Cancer week, Scorpio, allow yourself to be taken care of, by perhaps more than one person. The Gemini energy in the cosmos is encouraging you to discover yourself through the connections you create, maintain, and develop. This will make your perspective on life, and love, quite stimulating, and full of possibilities.

This week, you may find yourself exploring new facets of your personality, perhaps through switching up your look, going on a vintage shopping spree, or donating most of your clothes away in the spirit of feeling lighter and being more seen for who you are beyond the external. You’ll also be willing to look at your past, current, and potential lover(s) from a refreshing perspective, rather than being led by your pre-conceived notions of what’s possible for y’all. To learn more about Gemini energy (and understand your connection with Geminis in your life), read this sneak peek of my upcoming book Signs & Skymates! It’s now available for pre-order. Thank you to everyone who’s been pre-ordering my debut book. So hype for y’all to read it!

In honor of the Cancer New Moon, please enjoy my short film, “La Famille”, which celebrates the fact that I moved to West Africa with my family exactly four years ago, during Cancer Season :’)

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