How are you flowing after the full moon in Sagittarius, Scorpio? On the 18th of this week, we’ll officially be out of Mercury Retrograde’s post-shadow period. Mercury Retrograde ended on June 3, but we always feel after effects for two weeks afterwards. That may explain why my website was down for over a week last week, and all I had to do was be present and accept the cosmic downloads the Universe sent my way. Many of us have been feeling similar downloads: we’re reminding ourselves that our worth shouldn’t be tied to the work we do — we are more than the work we do. We are more than what we even think we are. If you’ve been in the mood to pause, reflect on your path, and make necessary adjustments, this is a prime time to do so. Saturn’s final retrograde in Aquarius is helping us be emotionally detached from our own passions, allowing us to objectively define what’s meant for us, while peacefully releasing what isn’t.

Feeling secure within yourself — that’s what this Sag Full Moon week is about for us, Scorpio. Yes, we may want to hit a specific number in our bank accounts, or be able to shop without having to check what our bank balance is, but for us, the feeling of security is also a spiritual, psychological, and emotional access point. We want to know who truly has our backs, and not only when we’re balling out, but also when we’re confused, stuck, stagnant, angry, frustrated, or alone. For Scorpios, this full moon will illuminate our true friends and genuine lovers, and it will also highlight frenemies or enemies in disguise. Many serendipitous moments will occur this week, and at times you’ll wonder if there are cameras following you and if you’re in a reality TV show. You are in a period of being more aware of the different storylines and timelines in your life, and this week you’ll be more curious about what people’s role(s) in your life are. Have heart to hearts with people rather than cutting them off or icing them out. Let them know where you stand, but don’t overexplain yourself.

Mid-week, the Capricorn Moon helps the energy from the Sag full moon start to wane, and we’ll find ourselves getting back on solid ground after being activated by the full moon high. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are prime times for doing the grunt work and not procrastinating on key tasks. You don’t have to power through all of them though — allow yourself to take breaks, especially since Mercury, the Planet of Communication, has re-entered Gemini and could lead to you trying to tackle too many projects at once. Pace yourself under the Capricorn Moon, and focus on your most essential priorities rather than filling your day with busy work.

This weekend, the Aquarius Moon helps us collectively mellow out as we approach the final days of Gemini Season. The Sun in Gemini and Moon in Aquarius can lead to us wanting to be surrounded by intellectual conversation and stimulating experiences. But we can easily feel overstimulated too, so if you need to retreat into your own Scorpio world, perhaps with only 1 or 2 trusted companions, don’t hesitate to do so. Romantically, with Venus still in Taurus, you’re longing to be touched, held, cuddled, and woohoo’d. You may benefit from pleasing yourself sensually and physically this weekend, while either doing the same to your lover(s), or vividly visualizing yourself receiving the passionate attention and intimacy that you seek from your lover(s). The Full Moon’s manifestation magic is quite potent, especially due to the square it made to Neptune in Pisces, so before your know it, your wildest fantasies can become tangible realities, if you dare to put your fantasies out there. Go ahead and slide in those DM’s. Your future bae could literally be waiting and ready for you to come throughhh.

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