The year is 2023. Scorpios around the world are getting ready for their planetary ruler, Mars, to end its retrograde in the sign of Gemini on January 12th. We’re feeling aligned with this new chapter of our lives, but since Mercury is still retrograde until January 18, we don’t place pressure on ourselves to set new year’s resolutions or start the year off running. Instead, we rest. Many of us may have even decided to keep new year’s celebrations low-key, and go inward instead. Venus’ entrance into Aquarius on January 2 adds to this homebody vibe, as it activates Scorpio’s sector of roots, and the home. We start off 2023 redefining what it means to be at home, and to feel at home. We focus on observing ourselves and our emotional responses to life, rather than judging others based on their actions. We remember to breathe.

Scorpio, the first week of 2023 will feel sensitive, intuitive, practical, and grounded. We’re in the midst of Capricorn Season, and the Cancer Full Moon is rapidly approaching, taking place on January 6. As we approach the first full moon of 2023, many of us will be focused on wrapping up chapters from the end of 2022, and that’s actually the best way to make the most of this energy. Tie up loose ends at work, in your domestic life, and when it comes to your spiritual journey, rather than starting something brand new during this first week of the year. Allow yourself to cry, stretch your body, and stay hydrated. Normalize and integrate any and all emotions you feel this week, and this month, Scorpio — the way you start this year should be filled with self-acceptance, because it’s only going to get better from here, and it’s best if you’re your biggest cheerleader, now and forever.

Romantically, Venus’ presence in Aquarius will make you feel more emotionally detached than usual. You may not always want to be tied to the hip to your lover or crush, but you will send them love telepathically and be open to receiving it from them. If you’re single and mingling, you’ll find yourself drawn to people who are different from the usual type that you date — you’ll also be more attracted to people’s intelligence rather than their looks. This transit may make Scorpios feel uncomfortable fully expressing their emotions, especially when combined with Mercury Retrograde. Journaling, going to therapy, and watching movies that help you process your feelings may be the best course of action for you romantically these next few weeks, Scorpio. You can have heart-to-hearts, but release the need to make definitive decisions in your partnerships. So much more will make sense in the post-retrograde world.

You may also have noticed that your energy levels are off-and-on as 2023 begins, and if so you’d benefit from scheduling as much time for sleep and self-care as possible. Once Mars shifts direct on the 12th, you’ll have more stamina and momentum, and when Mercury also shifts direct on the 18th, you’ll feel like your new year is actually beginning. So the best way to make sure this year is one that’s softer and kinder to you is by treating yourself with more softness and kindness, Scorpio. Let Capricorn Season teach you how to set and maintain boundaries in your relationships at work and at home, as well as with friends, so that you don’t feel emotionally depleted by the time the Cancer Full Moon strikes on the 6th. Instead, pour deeply into yourself and teach others how to do the same, and you’ll feel replenished by Sunday, January 6th, when the mystical Cancer Full Moon brings your deepest feelings and passions to the surface of your life, demanding to be felt and pursued. This is the cleansing you’ve been ready for. And it marks the beginning of a whole new way of being for you. Enjoy this first week of 2023, Scorpio. The best is yet to come.

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Dossé-Via, creator of ScorpioMystique