Scorpio, are you listening to your body’s wisdom? On the 19th, the North Node conjoins Chiron in Aries, reminding you that it’s time to take initiative when it comes to your healing and wellness journey. What kind of shifts are your health, lifestyle and work habits in need of? If you’ve been wanting to put an end to unhealthy patterns and start healthier habits, this is your sign to begin that process. Your future self will thank you.

On the 21st, the Moon in Leo opposes Pluto, Venus and Mars, all in Aquarius, connecting you with your willingness to shed what feels safe in order to find your place in the world. This requires an intense transformation, and it’s a process that will take time. You’re a master at transmutation and rebirth though, so you got this! During this time you may not feel as social or energetic as usual. You’ll be in the mood to go inward and ask yourself the tough questions. You’ll also feel ready to face whatever you’ve been procrastinating on, and get clear on what blockages may be keeping you from reaching your full potential. The key is to have compassion for yourself throughout this journey. We’ve never experienced our ruling planet Pluto in Aquarius aligning with so many other Aquarian placements in our lifetime, up until now. So don’t rush your rebirth… get curious about it. Rise in love with your newly evolving self.

Mercury enters Pisces on the 23rd, activating your creative spirit. Allow yourself to enter the creative space of self-expression with no expectations or timelines, so you can remember what it feels like to play. Pisces Season is here to remind you that life is not only about self-improvement. You’d benefit from letting your inner child do what they want to do, when they want to do it, without controlling or restraining them from living the life they love. Speaking of love, Pisces Season will have you in a more ethereal and romantic mood, so if you have your eye on someone, or they have their eyes on you, you’re likely to be more open to flirting, love-making, and passion playing together.

The Full Moon in Virgo strikes on the 24th at 7:30am EST, shedding light on your social circles, group chats, and community gatherings. This Moon is here to remind you about the productive and regenerative nature available in centering mutual pleasure. Abundance becomes sustainable when we refuse to hoard it. This means that as we near the final week of February, you’re being encouraged to check in with your friend group and make sure they’re aware of how much you mean to them. You’ll also find it easier to detach from one-sided relationships or friendships where you’ve been the one putting in more of the energy. If you’re actually the one who’s been pushing people away without explanations, don’t be surprised if you find yourself facing people’s boundaries toward you, as they may not feel as connected to the relationship as they once did. Accept what happens, change what you feel must be changed, and prepare for March to bring in new blessings once you’ve cleared out the dead weight.