Scorpios, welcome to the Gemini Full Moon week —  the final full moon of 2022, and it’s significant because it makes a conjunction to our planetary ruler Mars, who is currently retrograde in Gemini. Think back to where you were in your life six months ago, during the New Moon in Gemini that took place May 30, and reflect on how much you’ve grown and evolved this year. The South Node, which represents our karmic past, has been in our sign since January 2022, and will remain there until July 2023, so even though Gemini energy can be light-hearted, this Mars-Moon conjunction will be felt more intensely by Scorpio placements, and it’ll highlight the complexities, double standards, and nuances that exist within us and others. We’re being asked to be observers of what’s coming up for us internally, and now that Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, is direct in the sign of Pisces, we can intuitively make a decision about what we want to communicate to others.

To show you what I mean, I’ll take the lead and transparently communicate what this full moon is bringing up for me. As many of you know (especially if you’ve been reading my weekly scopes for years now), I’ve been offering weekly and daily scopes for free to this community, and for the most part it’s been a pleasure to share my talents and gifts with you all. We have grown so much together as we choose to become better beings each and every day, and I’m grateful for all the ways this community has poured into me. With my debut book, Signs & Skymates, coming out this full moon week on Tuesday, December 6, I’m asking for your direct support. if you haven’t yet pre-ordered my book, please consider doing so this week, especially if you’ve benefitted from my free labor throughout the years.

Your support of my book will help me continue to share free offerings with this community. There’s over 500,000 Scorpios following me on all my social channels, and if even just 1% of readers support me by purchasing my book, it would make a tremendous difference! You can order Signs & Skymates here. Thanks in advance for investing in me and reciprocating the energetic exchange! As a thank you gift, you’ll receive a KTZ Birth Chart Reading (if you pre-order the entire S&S Suite) and Astro Compatibility Course, emailed to you this week! Submit your pre-order receipts   here by 11:59pm EST to claim your exclusive pre-order gifts. If you’re based internationally, you can still take part in this campaign and receive your pre-order gifts, just submit your receipts here instead. Enjoy!

I hope that by leading by example, you also can see the importance of directly naming your needs during this full moon week. As the expression says, “closed mouths don’t get fed”, and since this full moon has to do with communication, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see what happens when you open your throat chakra and speak with intention and purpose.

Since full moons are about closure and release, I also want you to know that it’s okay to let go of what you’ve outgrown this week. You may be reflecting on it, but you may not actually make any monumental changes until January 2023, once Mars has ended its retrograde in Gemini. Many of us are reflecting on the work you do, and trying to see what feels right to your spirit. As Scorpios, since we’re Fixed Water signs, when we get emotionally invested in a passion project it can feel impossible to let it go. But this full moon week asks you to make sure you’re aligned with your values, and with your intentions you set six months ago about what freedom and abundance truly means to you. Be honest with yourself about times when you may be holding on to something that must be gently released or transformed… And remember, you don’t have to let go all at once. The breath by breath, step by step approach to releasing and surrendering is also beneficial for you, Scorpio.

Romantically, this week may feel really inspiring for us, as Venus in Sagittarius adds spontaneity and dynamic energy to your life. This weekend, the Cancer Moon encourages you to get transparent and vulnerable with your lover(s), or, if you’re not romantically involved, you’ll notice yourself opening up to the idea of intimacy and romance rather than shying away from it or denying it altogether. Neptune’s shift direct in Pisces is activating your sector of true love and romance, as is Jupiter’s final few weeks in Pisces.

This week is one of the most auspicious periods for putting yourself out there and dating (or even for giving a second chance to someone from your past who seems to have evolved and done the work). You’ll feel super excited about what’s in store if you choose to have faith that the best is yet to come. The Universe wants you to feel fulfilled romantically, Scorpio, so get very clear about what that would look and feel like for you, and prepare for this energy to enter your life, especially once Mars Retrograde ends early next year. Trust that everything you’ve ever wanted is aligning specifically for you, and you’ll receive it in divine timing!

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Thanks for the support! Have an amazing week, and enjoy reading Signs & Skymates!