Welcome to the final week of 2023, Scorpio! We’ve made it. On the 26th, we experience the Full Moon in Cancer at 7:33pm EST, shining a light on your spiritual and philosophical musings. Your inner longing to dedicate your life to something with greater meaning will be stirred up. What gives you purpose? How does your gut feel when you think about your current journey? This is a time to stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone and find ways to spiritually evolve. Listen to your intuition — what new adventure does it want to embark on?

Also on the 26th, Chiron, the asteroid that deals with our inner wounds, shifts direct in Aries in your sector of service, routines, and wellness. Remember to take inventory of your health and your habits this week. True healing and transformation isn’t about one huge shift, it’s in the little things, in the day-to-day, in the flow of life. You’re invited to take stock of ways you’ve been pouring into your own cup, and ways you may have been depleting yourself, perhaps through overextending yourself or overpromising when you actually should be doing less during this time of year, not more. Don’t feel guilty for choosing rest or simplicity as the year rounds out. It’s what your spirit needs.

On the 29th, Venus, the Planet of Love, will leave our sign after a four-week transit and enter Sag, where it will be for the next 26 days, allowing you to find beautiful ways to nurture your sense of self-worth. You’ll want to be where things feel secure and steady, but you’ll also be craving spontaneity and novelty now that Venus will be in a Fire sign. You’ll feel drawn toward people who provide these feelings of safety and warmth, helping you better define who to let into your inner circle. This is also be a time where you’ll be able to tap into ways to monetize a talent that you’ve only been practicing for fun. You don’t have to actually turn this into a full-time career, but it’ll be cool to tap into your money-making potential and dream up what’s possible.

Jupiter, the Planet of Abundance, shifts direct in Taurus on the 30th, after a four-month retrograde in our sector of relationships. This means things will keep shifting, expanding and becoming more evident within your partnerships. The clarity you’ve been waiting for is bound to arrive in the weeks after Jupiter Retrograde ends. The end of the year is the ideal time to take the leap, whether it’s confessing your love, coming into a great commitment, or parting ways with connections you’ve outgrown. Jupiter’s shift direct provides us with great energy to close the year and to think about your New Year’s Resolutions, without putting too much pressure on yourself to actualize them all (since the astro new year doesn’t begin until March 19, 2024).

2023 hasn’t been easy, personally or collectively, and 2024 will be a year of big shifts and revelations with Pluto moving into Aquarius. We are moving toward the world we want to see come true, and even if at times we may feel overwhelmed by life’s events, we’ll all be creating the kinds of connections and communities where we feel more supported within our personal and collective dreams. Connection is what will create the possibilities that will overshadow the feelings of hopelessness. With Jupiter and Uranus both in your sector of connection, you’re being asked to open your heart to love, Scorpio. Even if — or especially if — you’ve been hurt or disappointed before. The Universe has been testing you a lot lately, but this is the season where you should trust that the Universe is focused on blessing you, healing you, and evolving alongside you.

As Mercury, the Planet of Communication, shifts direct in Sagittarius on the first day of 2024, start the year with this mantra: “I respect my talents. I know my value, and I act accordingly. I take control of my finances, and make a plan where my resources can go towards manifesting my dreams. I come into empowering collaborations where healthy boundaries are maintained.”

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ScorpioMystique aka Dossé-Via