Slow down as the week begins, Scorpio. Mercury, the Planet of Retrograde, is retrograde until January 1st, giving the end of 2023 a reflective and nostalgic mood. This allows you to bring more awareness to how you tend to get lost within your day-to-day routines or surroundings. Instead of doing things out of habit or necessity, make it your mission to be intentional and present with every action that you do. During this retrograde cycle you may also decide to release certain patterns of behavior that you’re used to, such as indulging in escapist behavior (via drugs, alcohol, sex, entertainment, etc…) and you’ll be spending time getting reacquainted with your more sober and present self.

We welcome Capricorn season and the start of the solstice on the 21st, shining an even brighter light on the reflective journey that Mercury retrograde is taking you through. For you, the end of the year is always about how you communicate (the power of your voice and creativity) and how you bring your presence into your daily activities (via your ability to connect and not disconnect). This is an invitation to rid your daily duties of all the things that don’t bring you joy or a sense of purpose. Use the Pisces Moon on Monday to dream up new ways to enter 2024. Then Tuesday through Thursday, the Aries Moon and the solstice will give you the boost of energy necessary to follow through on this new beginning.

On Saturday the 23rd, Mercury retrogrades back into Sagittarius, connecting you with the things that were going on during the last week of November surrounding your resources, material security and sense of self-worth, offering a deeper perspective. You may spend the weekend evaluating your financial decisions, and taking stock of your budget as we prepare to enter the final week of the year. You’ll become aware of moments when you used shopping as a way to fill an emotional void. Instead of being hard on yourself for past decisions, be grateful for what you’ve learned, and vow to do better in the future now that you know better.

Romantically, this is one of the most powerful weeks for forgiving yourself and others, thanks to Venus’ presence in Scorpio enlightening you to inner wounds that you have either already healed, have yet to heal, or are in the process of healing. Since it’s Sag Season, you’re encouraged to not go through this healing process alone. Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, is in its final days retrograde through your partnership sector, encouraging you to be aware of moments when you pushed people away due to fear of vulnerability. Things are different now that the North Node is in Aries and the South Node is in Libra — you’re being offered the opportunity to heal in community, by opening yourself up to the right people who can comfort and guide you into a new chapter. Plus, we’re just a few days away from the Full Moon in Cancer, occurring on the 26th, and you’re likely to already feel its influence this Saturday and Sunday. Lean into the softness that the Universe is bringing into your life, Scorpio. After such an emotionally tumultuous year, you deserve this moment of respite and this offering of peace.

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