This last full week of March 2021 is about investing in yourself and your wellbeing, Scorpio. Now that the astrological new year has occurred, you’re feeling yourself rising to the occasion and doing what needs to be done. Pisces Season helped you slow your roll and trust your instincts. It’s time to act on those instincts, with passion and dedication. With Mars, our ruling planet, in the airy and changing sign of Gemini for a few more weeks, you may find yourself a bit frustrated when it comes to staying committed to one set course of action. So perhaps that’s a sign that you can focus on more than one thing at once, as long as you choose carefully. Monday and Tuesday’s Cancer Moon will help you feel your way through the different options you have. Focus on the opportunities and priorities that are the most emotionally stimulating, rather than anything that’s overly practical or predictable. You’re seeking stimulation and adventure in your life this week, as well as harmony and balance (due to the upcoming Libra Full Moon on Sunday). You can experience what you desire once you give yourself permission to welcome that energy into your life.

Mid-week, the Leo Moon lights up your career and reputation sector, Scorpio, and an exciting opportunity to boost your income and professional visibility is upon you. If a part of you feared your own magic recently, you’ll start to understand that it’s not going anywhere, so instead of resting on your laurels, take time to create a strategy and game plan that allows you to apply your talents in way that set you up for great success and freedom. Jupiter and Saturn are both in Aquarius, helping you glow-up as a communicator and as a human being. There will be moments this week when you’re just lost in thought, but actually quite present within them at the same time. That’s a form of meditation, and you’ll be entering that realm of consciousness more than usual. It’ll help you tap into higher dimensions of thinking and being. This too, is productivity, Scorpio.

This weekend, you’ll feel the effects of the Libra Full Moon activating your spirituality and healing sector. You’ll be ready to make amends with those whom you feel the relationship is still worth investing in, and you’ll surprisingly start to let go of grudges or resentments in past relationships with family members, co-workers, ex-friends or ex-lovers. This doesn’t mean you’ll forgive and forget, but the live and let live energy of Aries Season, combined with the airy and emotionally-detached vibes of the Libra Full Moon, will help you put things in perspective and reflect on what’s really worth your time and energy. Instead of plotting to get back at someone, you could be treating yourself to your next self-care adventure. You could be investing in your future self’s well-being. This weekend, do a full moon releasing ritual to help you process the valid emotions that you’ve harbored within you, and then honestly assess which ones are worth holding on to. Your heart’s expanding with each courageous breath you take.

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