Welcome to the last week of October, Scorpios! Monday through Wednesday is likely to feel extra sensitive for us, as the Moon hangs out in Cancer and cozies up to the Sun in our sign. Waves of nostalgia may wash over you as you reflect on your past experiences, lovers, friends, and dreams. While it’s important to let yourself feel the feels, it’s also essential that you don’t get paralyzed by them. If there are memories that make you feel a void, perhaps it’s a sign that a part of you is missing those elements in your life. If, for example, you’ve been having flashbacks of some of your favorite trips that you’ve taken, maybe it’s time for you to start planning another one. If you’re reminiscing of times when you could count on a romantic partner to help you through difficult times, perhaps it’s time to start opening yourself up to someone new, even if you take the gradual approach…

Starting Thursday, the Moon in Leo helps add momentum and fire to our lives. Suddenly we’re out of your feels and instead focusing on making our current dreams come true. You may be surprised at how motivated you are around this time, and you’ll notice yourself receiving more attention from professional collaborators, as well as exciting new opportunities to share your magic with the world. Let yourself be seen as the work week rounds out. It’s a great time for a presentation, and you’ll also have more confidence when it comes to pitching a new project or asking for a raise or promotion. Venus in Sagittarius harmonizes with Jupiter in Aquarius around that time too, which means you may receive a windfall of money or suddenly think of a great way to increase your income before the month ends. All of these breakthroughs can only happen if you take the time to center yourself and listen to your intuition though, so try to be very selective with what you say “yes” to this week. Do not take on more than you can handle, or else you won’t have any capacity to accept the blessings pouring into your life. Make room for what you really want.

Saturday may be more intense energetically, as the Leo Moon opposes Jupiter in Aquarius, and the Scorpio Sun squares off with Saturn in Aquarius. There may be power struggles happening at work and at home — perhaps this is even felt internally, and you may find it challenging to navigate your professional ambitions with your familial responsibilities. You have to get really clear about what your current priorities are, and you have to be courageous enough to only align yourself with those priorities. Once the Moon shifts into Virgo later that day, you’re likely to seek out efficient ways to manage your time. But this may also lead to you overworking yourself (even on the weekend), and being overly self-critical. The remedy to this is to turn off all the additional stimulation and close your eyes and rest, even if that feels counterproductive. The less you force yourself to do all the things, the more energy you’ll have to actually do what needs to be done.

Sunday’s skies are going to be super chill, as our planetary ruler Mars spends its first full day in our sign. Sex, intensity, intuition, connection, transformation and healing will be the main theme of the day. You’ll also find yourself reflecting on how much you’ve changed since the month of October began. You feel like a radically new person. This means that the lover(s) in your life will either mirror your transformation by also leveling up, or they’ll start to be weeded out of your life once you see that the connection isn’t compatible or sustainable. Mars in Scorpio will help you have the tough yet necessary conversations with yourself and others to make sure that you’re on the same page. There’s no point dragging out a connection that’s reached its expiration date, and there’s also no point trying to play it cool with someone that you’re actually in love with. Things will be much more intense, passionate, sensual and slightly aggressive with Mars in Scorpio energy. Remember that you are a magnet for your desires, so once you get clear on what those desires are, they have no choice but to be drawn to you. Enjoy this magical Mars portal, Scorpio!

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