Scorpio, we’ve made it to the week of our annual Scorpio New Moon! You’re probably sensing that it’s time for you to make some significant changes in your life, your relationships, and your psyche. With our ruler Mars, the Planet of Action, getting prepared to end its retrograde on the 13th, you’re being given the opportunity to start over, in any way you need. There’s no need to do things in the same old way, especially if that way left you feeling drained, exhausted or bored. Even if your old routines or connections felt thrilling, you can sense that there’s an even more fulfilling chapter ahead that you’re ready to experience. As the Moon shifts into Virgo today, start strategizing what it’d look and feel like for you to let go of what’s “so-so”, and only say yes to what you fully feel is meant for you. It’s time to choose yourself and your deepest needs time and time again. Keep practicing doing so until it becomes as natural as breathing.