Scorpio, today is 5/5/2021 (2+0+2+1 = 5, so today makes 5/5/5) in numerology. It’s one of the most powerful ascension portals of the year. Since our planetary ruler Pluto is currently retrograde during this ascension portal, and the Moon is hanging out in Pisces all day, you’re likely to feel super dreamy, perceptive, and magnetic. It’s a great day for going on an adventure with people who make you feel at ease and who support your evolution. It’s also a great day to open yourself up to change on a metaphysical and spiritual level. You may feel like a butterfly growing their wings and admiring their own beauty. With Mercury now in the freedom-loving sign of Gemini, the key is to remove any limitations in your mind that may be preventing you from leaping into a vibrant fresh start. You’re here to recreate yourself as often as you see fit, so let your newfound wings take you to that new world you’ve been manifesting.